Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 30

The blind item below came out last week so if you think this is something that came out because Nepotism’s founder had a party last weekend, it’s not it!

By now, let’s just say that all of these young actors are like this. Arjun Kapoor might be an exception, who would have thought! So this young actor does get around or should we say he does make the most of his outdoor schedules.

It’s been a while, though, since there was any news of him doing “that” but guess you can’t really keep the good act on for a long time. It’s funny because for the longest time, they have been pushing out stories that he is tying the knot later this year. He and his father denied it!

Well, you also know by now there the ladies who get married to these actors are pretty used to the life that they live. So much so that they are willing to be like doormats. If you think about it, most of the wives of these famous actors are in the same boat. Maybe it’s why they think it’s normal that their better-half cheats and there’s “nothing” they can do about it.

Here’s another blind item from BollywoodLife this week. What else is new?! By the way, there’s a mistake in the BI below, we highlighted it in bold in case you get mistaken. It should be “actor” not “actress”.

P.S. The actor fainted on the sets of his upcoming film. #nojoke

Bollywood Blind Item

This young actor’s intimate relationship with a co-star has left his girlfriend helpless

One of Bollywood‘s hottest young actors is rumouredly having a torrid intimate relationship with one of his co-stars.

This young actor has had a brilliant career so far and is going strong despite a recent setback. He is equally in the news for his personal life though he likes to keep it private as much as possible. Now, the industry corridors are buzzing with gossip about how he has become very close to this hot starlet who is genuinely a hot property now.

They are working together in a film too. It seems the young actor known for his hot body and acting chops cannot resist himself from getting intimate with the beauty who is blessed with immense talent, albeit in one field only. The two are loving their friends with benefits equation and having a lot of fun.

The actress’ girlfriend who has been with him since years now is aware of her guy’s dalliance with the starlet but there’s little she can do about it. Though her guy has been loyal for the greater part of their time together, years before she was traumatised with his equation with one of his co-stars, who also has the reputation of being a player. The starlet and actor’s conversations in the real world and social media have been noticed by many. Can you guess who is the actor and hot starlet?


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Varun Dhawan

Starlet: Nora Fatehi

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21 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    Just because Varun is still with his longtime, homely girl friend people buy his loyal one-woman image but the reality is he is a cheater and player just like Ranbir. He would have left Natasha by now if it was not for his parents. Varun and Natasha situation reminds me of Hrithik Suzanne Kareena situation.

    Natasha is turning a blind eye to his cheating ways means she will continue doing so after marriage. Perfect doormat star wife material.

    • abcd says:

      Natasha comes from a very rich family which will help varun during possible financial crunch, if it happens in future. Marrying a rich guy helps Natasha in maintaining posh life. Most of these Rich people prefer marrying within their circles for money. So David Dhawan said yes to Natasha. Alia was rejected because she appeared evil even though her family is loaded.

  2. Sheena says:

    They looked totally drugged out of their brains in the video KJo posted on his insta. If I am not wrong Ayan and Vicky were hiding something quickly. DP and Malaika looked like zombies; RK a sad depressed drugged middle aged man

  3. whiskermole says:

    The screenshots you shared seem perfectly innocent. This is how he talks to most of his colleagues, and this is how she is with people too. This remains a rumor, and we all know what kinds of rumors are spread as a film winds up production to get the buzz going. Link-ups rumors are pre-publicity.

  4. nefarious says:

    But how downright conspicuous is KJos hunger for surrounding himself with successful people. Suddenly, we see Shahid at his intimate do?
    I/ guess why we keep hearing these celebs say in interviews that things changed for them when they became successful, people perceived them differently.

    I am waiting for more stories to come outta that party.. Surely it can just be about VD πŸ˜€

    What about how much RK was missing Alia at the do.. how he was not in his element, while DP tried to get close to him while Ranveer was away πŸ˜€

    • abcd says:

      I’m sure the party must be kjo’s sobbing session for the success of kangana’s latest movie. All looked sad, rk must be crying about his horrible married life: lost diamonds and stuck with evil mouse all life now. Dp must be crying about losing lead actress roles due to nepotism. Other star kids must be crying over competition.

      • Nefarious says:

        @abcd. This was doubts the party looked boring AF

      • HateKjo says:

        Kangana’s latest film is not a success . It is a flop. Though Ekta and Kangana are inflating the figures by 1 crore each day.

