Bollywood Blind Item โ€“ July 2019 โ€“ 4

By now, you know very well who they are talking about when you see “difficult actress” in a blind item. This time too, the story is the same. Same fight before her film releases. Same problem she has with the trailer. Same story on how she is such a pain to work with.

That’s it! Other than that, there’s nothing new.

Here’s a question, if she was really this difficult to work with, why do producers and directors kept wanting to work with her?

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By the way, the trailer of her latest film is really good so whoever cut it did a great job.

Check out the blind item from SuperCinema.


Bollywood Blind Item



This actress is fast becoming one of the most troublesome people to work with, in the industry. Week after week we hear some true horror stories about her and the way she behaves with everyone around her, some of it is stuff made of nightmares. Take this recent example of her telling her producers to make endless changes in the trailer of her new movie which is about to release.

The maker is going crazy with the actressโ€™ endless changes in the trailer and the internal team has apparently lost objectivity as well because of so many minor and major back and forth. Letโ€™s hope all these changes land and more importantly the filmmakerโ€™s stress levels come down a tad bit as well.

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Actress: Kangana Ranaut


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22 Responses

  1. AF says:


  2. GeekyGal says:

    There are a series of tweets from Rangoli’s twitter handle supporting Sandeep Reddy Vanga and his version of male toxicity. IMO Kangana will now lose support from all the feminists who were on her side and were rooting for her. Going against nepotism doesn’t mean that you need to support wrong as well.

  3. Sheena says:

    @ Admin and OSOP fam: U know for some reason I never liked Tapsee – she seems like a mean girl who would throw other women under the bus for her own gains. Look what she is doing now – like seriously she needs Anurag to support her (and the other dude whom I never heard of before – 5 minutes of fame). How she completely copied Kangyโ€™s Tanu in Manmarziyan and no critic worth their salt pointed out…why the hell was she making fun of Kangana on that horrible Faridoonโ€™s terrible show instead of standing alongside her as an outsider and an unconventional looker (from a Bolly POV)? Sad to see KJO n gangโ€™s divide and rule strategy w outsiders is working… as I said elsewhere Tapsee doodh ki dhuli nahin hai. She may have compromised w Akshay (for which I full sympathy for her coz of the screwed up power hierarchy but come on donโ€™t $&@ all overs kangana please!)

    • nefarious says:

      Yeah , Tapsee got ruffled when Kjo tagged the wrong tapsee. And she deliberately played safe by not mentioning the leads. Shes a cunning woman. And she dint only compromise with Akki but also with shoojit, and i think with Anurag too..else why would he openly support her, never seen him do that before.

      She tries to be diplomatic while praising Kanganas trailer , but doesnt flinch while bad mouthing her on interviews. she does try to ape kangana, with that whole curls thing going on for both of them

      • Sheena says:

        Exactly! Wish these gals would stick to Kangy and follow her like their leader, who paved the way for them…

    • Joe says:

      Realized it after reading your comment. So true. I had started liking Taapsee through her interviews for her frank behavior (Kangana 2.0), though arrogant at times.

      Having seen her initial Telugu, even initial BW phase, the current Taapsee seems 180deg opposite to what she was originally all these years. She is following Kangana’s footsteps since that is now a proven path to success through – acting and interviews.

      She changed from being a conformist to speaking the obvious truth, hence suddenly started getting liked by all (saw youtube where she is happily glorifying objectification of women in Telugu during initial phase i.e. flowers/fruits/coconut! being thrown at the stomach/navel v/s recently slamming the exact same thing).

      AND her movie choices also took a U-turn that became strikingly similar to Kangana, even her approach to work changed and is similar to Kangana’s today.

      Now that the mind is comparing the two – both TP, KR seem very similar, both have…voice peculiarities, tinge of local accent, hair!

      p.s. I still like her till her arrogance and Kangana slamming rises to intolerance levels. Horrendous of her to shut down Kangana whom she has been secretly following all through, probably she wants to replace Kangana in audience minds by demeaning Kangana. And yeah, what’s with Anurag Kashyap landing out of the blue like a knight and shining armour. TP must have asked for AK’s support w/o putting her repute at stake. This is one smart ass!

