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This is what happens when you go through a drastic change too soon! The blind item below talks about this actress, still young and still new, and how her manners on the sets have been the talk of the town. Seriously, though?! Actresses don’t really behave like this anymore unless they are bankable stars, who think they can do anything and no harm will come to them.

She’s still new, but she has managed to secure good projects even though she waited a long time before getting these deals. This is not the first time her behaviour has been called out, so by now it is hard to believe that this is a made-up blind item. Besides, she is connected to KebabJo.

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And, if she is misbehaving on the sets in front of everyone, the news will eventually leak! But why is she so angry? Is it the weight loss and its side effects or what? It doesn’t make sense for someone to be so angry that you are throwing chai cups at others. Only Farah Khan was known to be this angry, she used to throw plates around! #nolie


Bollywood Blind Item


This actress left an entire film crew irritated with her daily tantrums on set

With so many actors being blamed for their high handed behaviour on the sets, this sultry diva shocked everyone with her rude demeanour.

Stars and their tantrums are not something that’s a new point of discussion in the industry. There are several instances of actors behaving a little arrogant or snooty on the sets or during promotions. While some are caught on camera, many go unnoticed because they happen behind closed doors. This is one such incident which took place when an entire crew was stationed in a different city altogether.

No, the shoot was not happening in Mumbai. Instead, the actress who’s known for her Indian avatars and her roles in desi dramas, was shooting with an actor who she has worked with in two films already. It so happened that every day, there was tension on sets right before the actress would arrive. Why? Previously, the same actress was in news for throwing a cup of chai at one of her teammates. During this shoot schedule, the first few days were fine but the actress came into her usual avatar soon after as she could be heard screaming and shouting at her managers and her team of spotboys.

The people on the set was shocked at her behaviour as the diva otherwise maintains a very sadharan demeanour. But behind closed doors when the camera isn’t rolling, she’s a completely different human being. This came as a rude shock to many since her last film tanked without a trace.

On the other hand, the actor who has been delivering hits back to back, was one of the warmest people on the sets. The shoot has been wrapped up but the actress will be back in the same city to shoot another film, which has her playing a strong role in a love triangle, that also happens to be a remake of a cult classic.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Bhumi Pednekar

Actor: Ayushmann Khurrana

During the signature BFFs game segment, ‘Say It Or Strip It’, host Neha Dhupia asked Ayushmann to name the biggest diva he has worked with and he took Bhumi’s name. Ayushmann said that Bhumi was a diva in her first film as well. “With all the weight, she had all the diva qualities,” he added.

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13 Responses

  1. Cibuta says:

    Glad to hear that the actor was warm, always loved Ayushman!

  2. whiskermole says:

    This isn’t the first time news about Bhumi being obnoxious has come out. She’s really good onscreen. When I watch her I wonder how she can be so insecure off it. She has so much going for her!

    • Anon today :) says:

      I don’t find her to be good on screen at all, and did you see her β€œaudition” that she did for Karan on his show. It was so pathetic! She’s someone who thinks that she was all that and had the confidence because she was a YRF cast member and friends with Shanoo and that is literally it.

  3. Nars says:

    Hey Admin, Someone pointed it out on Reddit and its probably the best guess for the previous unsolved Sport Tantrum Blind by Rajeev – Bhumi for Saand Ki Ankh sports biopic on Tomar Shooters. Also Rajeev tweeted it wasnt Kangana.

  4. Samantha says:

    Actually, its a relief to see some other actress apart frm Kangana throwing tantrums! Else it looks like KJO n Papa Roshan machinery had every goddamn blind abt Kangana n her behavior!

  5. Sorry says:

    Perhaps she’s just frustrated. In the YRF camp, Rani, Anuskha and Vaani are given preferential treatments as Rani is the wife/successful actress, Anuskha is the A-Lister star/loved criketeer’s wife while Vaani is rumored to be Aditya’s side chick. Bhumi on the other hand is unconventional-looking and is trying hard to break out of that. She should just learn to be comfortable in her skin and focus on her work. Vidya Balan is highly respected both by the audience and her peers and she’s not the skinny, fitness looking type of actress.

  6. P says:

    It sounds so outdated to throw tantrums. Upbringing issues unleashes here it seems..

    So weird.
    In this day n age, people in Billy should live in a bubble n assume superiority over others.
    How myopic n narcissistic.
    Childhood issues all

  7. abcd says:

    Shame on Bhumi for doing such pathetic stuff. It seems to be one of those attempts to enter kjo camp by showing that she is one of them.

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