        • Sheena says:

          @ HateKjo actually there is a blind in PV about silly ex inflating Super 30 numbers ( just as the Roshands did during Kaabil, Raees etc). There is even a joke in Bolly about Roshan-Calculator Lolz

    • Sara says:

      Mentioning shahid’s invitation. Seems you hold this Karan Johar get together in high regards. A get together in shorts and jandals where vicky looked high. Maybe shahid and Mira didn’t wanted to go. But if they Said know they would be called out as arrogant.

      • nefarious says:

        Not at all in high regard, this is the first time i am seeing shahid at a party held at his house… i am just calling out Kjos ‘fair weather’ friend mindset

        What happened to the Gauri, SRK and other of his coterie? Gone as they went down? Or did they distance themselves after seeing his true colors?

  5. Rad says:

    I guess when the same thing keeps happening time and again, and no one does anything about it, it starts getting accepted as the norm. If Twinkle, Kajol, Gauri Khan who are powerful women in Bollywood couldn’t keep their men in check, who is Natasha? And they are not even married yet. When Varun-Alia affair came out, there was this natak of Natasha breaking up with him but by now she must be resigned. If you want the glamorous life that wags lead, learn to put up with all this shit!!!

  6. Ria says:

    I guess the girlfriend knows they are short term flings so she would have learnt to ignore. Actors and their lives… god bless their spouses with mental peace and happiness

  7. nefarious says:

    Nora was with RK? I had no clue. she is quite a looker tho. When was this? Was it while he was Kat or duirng the time he proclaimed on KWK that he has been celibate for quite some time now πŸ˜›

  8. abcd says:

    Nora is an outsider. She’s doing this with bhushan of t-series too, to get work. Not only that, she cheated on angad to get rk. Poor angad got shown as villain. But rk dumped her after having all fun. Star kids have it easy, but outsiders do this to get work. Natasha must set an example by dumping varun, but she wouldn’t, because end of the day for them, Paisa Bolta Hai

    • Anon today :) says:

      This is exactly what Karan and his planted blinds want you to think that star kids never have to do this stuff and they’re pure as white snow whereas all non star kids are wh*res and sleep around for parts. Star kids seduce who they need to seduce quietly. You think Alia hasn’t slept with SRK or anyone else out of “necessity”. They all are 3am friends with who they need to be with. They all do things they need to do it’s just that some get reported on. Nora is always with her friends and is like this with all her friends. She wouldn’t risk her career to be some one’s side piece.

      • nefarious says:

        Alia slept with SRK out of what necessity? I think, SRK;s career has been going downhill..I reckon she sleeps around with boys she has the hots for, but not for projects

        • Anon today :) says:

          You don’t think other people also sleep with actors because they’re good looking? It’s not as if they’re sleeping with ugly people, all actors are fairly good looking. It’s a win win situation for all of them, which is why they do what they do, it’s just that with non star kids its looked as dirty but with star kids it’s because they “want” to. They all do it to get the next part. In the back of their mind while on their back they know they’re gaining favors.

      • Sheena says:

        I half agree w u – depends upon the heirarchy or kaun kis ka baap hai. I doubt SRK’s daughter would have to sleep w anyone. Alia might have had to compromise not sure as she had KJo. But Raveena in her days was mistreated by Sallu and Ajay D since her Dad wasn’t that successful filmmaker. Also if u come from supermodel or Ms World background then u have an edge and peep want to cast u…

        • Another Anon :) says:

          It’s not really about compromising, people not from that world think they they’re making shady deals to get film roles, they’re not. When you’re talking this level of people they’re not saying to you β€œsleep with me and I’ll get you your next film”, it’s unsaid. You’re at a party, you have a late night call, you’re in meetings at their office late night discussing, you’re at an outdoor, you’re on the road for an awards show etc and YOU make the move. They know they have to do it – they aren’t being forced – but if they don’t do it, they can bet their dollar that they will be hurting their chances of being cast in future. That includes people like Sonakhsi Sinha, you think she’s running to her father crying that Akshay and Ajay want to sleep with her? No, she does what she wants quietly, knowing that she will be able to get the role and it’s not looked at as a β€˜bad’ thing because they all pretend that they wanted it.

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