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Since there are no new relevant blind items today, let’s go with this one that was released over the weekend. You all know who this is about, she is the only actress involved in doing the biopic of such a relevant person.

Don’t know how much money the producers are asking if they are making it bilingual. Are they going to dub it like ‘Baahubali’ did or are they going with a different cast for each language? Like ‘2.0‘, they cast Hindi actors as well so it didn’t look like a full-blown Tamil film.

So what is costing money for this one? And, is it a lot of money because the South Film Industry is loaded. It’s not like Bollywood, whose producers are only willing to invest a huge amount if a big star is involved.

Besides, news already came out about when this film will start shooting. Clearly, they can’t announce shooting if they don’t have the funds ready. So is this a fake blind item or real? You decide…

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Personally, we think this actress should review how much her movies make at the box office then decide how much she should charge. Someone said it once, maybe Aamir did, that this is how actors should decide how much they charge. Because right now, it’s her name that is heading her films so she needs to make that call. See her demographic then decide or else if she charges too much and her films don’t make that much at the box office, they become her flops!

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She ain’t the top stars, who can charge as much as they like and smile all the way to the bank as their films bomb. Sadly, things are not the same for leading ladies. You don’t see anyone make that same comment as they did in this BI about the top male leads. So, she should be wise and make a good decision. Her previous worked because they were low-budget films with good stories.

Check out the blind item from SuperCinema.


Bollywood Blind Item



Here is a case of this biopic which on paper is exciting enough to find takers easily. But the thing is that movies are not made on paper and the makers of this biopic are learning that fact the hard way. The movie stars this outspoken actress in the lead and the makers intend to make the movie in two languages for maximum impact. But the issue is that the budget that they’re asking for is bonkers to begin with.

No studio in their right mind will part with such a massive amount for a movie with this actress in the solo lead because her recent films have not really lit the box-office on fire. The producers have gone to a few studios in the city and all have told them to rework the budget but the producers don’t want to. Who will blink first… let’s wait and watch!

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

Biopic: Jayalalitha biopic Thalaivi



The film has music by GV Prakash Kumar while Nirav Shah will crank the camera. ‘Bahubali’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ writer has been brought on board to supervise the writing process.

Kangana is currently in Manali, where she is reading this movie. After returning to Mumbai from there on 9th August, she will make other preparations related to the film. Shooting will begin from the first week of October.

Shailesh R. Singh explains, ‘This is a mega-budget movie. Kangana has been given 21 crores for this. The budget for the film is going to exceed 80 crores. The film is being made in two languages. In Tamil and Hindi. It is also casting from Bollywood and Tollywood. The well-known stars of South are also being brought on board.

Big money can be invested in the actresses

Kangna herself also believes that now the time has come when big money can be invested in the actresses. At the same time, its recovery is possible. She gives examples of her own Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Manikarnika. Both of these movies were big budgets. Among them, the heroine was the hero of the movie. Despite this, the film did a great collection at the box office. Big makers are betting big on actresses

In addition to Jayalalithaa, Kangana has a big-budget movie like “Dhakad” in the account. She will be seen doing hardcore action in it. In Kangna’s words, ‘Dhakad can be said to be the result of Manikarnika. When the people clapped watching me act as Rani Laxmibai on the screen, I was sure that even in ‘Dhakad’ they will love to see me in action’.

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13 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    21 cr. Wow! So so happy finally a female lead is commanding money worth their contribution, equal to an A lister AND without camps! Had she gone through bizmen like Ekta, Kjo, Yash camps, she would never have been able to command such money from them.
    Even sidekicks like Kat and great dancers turned actors like Madhuri, Aishwarya etc have immense contribution to cinema…remove the heroine, songs and costumes of female actors (and cringe rain and rape scenes of 90s) and movie biz will reduce to half…Wonder why don’t female actors value and assert their contributions.

  2. Universal says:

    I doubt if audience in South will accept someone looking totally different than their hugely popular politician in the lead. And if they don’t, there is no point of making this movie as Jayalalitha’s base isn’t that much in hindi speaking region.

    • Rad says:

      I think you are forgetting that there are people called make up artists. Surely she’s not going to act in the movie looking like Queen Kangana and there’ll be some effort to make her look somewhat like JJ 🙂

      • Universal says:

        I think you are forgetting that makeup artists can only do so much. And people nowadays makeup their mind based on aho the actor is. JJ is a much revered figure down south. Emotions run high than makeup.

        • Rad says:

          Priyanka played mary kom, farhan played milkha. How much resemblance do you think was there? More than looks how sincerely the role is portrayed decides if people like it or not. And only those people with whom audience have an emotional connect are made into movies. In that regard JJ is not exclusive.

  3. Shefu says:

    People in this site are clearly living in some delusional world … Manikarnika did not make money coz of high budget and JHK is already declared flop. But delusion ..! Anyway!!

  4. Anon says:

    No one in the south is waiting for this film. Nithya Menen is already doing a film on JJ and she even looks like her.

    I’m not even going to mention KR’s returns as an actress here because you folk are like some grotesque version of a fan club. IF anyone valuated KR at the box office based on this site she would actually be a queen. However, they don’t and actually look at the real world.

    Btw, the reviews of her film are good so why isn’t it doing business like Andhadhun?

    • Sheena says:

      Hey give it time and JHK will do similar business like Andhadhun. Why not appreciate good cinema, storytelling and acting? Don’t get consumed in hatred for Kangana

  5. nefarious says:

    Is this for real or manufactured by Kjo and Nepo minions to show KR not getting financers to bankroll her project?

  6. whiskermole says:

    Manikarnika’s budget ended up being bigger than 80 crore and it became a hit – recovered its money and made quite a bit more. That too for a movie that wasn’t hyped, and Kangana was not exactly at the peak of her career then. This one is going to carry hype in the south as well as north. Manikarnika doing well + JHK’s success has given her back her business standing. The announcement of Dhaakad so early was no coincidence. They have propped her to be as bankable as possible so they can get the finances rolling. Besides this, the film has 4-5 producers from across industries.

  7. abcd says:

    The success of her latest movie judgemental hai kya might help her in getting financers for jaylalita biopic. But, the way kjo got a party announced few days ago for all leading studios, was to show his clout among movie studios. I’m sure if evil mouse would have been in the biopic, kjo would have ensured easy flow of funds. This might pave the way for kangana to put in her own money as producer for making the biopic.

    • Ria says:

      Well written @abcd. Atleast we should respect the immense talent that KR has got. Hope SRK is not involved else it will be disappointing

  8. Rad says:

    KR is the hero in her movies and that’s the way she prefers it. Its been long since she has been paired with any of the so called macho heroes of the industry. Whether she charges huge amount or not the discredit if the movie flops, goes only to her. So if the producers are ready to pay, why not? Make hay while the sun shines.

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