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So this blind item came out today. Nothing unusual, just the normal parents want the the daughter to get married thing. It’s nice that this actress still gets to be lead in films. It’s amazing, actually, considering how she spent the most part of her career playing flower pot roles. It’s like you can count the films that she was in, which required her to “act”.

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It’s funny, you know. She was buttering up all the top stars so that they keep putting her in their films. Even the creepy ones, both bones and eyes, she had them smitten and they did put her in their films until they got tired and found new girls to play these flower pot roles in their films. Heck, Mr. CreepyBones got his wife to attend this actress’ birthday party right before the gossip pages claimed they were caught in the early hours of one fine morning enjoying each other’s company!

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That’s why it’s funny that now only she is doing films where she is the lead. She did that comedy sequel last year, which was a flop. Her upcoming film looks interesting based on the trailer, though it reminds us of the TV show ‘Hart of Dixie’.

Her choice of films aside, when did she start dating this new actor? We never heard of it, but then again she has managed to keep a low dating profile. Maybe she’s not that much of a hot topic to have people gossip about her so she can be with whoever she wants and no one would bother her.

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But let’s just say, we were relieved to read that it’s THIS new actor and not the other one that Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather launched.

You know what we realized? The ladies, who reach a certain age and are not married, are actually happy living their life. It’s the people around them that stresses them to get married hence re-enforcing that stigma where young women can only be happy or complete if they get married and have kids.

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Seriously though, what do we want in life? To be happy and make money…If marriage is not it, then so be it! After all, your life is already planned, it will happen when it has to. If that makes any sense!

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item


She Who Cannot, Marries

Rumour has it that this actress (who has seldom made news for her performances, her choice of films or the characters she plays) may be looking to settle down. The tabloids have been insisting for some time that her (former actor) parents are keen that she find the right guy and move on to β€˜the next phase’ of her life.

While she still lands the occasional β€˜big film’ it’s clear to anyone who cares to notice that she hasn’t been able to dazzle either fans or critics. For the bulk of her career she’s chosen to piggyback on the shoulders of A-list male superstars in films that have offered her little to do. You can count on her to shimmy and shake to remix tracks, but let’s just say that for the most part her acting has all the depth of a potted plant.

According to the grapevine, she’s currently seeing a young actor who’s just starting out in the business. He’s only one film old, younger than her and not at all ready for marriage. She knows him through her superstar co-star who gave him a break in the movies. The awkward thing is she was dating another young man in the same superstar’s family circle until recently.

OSOP Guesses

Young Actor: Zaheer Iqbal

Superstar: Salman Khan

Another Young Man: Bunty Sachdev



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12 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    @Admin your site is having issues. It keeps saying site isnt secure…

  2. nefarious says:

    I think Sona was with Akki, Ajay and Sallu…i wouldnt call it dating but doing favours to get roles

  3. Regina Phalange says:

    Khiladi and Sona were a thing? When?

  4. Ak says:

    To say that her acting bad is very wrong, she is a marvelous actor, and she has beautiful indian features

  5. KA says:

    Actress In Shambles After Break-Up; Parents Take Her To A Hill Station To Cheer Her Up a blind by spotboye,
    could you guess who could it be?

    A beautiful actress who would’ve given her contemporaries a run for their money if luck had favoured her, finds herself in deep distress. Parents have chipped in to maintain her well-being. Remains to be seen what happens. She had been keeping unwell of late, and most recently, her lover ditched her. Unable to tolerate the salt on her wounds, this beautiful actress sadly broke down- so much so that her parents had to ask her well-wishers to come forward and help her out. At the advice of one such soothsayer, she has now been driven down to a hill station. It’s a grim situation. We hope she comes back with a smile on her face.

  6. Sherin says:

    The new hunk Zaheer is better looking than bunty sachdev. Sona and Zaheer look great together. Hope they marry.

  7. Rad says:

    Any excitement Sonakshi might have generated started and ended with Lootera.

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