Bollywood Blind Item – July 2020 – 4

The blind item below should have just been a news item because everyone can guess who this is!

It’s almost a month now since Sushant Singh Rajput has passed. It’s also almost a month since KebabJo found himself being showered with hate, abuses, threats and whatnot. The blind item below is about him and a certain actress, who came out in his defense publicly.

This actress once questioned him on a public platform about his choice of casting. She asked him whether it was easier for him to cast star kids instead of outsiders. The way she spoke to him sounded like she’s a fan of him. It’s nothing new since a lot of these outsiders dream of working with him.

So his answer was, it was just a coincidence that he launched Aloo and the rest of the SOTY actors. But here’s the thing, he actually did say once that he went through a lot of auditions for the casting of Aloo’s role in SOTY. There were more than 500 girls who came in to audition for that part. In the end, he decided to go with Aloo since she was somebody’s daughter and sister which would make the audience interested in seeing the film.

Similarly, he had a reality show once with this famous director. They both claimed that the winner of this show will star in their upcoming film. But guess what? That never happened and he choose to go with a star kid instead. Of course, again, the fact that this girl was the daughter of two famous actors did make a difference compared to launching someone with no connection to the film industry or anywhere else.

At the end of the day, they are going to launch someone that they think the audience will be interested in seeing. Now as an audience, you can either prove them right or wrong!

It will be interesting to see what happens next. What’s the next phase for KebabJo? And his minions, of course!

As far as him not knowing who his real friends are…Well, these people are going to stick to each other through thick and thin. This is nothing. Remember, they are also the ones who stuck up and supported not just one, but two criminals! They just doing privately, in case they also get dragged! Just ask Bebo’s Nawab!

Damn Right GIF | Gfycat

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


A filmmaker who has recently been the target of much socialmedia bashing finds himself in a peculiar situation. Uncertain of who his true friends are, he has clammed up, limiting communication to only texts with those he still considers in his inner circle. But while the world (wide web) has turned its back on this director publicly, some aren’t sparing the chance at sucking up.

Like this female actor, who had once voiced disgust at the filmmaker’s partiality, is now trying to mend fences. We hear his inbox is flooded with messages from her to β€œstay strong” as β€œthis too shall pass”.

OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Karan Johar

Female Actor: Swara Bhaskar


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8 Responses

  1. bookscrazy says:

    Swara is the worst kind of person I have come across. She has neither the looks nor talent for bollywood. But is hanging on mostly by doing B grade roles with adult content and trying to pass them off as mainstream. As for her activism, lesser said the better. Her twitter is full of venom and anti national content. She is nothing that she projects herself to be. I find her disgusting in every way possible

  2. sang says:

    Now KJO has deleted this account after some articles published of his new account.

  3. Sang says:

    Karan made a new insta account, one day ago . His handle is karanaffairs and made the account private. kjo your frnd only leaked this info . 🀭🀣

  4. naughtytrini says:

    Never much cared much for swara after that vagina episode of hers. Never forget. She forgettable though, except for the vagina episode.

  5. abcd says:

    kjo and his heartless mouse have already started playing victim card. They use their money and clout to wrong others. But these morally bankrupt people will create ruckus when they are given taste of their own medicines. This is not 80’s and 90’s , where low awareness, forgiveness and poor memory would help. The tables have now turned. People are very social media savy. They are very well aware of the bad deeds done by kjo and his minions. So now how much support kjo gets now from wannabes, it does not matter. kjo will stick with star kids, and swara needs to work on her priorities.

  6. Nefarious says:

    Most star kids and outsiders pursue Kjo cos he stands for glamour and marketing of actors.. those who really care about the craft dont boot lick him…

    BTW- was Aloo not part of her future mother in laws birthday, or they just dint share pics of her?

  7. Nefarious says:

    I hate Swara more than Sonam,and thats saying a lot. To project yourself, as independent, well-educated and opinionated ( irrespective how trash her opinions are), and then become a mindless sycophant, takes hypocrisy of epic proportions!

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