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The blind item below came out earlier this week and it’s about what this South Indian director went through when he decided to work in Bollywood. He is quite a famous director and actor in the south, but the way Bollywood people treated him surprised him, to say the least.

Not giving a damn, he did make his displeasure known to everyone by sharing his feeling on his social media account. That was about something else and this blind item is about something else.

As it turned out, he had no idea who they cast in this film. He wanted a famous actress, but all he got was a newbie. Well, technically, then she was a newbie and today, she is a newbie with a 200 crore film!

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See the difference?

Wonder what he thinks now?

Besides, his film does not really have much scope for a top actress to be in. His lead actor will already be taking too much money so where will they have enough to hire a top actress? Unless they want to increase the budget?

Anyways, check out the blind item from PinkVilla. The film is funny, by the way. One of the funniest Tamil films we have seen. Also, how come BollywoodHungama did not bother to cover this yet? It’s quite a spicy story! Well, maybe not spicy enough for them.

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Bollywood Blind Item


THIS director got to know who his lead actress was a few minutes before the 1st day of shoot

This horror-comedy director had no idea about who the lead actress of the project was, until a few minutes before the first shoot

Recently, a famous director from the South industry, who was making his debut in Bollywood with a horror comedy, walked out of the project mid-way. According to reports, he was not paid his signing fee and was ill-treated by the producers.

In fact, he was not even consulted about who should be selected to play the female lead in the project. He got to know which heroine was finally signed just a few minutes before the first day of shoot.

Apparently, his experience has left him baffled. He was promised by the makers that they will sign one of the top actresses from the industry. However, on the first day of shoot he got to know that the female lead was being played a newcomer. Although she is highly talented, it wasn’t what they had decided.

The only good point was that the actress has done many South movies and hence they had no issues in communicating. There were also a lot of creative differences, but he had no choice, so he began the shoot.

It was after the director was mistreated that he decided to walk out. While the team tried to win him back, he remained adamant and especially refused to talk to one of the lady producers of the project.

Thankfully, an actor-producer of the film flew down and played the role of a peacemaker. Known for his calm, unruffled demeanour and sharp business strategies, the actor-producer went to meet the director personally and sorted things out.


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Actor: Akshay Kumar

Actress: Kiara Advani

Film: Laxmmi Bomb

Director: Raghava Lawrence

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  1. abcd says:

    Portals such as pinkvilla, spotboye,bollywood life act as paid mouthpiece for Kjo and his minions. They are no more genuine unlike earlier days. The problem is that actors think that they are story-writers, dialogue writers, producers even if they don’t spend money from their pockets. Producers too think they can interfere in any department of their choice as they are putting in money. When the movie fails, director is blamed. Hence, no interference clause must be put across by directors for all those people who work with them. But this will not happen as Arrogance and greed has replaced quality of work. When first time directors work with debut cast or lesser known faces and their movies work, big names chase them. When these directors work with big names, due to interference and fragile egos, movies fail. The result is that they go back with lesser known faces or new set of debut cast to make movies. But by that time, it is too late. Those big names pay money to media to get director’s movie down. It is quite tricky to work with stars.

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