Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 6

The blind item below is about this director, who has managed to have only hits at the box office. Hits and blockbusters! But all that came after a long struggle and a few flops.

According to this blind item, the director uses strugglers to act out scenes and then when he is happy, he asks them to step over and have the actors re-enact what the strugglers did.

Only two directors fit the description in the blind item, but only one of them fits the bill entirely. The other one cannot be described as a comedy director or a director who has comic scenes.

This director does the same thing when it comes to his action scenes. He’s quite smart because he has access to hundreds of strugglers, especially from the reality shows he judges, so why not make use of their talent?

So much for trying to make outsiders get noticed and become a star! It was all a farce and a lie when he and KebabJo did that show about making strugglers and outsiders stars.

In the end, they end up casting stars or star kids! So what does he do with the strugglers? Take inspiration from their talent! After all, Bollywood is famous for taking inspiration from others. Hah!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, nice to see that he finally got that hair transplant. He looks younger now!


Bollywood Blind Item

blinditem-february2013-small (Custom)

A director with an impeccable record for blockbusters has a genuinely fool-proof formula to draw the best from his talent – he doesn’t rely on them at all. The maverick filmmaker instead gets a clutch of talented strugglers to take a stab at comic scenes and come up with improvisations.

Once the gags and sequences get his nod, the cast is summoned and asked to take over. And we thought ghosts were only confined to writing.


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Director: Rohit Shetty

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9 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Holy…..! This is a new kind of low when it comes to exploitation. How horrible, imagine your hard work and output stolen for peanuts, sometimes even nothing.

  2. Ron Faulkner says:

    This is the best way to define exploitation

  3. NARS says:

    O m g. Talk about nasty and shameful. Bollywood will find a way to justify this by saying he is giving struggles Rozi roti and Stars sell, etc.

    Imagine how poor Bollywood’s reputation is right now, that Nepal refuse to host the IIFA awards this year.

  4. Joe says:

    Thank you!! To whoever wrote this blind item, excellent breakdown of Shetty’s movie structure. Cars flying (stylish touch), brainless comedy (Kapil Sharma level AND it is a mass seller), side-kick girl (machoism), sprinkle few preachy/emotional/patriotic scenes (to differentiate yourself from a Farah Khan movie) = And your movie is ready. Plug in a reining star to get the audience to theaters.

    Always wondered why on earth would anyone watch his exactly same, shitty movies, but then I also wonder why Kapil Sharma sells on such a mega scale. And as an extrapolation, why SRK’s (Dilwale, Chennai Exp, Happy new year) , Salman (Kick, Ready, Dabang), Farah, Akshay Kumar’s (Housefull, De Dana Dan) sells.

    Key selling ingredient = Brainless comedy. It sells and how! Masses love brainless, illogical, shallow comedy, and in whatever form, whatever medium, howsoever many times it is repeated, IT WILL always sell, always!

  5. sara says:


  6. Yara says:

    More like Rohit Shitty.

  7. Sorry says:

    Surprised Admin isn’t suspecting KJo of being the source of this blind.

    • AnanyaR says:

      KJo is producing Sooryavanshi though, why would he try to self-sabotage with such a blind?

  8. abcd says:

    Strugglers do thier work with high amount of dedication, hoping that one fine day their efforts would get recognition by getting work in Rohit
    Shetty’s movies.This is certainly unacceptable and a very wrong way to work. Playing with somebody’s helplessness is pathetic. What’s difference him & Kjo then??? Nothing!!!

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