Bollywood Blind Item – July 2020 – 3

The situation reported in the blind item below is both likely and unlikely. It depends…With everything going on right now, the industry is not expected to go back in business anytime soon. Maybe by the end of the year if things calm down, but not anytime soon. There will be precautions, which will affect the senior citizens more than anyone else. It is sad because there are quite a few senior people working backstage and on the sets of films.

So this film has already started shooting. The blind item refers to the film commencing shooting, which means starting the first leg of the shoot. Since there’s no other film like this one shooting right now with a popular lead actress, we are going to guess it’s this film. But the description in the blind item does not really match this film.

This film only has about 30% left to shoot. If you remember when the lockdown was announced and there was heavy rain, there was news on how the stage crew were trying to protect the sets. Then eventually, it was decided that the sets would be demolished as it was too expensive to let it be until the lockdown ends.

To think that the film is at the stage that the blind item is saying it is sounds a bit hard to believe. If the blind item is true then it must mean they ran out of money. Again, in this case…It’s quite unlikely since there’s not much shooting left to do.

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Anyways, you decide. Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

A major film that was to commence shooting in the next few weeks seems to be indefinitely postponed. This is the second time the crime thriller – starring a top-drawer female star – is being postponed.

The first time was due to the corona-triggered lockdown. The second seems to be because the movie industry cannot fathom the new normal, or how to shoot with social distancing norms and stringent protocols. This especially rings true after some people on a television shoot tested positive recently.

OSOP Guesses

Major Film: Gangubai Kathiawadi

Actress: Alia Bhatt


Meanwhile, sources inform that shooting for Alia Bhatt‘s Gangubai Kathiawadi is set to resume in the latter half of July. Helmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the film’s set in Mumbai’s Film City has been lying unused since the lockdown was announced in March.

Adhering to the current regulations, the makers are prepping for a controlled and limited shoot environment. A source informs, “Thirty per cent of the film’s shoot remains. A part of the film’s set is standing in Film City and will probably be the only venue for the remaining shoot. With work in the post-COVID world moving slowly, the team is looking for a month-long schedule to wrap up the project by August end.”


β€œIt’s a good decision on his part because it’s still unclear if the shoot will begin anytime soon. The producers are still paying daily rent for the set to Film City. They have now calculated that even if the shoot resumes somewhere around September-October as is being discussed, it will be a more practical call to demolish the set now and create a similar one again.”

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11 Responses

  1. Maverick says:

    As per Industry standard Alia is not salable now. Wonder if the distributors will be ready to take up this movie, if it gets completed that is.

  2. naughtytrini says:

    It didnt take the death of sushant to stop me from watching movies with the likes alia, rk etc. From since salman trying to shove talentless kat down our throats and his other harems I’ve stopped going to the theatres to watch their movies and worse yet, I dont even care to watch it online. Good movies have now gotten hard to come by, too much fake dramas, poor acting, too much old actors pairing up with actresses who could be their daughters and granddaughters, esp womanizer akshay. These dudes need to give it a break. Also those yesteryear actresses, give it up. There are too many younger generations trying to get a break, why are you trying to make comebacks. It is not going to work. It didnt work with srk and kajol. It just aint going to work. Just wasting valuable space that could highlight someone new. New and fresh.

  3. abcd says:

    People are fed up of unemployment, poverty and never ending expenses. Their first preference would be to get back on their feet. People might choose watching movies in online platforms and not in in cinema hall. So it’s obvious that these movies would suffer. Big screens would be for Hollywood action movies. So now it’s about recovering money for movie makers. Tantrum era of stars might be back after few months. But negotiation capacity would fall of stars. Outsiders would be then be back with a bang.

  4. Nefarious says:

    I also feel people like us are a small percentage ..most ppl will forget the outrage..once the covid situation clears up,they want to go to the theater and watch big budget movies…

    Kjo will now push the release people completely forget

  5. P says:

    No..sorry ..boycott means boycott ..everyone was hands in glove and despicable behaviours . Alia is πŸ’―boycott and Sonia kjo.. his brahmastra deserves a nonshow .. with poor stars who don’t match up .. rk defintely looks like a college dropout and alia fit for realistic movies .. them being catapulted into all big movies is anyone’s guess – why ?! No audition correctness for the part ..just take your ghar ki murgia. And kee higjlighting them is bored of seeing alia bejng a part of all big movies and she big time sucks

  6. sang says:

    Pls forget the Phrase – Public memory is short. No matter what , will not going to watch their Movies, OTT shows or what so ever. Boycott Bollywood , Nepo Products.

  7. bollyrandom says:

    @abcd I am not watching these 2 movies.I hope my assessment is wrong. But I am telling it the way I see it. Social media is an echo chamber. People also know Salman Khan is a killer, misogynist etc.Look how his movies are doing. They have already started their PR. Do you think that old video of RK dissing Kwk is floating around a lot by accident. They know what they are doing and most people will go past this. Once people start moving around freely, everything would be forgotten.

  8. abcd says:

    Alia isn’t suitable for action role, height being a challenge. Rk looks like a college dropout. Both of them don’t suit action movies. Blame game is now cunningly shifted to rs and not rk, to protect Ghar jamai of Dharma. No matter how much money kjo burns, brahmastra still appears like childish version of tech savvy Hollywood stuff.

    As far as gangubai is concerned, people aren’t no more fond of getting fooled. They can see systematic brainwashing done by kjo for well being of star kids. Selling in online platform can stop loss but not get profits for these movies ( May be through window dressing of accounts)

  9. bollyrandom says:

    I am not so sure Gangubai would get affected. It’s an SLB movie. If its good people will watch it. The backlash for Alia would affect her smaller movies say if Sadak2 released in theatres, that would have been affected. I get people are angry. But if Brahmastra is good most people will watch it as it’s a new genre. KJO and Alia have the perfect movies to recover from the backlash. Afterall the public memory is short. Most ordinary folks around me have already moved on. If these movies fail, they are screwed.

  10. Vishnu says:

    No no not watching.

  11. abcd says:

    No matter how the movie is shot, no matter when the movie releases, gangubai movie is set to fail. Alia and kjo have been getting loads of hatred on social media platforms. This will negatively impact their movies, be it gangubai or brahmastra.

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