Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 27

You might have read this blind item before, but fear not this is a new one – a probably rehashed one. But to be honest, if you are aware of this actor’s tactics, this thing might have happened again.

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And on top of that, new pictures were released earlier this week that showed him and his co-star in an upcoming big budget going through rehearsal with the film’s director.

So either someone felt the need to rehash an old blind item or this thing happened again. But seriously though, who asked Aloo to get into this fake relationship with him? Everyone knows how he is, so why complain when you went in knowing everything?

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Here’s the thing, we don’t think she is complaining and we definitely don’t think he is messing around with Mr. India’s sidepiece (no offense, Queen!). This BI is quite contradicting every romantic news about them in the media. So the question is, who is giving this information and who is the source?

Since this BI mentions how Aloo went crying to KebabJo and he told her, “Told you so!”, it’s weird since HE is the one who got this brilliant idea to do this April Fool match-making.

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There can only be one reason for this: they will break up soon and he is going to push all the blame on Raymond so that Aloo will be another poor ex, who got dumped! As you know, if you have seen the trend by now, Raymond’s exes do even better professional after he leaves them! So maybe PapaJo is already planning his next move.

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As for the wedding, only they know why they keep pushing out news of them tying the knot. If you notice, there are only two different news being reported in the media about this family. One is, when is Raymond’s Papa coming back and the other one is, when these two will tie the knot!

The problem with these news is that no one asked and yet, every other week you will something being reported about that.

By the way, Aloo has big projects lined up. There is no way her dearest papa will let her get married unless it is going to benefit them all in a big way. If there’s anything marriage-related that gets confirmed, it will most likely going to come out before their big-budget film together releases.

In the meantime, have fun reading this blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


We hear all is not well at the home and hearth of these lovebirds. We can tell from their pictures together, either she is sulking, or he is. Nonetheless, young lovers’ tiffs can be short-lived. But we hear the hero is making nice with the heroine of his upcoming film.

This has sent the ladylove into a tizzy. We hear she has been crying into the arms of one of her closest friends and mentors. The mentor, we hear, has only been echoing, β€˜I told you so.’

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Lovebirds: Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt



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30 Responses

  1. Sheena says:

    @ admin read a blind on spotboye about Aloo being heartbroken after Rat dumped her and she being In Ooty with her family to mend it!

    • abcd says:

      if this is true, kjo and bhatts won’t spare rk, they will give rk harrowing time, happy for kat if this is true. but by the time arrogant rishi reaches mumbai at home, marriage preparations would begin

      • Sheena says:

        Do check out the blind – I am pretty sure it is Aloo and Rat Kapoor. Ps: too sad to see one single bad – downright nasty – review of JHK. By Rajeev Masand… SMH

        • abcd says:

          rk’s consent does not matter this time. neetu kapoor, kjo and bhatts have an upper hand over rk. this is because now it is about money, image and movies.

  2. Sheena says:

    Outstanding! I saw JHK and can’t get over it. Honestly not saying coz of Kangana. The movie itself is a new concept and so different – reminded me of Andhadhun genre (thriller + suspense + Black comedy) but with an added social message. And my God have the actors done a fab work! Each one of them. Kangana is just out of the world – have no idea how she does it. Raj’s Best work till date – we never saw him in such a part before. And the ending just knocks it out of the park. Guys go and watch it

    • Admin says:

      πŸ˜‚ Thought someone kidnapped you when you didn’t come back. Great to hear your money was well-spent. Can’t wait to see it too! 😎

      • Sheena says:

        πŸ˜‚ took me time to digest and think about the various layers….definitely one intelligent movie. Also forgot to mention the fab music, particularly the background score, the art direction, costumes (esp of Bobby)

    • Rad says:

      Thanks for the update! Was looking forward to it.

  3. Samantha says:

    the romantic/sexual tension between Alia n Varun is 1000 times more than KJO/Ayan planted 2 years baasi sadi hui fake love story of Alia n Ranbir!
    N from the pic i was sure that Vaani n Ranbir ll be hitting off like anything; painting town red etc!

  4. Samantha says:

    Who all have already lost COMPLETE interest from Brahmastra!! This nautanki is going on since 2 years now; n we audience feel super cheated; for taking us for granted by posting such predictable fake love stories!!

  5. Samantha says:

    Guyssss….. pls pls relax… Alia Ranbir story is FAKE from head to toe! dont compare it to genuine romances or even with flings!!! The biggest pathetic ppl KJo n Ayan r planting each n every blind, each n every pic; just to keep the craze in the most expensive but pathetic movie Brahmastra!!

  6. Nefarious says:

    I may be the only one who thinks this wedding may not happen. I wont be surprised if ranbir released this blind to tell the single women that he still game and on the hunt.

    And of course to get rid of Aloo and Kjo..i do think Aloo has a thing for him but i always get the vibe that he just doesnt want that rat around him.

    • Samantha says:

      Hain??? “i may be the only one”????? No re, whole world knows that there is no goddamn marriage.. brahmastra is a triloogy n very expensive movie! n both drama queens Ayan n KJO have to keep rehashing the sickest love story of this decade!!

      • nefarious says:

        @Samantha, quite a few here feel it is a calculated move to have these two its win-win for both the bhatts and the kapoors. Alia gets the kapoor tag, kapoors get to secure their sons future with the bhatt production and of course get a baby or two out of her …all this makes sense, and yet i cant believe it will actually happen πŸ˜€

        While lets assume the romance is manufactured to the T, how come no news of RK with any other eye candy for long now?

