Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 32

The blind item might seem like it has been published before, but it has not! It’s the same story, though, so it might look like the same thing to you. Of course, more and more blind items will come out about this actress and the sudden influx of projects she is getting to be part of.

Coincidentally, the only job she gets is a small part but a big item number. Speaking of which, are they going to remake all of the old hits just to get her something to groove in these films?

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Anyways, good for her to have something to do. Hope she knows what she is doing, though. No one gives you something without wanting something in return, this is Bollywood after all. You know the drill!

Check out the blind item from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item


This Actress Now Has A New Sugar Daddy!

This actress finds herself getting lots of time and attention from a leading producer

A top producer has become quite friendly with an actress, who is obviously liking the attention he’s giving her. She isn’t known for her acting chops at all but gets cast more for dance numbers. So yeah, she’s often seen giving this oh-not-so-young man company. Goes without saying, they’re also often calling up each other and exchanging notes.

Now, does this fondness translate into work? Well, we hear, she has been promised a movie or two by him. Whether he is a man of word or not, only time will tell. Filhaal, no harm in living in hope. Uumeed par toh duniya kaayam hai. Pehchan kaun!


OSOP Guesses

Producer: Bhushan Kumar

Actress: Nora Fatehi


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9 Responses

  1. Ria says:

    Bhushan looks old and ugly. How much of a torture it must have been for her. She is so beautiful. If a woman is as bold as KR no one would dare to mess. Nora is so talented she shift let her talent speak and learn a thing or two from KR

  2. Tina says:

    I know you are not very trustful of this site Admin, but they were the first ones to out both Weinstein and Epstein. This new blind talks about the involvement of a Bollywood star. Creepy as hell.

    • Joe says:

      WHHAATTTT, crazzyy! Seems like Saudi or UAE or some middle east country. Probably they lured girls under the pretext of royalty wife training but actually always intended to get revenue via high class prostitutes. Most importantly it is a fantastic way to armtwist negotiations by having control over “dirty secrets” of celebs. Trumps golden shower in Russia were a part of this “foreign policy”.

    • Admin says:

      Hey Tina. Don’t think this blind is true at all. We’ll tell you why. They are referring to SRK and Jackie Chan here because they are greatly loved by the people of Malaysia. Both were given an honorary title from one of the kings and the government there. Dr. Mahathir really likes SRK and respects him. The reason SRK got the title there is because he brought film shooting to Malaysia with ‘One Two Ka Four’ and he regularly did his concerts there.

      That thing about the king, though, we kind of thought he got married to the girl without knowing she is an escort or an Instagrammed girl. As for what they said about royal women getting groomed, it’s not true as well. They’re like the old times in India, marrying other royals is seen as a way to strengthen the relationship between states/regions. Most royals don’t divorce their first-wives, who are royals also. But this particular king divorced his wife and from what we can see he doesn’t look like the straight type.

      We could be wrong, but he appears to behave in an unusual way. Because as soon as news of his wedding leaked, it was also leaked that he was already going through treatments with his wife to produce an heir but then she got pregnant pretty fast and all hell broke loose. Now he thinks the baby is not his. Kind of make sense if you think about it, as in if he is really not straight! 😱

  3. Universal says:

    Not going into this sugary stuff but have to say that Nora is one really hardworking girl. It has been a long struggle for her with a bad breakup in between but last 2 years have been great. Let’s see where she reaches.

  4. Pooja says:

    Another Katrina kaif in making

  5. Pooja says:

    Another Katrina kaif is making

  6. Sheena says:

    Feel bad for girls like her who have to give in for the sake of making it in Bolly. Ps: @ admin: did u watch JHK? Your analysis? Maybe worth a separate post. Say yes!

    • Admin says:

      Oh, yes saw it. Loved it! It’s nice to have those stories that break away from the usual Bollywood masala. Such a great cast, from that adorable boy who plays her bf to RKR looking manly to KR being all about the character. But this film will not appeal who don’t get what it was about. That’s the trick and risk they took. 👏

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