      • Sheena says:

        @ Joe: great analysis. Thanks. I donโ€™t know her from before especially her south career. It was just surprising that she would have her own movie Shabana after playing a second fiddle in Baby. Then there were rumors about her – Baby Director and Akshay fighting over her – letโ€™s say – affection. All would be understandable but this Kangana-bashing is honestly so distasteful. Especially as Kangy made many mistakes herself in the beginning but always owned them and is truly a trailblazer…ps: will checkout the navel/fruit/flower/coconut video sounds bizarre lol

  4. SS says:

    The only way I can tolerate a Kangana movie is on mute. Just canโ€™t stand her scratchy voice and accent.
    Rajkummar is a brilliant actor no doubt, but heโ€™s partly ruined his movie career with this movie. Mark my words. In 2 years from now heโ€™ll be doing shows on digital platforms.

    And Kangana will be producing movies for herself to act in, get a BJP ticket and star in a few random TV shows as judge.

  5. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Kangna will be taken as long as she makes money ,simple as that . It’s what happened to Rajesh Khanna , movie makers and heroines were happy to disappear when the movies started flopping and they didn’t have to tolerate his obnoxious behavior anymore. The ” difficult” tag is because she’s always talking ill of everyone (like the recent fiasco with Varun & Tapsee) and her sister’s tweets don’t help either. The others have their dumb faults and bitchy behavior but so does she.

  6. Samantha says:

    Hain????? Did the trailer look like focussing on only Kangana?? No!!
    Did the trailer give equal importance to Rajkummar Rao?? Yes!!

    Kjo n Papa Roshal at their dirty tricks department, YET AGAIN!!

  7. M says:

    Judgementall hai kya trailer was not that good and the movie is going to fail.
    The story line really seems harsh.
    I hope kangana gets well and makes much more positive and loving space for herself. She is in destructive mode.

  8. M says:

    Toxic kangana
    How long does admin wish to defend her toxicity i wonder. Maybe call a spade a spade .. so biased for kangana… admin fosters a fear that if she/he doesnt write blurring intro’s for kangana the torch bearer of truth will vanish ๐Ÿ˜†

  9. nousername says:

    Loved the concern for the filmmaker’s stress levels in the end. Where was this concern when Aditya Pancholi continuously abused Kangana Ranaut, Mahesh Bhatt threw sandal at her, KJO mocked her on KWK every season, when Hrithik Roshan continues to blame her for each and every one of his failures, his fake cases and Spice PR’s shenanigans?

    Is Kangana Ranaut a lesser human to get nothing but discrimination and ridicule? Fake blinds like these have totally turned me against BW. Hats off to Kangana for surviving and claiming her space in this industry. No outsider has made it as far as she has in spite of the terrible way the industry has treated her. While the privileged babas and babys of BW are busy getting sympathy for their faux struggles with depression,anxiety,bullying, so on and so forth. You can go f*ck yourself nepo BW, not watching your movies.

    PS: judgemental hai kya trailer looks really exciting. Gonna watch for sure.

  10. Ria says:

    Its Director and Producer’s choice who they want to work with so stop crying after you choose. They should do their homework before opting to work with anyone. KR is a good actor and we like her even more coz she is not into nepotism rocks. She works hard and is a good actor, we are excited to watch her new movie JHK

  11. Nars says:

    Trailer was good. Raj got very good shots too. Everyone is interested. Press Conference was all about her because she is the star. Maybe she isnt the easiest to work with but who cares really. Atleast she brings something unique. Bollywood is slowly losing the glitz and charm. So let kangana be nah, what did ALR get from being best pals with SRK for zero? All this wonder friendship means nothing.

    • Sheena says:

      @ Nars: such a good point re SRK and Anand. The respect he showed SRK he never showed Kangy, the one actor who is reposnbile for his being in the business when she agreed to work in TWM. SRK saw her fab acting in the trailers of TWMR and especially her dhason dialogue delivery and approached Anand. But bhaiyya Kangana ki acting skills bhi hon na! Sigh

  12. Sheena says:

    Fake blind. @ Hate KJo: not true the journalists asked her and in response she made the remarks you mention

  13. HateKjo says:

    Same old stories of her insecurities. Kangana is really a negative and for sure suffering from some complex.

    Wait till 26 she will spread more hatred and negativity. She wont even spare Raj kumar rao

    Even at the launch she took digs at Hrirhik, nepo kids and Bollywood which was expected. She cant promote a single film in a positive manner.

    She is desperate for attention. Her sister was seen begging varun to mention her name when he tweeted about the trailer. Though he didnt mention rajkumar too but said lead actors. Confused person who claims that I dont need anyone’s support and on another hand publically begging nepo kids whom she hates and attack all the time to take her name.

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