        • abcd says:

          that’s because star kids are on image repair spree after hr-kr fiasco. bollywood is no longer respected among public. fans are usually school/college kids, and their twitter base is full of paid tweets.
          people watch netflix/prime/hollywood and other binge stuff, very few people spend money on bollywood movie tickets. piracy has increased. people who don’t like buying movie tickets wait patiently for money to come on tv. next generation of star kids will have harrowing time to gain recognition from audience. so star kids are trying their best to show themselves as good humans to gain some acceptance from public; making money to secure their future generations. rk wants buzz like rs-dp, so he is trying to show himself as a responsible family man, but he comes across as a heartless and evil user, who has no respect for friendships/relationships.

  7. Sheena says:

    Ooooook so am going to watch JHK – will come back and tell y’all how it was! Yay

  8. Universal says:

    Even Ekta Kapoor’s 5 years and running shows are more entertaining than this aloo paratha and Sherbet saga.

  9. leaps says:

    Alia’s bar is set at emotional infidelity so raymond painting the town red with anyone will not be a problem for her. As long she get to keep him at end of the day its fine for her she is no damsel.

    Kjo has a a lot of money ridding on these two there is no way he is putting that at risk. Unlike other previous girls alia did not get much sympathy from public kjo has done all to try to make her look better. Alia will be breaking up with raymond anytime she is shooting with another actor because as in the past that person has to be falling over for alia.

    This blind may be raymond’s attempt to try to register the oh im still a womanizer tag. pretty sure he is sulking because as a narcissist he wants to applauded for the ladies he scores and unlike his past exes Alia/raymond has got limited interest from people

  10. Ria says:

    What is new here? The day blind was released of them falling in love we knew it was fake so this blind was expected. KJo aunty shud stop these blinds. It’s old school. RK always has prying eyes and was never in love with Aloo.. lol

  11. abcd says:

    There is a huge difference between aloo’s crocodile tears and kat’s tears from heart. Tears of sad heart act as curse to punish the culprit.This might take lot of time, but happens for sure. Aloo should be used to all of this nusiance by now.There is no need for Aloo to act like a crying baby for getting sympathy. Hope judgemental hai kya shines, so that aloo/kjo/rk learn some work ethics.

    • Sheena says:

      Good analysis. My take is that Aloo had the hots (and maybe the heart) for Rat Kapoor, she had an affair w him in 2014 (Jack from fashionscandal had confirmed at the time he was basically cheating on Kat then). For him Aloo was a F&$ buddy. After the messy breakup w Kat Aloo used the opportunity to get close to Kat and use papaJo to get Rat. I suspect she may be smitten by him still and if true then serves her right. He on the other hand has been outmanouvered by KJo and double-faced mum Neetu. Even Rishi getting cancer doesn’t make them changes their dirty ways. If they have a little bit of insaniyat they should apologize to Kat and DP for treating them like dirt

      • HateKjo says:

        He was cheating on Katrina much before Aloo with Nargis, Angela, Amisha n more thats why they had a break up in 2011. But Katrina gave him another chance because she wanted a Kapoor surname. Dont forget Katrina helped him cheating Deepika and herself cheated Salman. So whatever happened with her is KARMA. She reaped what she sowed. She also cheated Rk with Hrithik. Katrina is no saint.

    • HateKjo says:

      How you made Katrina a saint and a victim.:p Deepika’s tears were by heart too. She was hurt and Katrina is the one responsible for it. So its KARMA for Katrina too. She was a culprit so was punished after 7 years. Justice done. Why Katrina cried and acted like a victim when she herself invited it on her? she doesn’t deserve any sympathy.
      P.s you will deny this fact and try to defend Katrina by blaming it on Rk alone and abusing Deepika.

      As for JHK hope it does well so would Kjo burn. Hope kangana gives credit to Rajkumar rao(he is giving hits back to back) instead of stealing it like she always do out of insecurity.

      • abcd says:

        I had mentioned it earlier, mentioning it once again, that it’s extremely difficult to be in relationship with a hot headed person. Sallu’s anger issues are legendary. Kat tried hard to support her family. Betrayal from friend is more painful as compared to the betrayal from an acquaintance. Dp -Kat were not friends. Aloo-kat were friends (be it casual or best) friends.dp makes relationships based on benefits and finally found some sensitive relationship with rs. As far as aloo’s karma is concerned, her suffering phase has begun. Hot headed father in law, over interfering mother in law and bedhopping spouse.. this is nothing compared to the way she wronged sid & Kat.

        • Hmm says:

          Alia and Kat were never friends. Don’t get it twisted. That they took pictures together and were in the same parties together doesn’t mean they were friends

          • abcd says:

            Please check some of aloo’s interviews and chat shows where kat has been referred as friend. Anyway, it’s all past now. Aloo’s karmic payback time has begun,
            so now nothing is left to tell about her. Time doesn’t spare anyone.

            Kangana has been getting good reviews for judgemental hai kya. Kjo and his minions must have gone bonkers by now, hence talking about dear comrade.

      • kiran101 says:

        In that case even Deepika broke off with Yuvraj(she wud have broken off with anyone) to be with Ranbir. I dont understand how DP gets off as a saint and social activist according to her fans while she did everything that others did . I am not saying she is bad…but she is no better than every heroine out there …. with much better PR and delusional fans.

        • Lucy says:

          People conveniently forget she cheated on nihar while living with nihar in early 2007 for Ranbir,then again on yuvraj in 2008 for same Ranbir.she is no different for the other ladies who wanted the Kapoor tag and ignored his cheating ways.donam never accepted but it is well known Ranbir was seeing her when Deepika decided to steal Ranbir and dump yuvraj at the same time.she even got tattoo to make him stay and commit.

          • Kiran101 says:

            Nor do i buy the BS she said about being engaged to Ranveer for 4 years. She just wanted to give a fairy tale feel to it .

          • Nefarious says:

            So how come she was not ok with him cheating on her with kat…i dont think DP was ever ok with his cheating ways..but Kat was..

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