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The blind item below is quite interesting. Not that you already don’t know about how things run in Bollywood, but it more or less confirms who the “big daddy” of Bollywood is!

Now, let’s go through this together. If you are launched by someone you call a mentor and he gets to take over your life, telling you what to do, what to wear and who to “date. What is he called? Can you imagine having a mentor at work and he or she is asking you to “date” someone just to keep people talking about you and improve your image?

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Bear in mind, it is not a “suggestion” but an order! In some ways, Kangoli (as HR fans like to call her) is right in saying KebabJo asks the kids he launches to (lets-put-it-nicely) “date” whoever he wants to.

And note that the kids he launches, they are already in supposedly long and serious relationships. The minute their movie is about to be released, he starts to “play cupid” and have them link with relevant people. These people could be actors, newcomers, star kids or outsiders that KebabJo wants to make famous.

Damn, what do you call a man who has this much power? πŸ€”

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Check out the blind item from HindustanTimes. Honestly though, it’s tired of being thrown these link-ups to our faces. KebabJo and his minions live in a bubble where they think the audience will swallow whatever crap they cook up. As if their failures haven’t proven anything!

Also, are these actors scared to tell him, “No!”? Most probably!

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Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item

It is said of Bollywood that it’s not so much β€˜who’s who’, but β€˜who’s whose’. And that’s because from the outside, it often resembles an incestuous gold fish bow, one in which everyone appears to have dated everyone else.

What people seldom realise is that given the stars’ hectic schedules, 24×7 media scrutiny and constant pressure to look good, it is often difficult for them to date those outside the industry (aka common folks). This seems particularly true of this svelte actress who is said to be stirring things up ever since the success of her debut film.

β€œShe ended her long-standing relationship with another upcoming actor, just on the brink of her debut movie’s release, and he is reported to have taken it so badly that he was known to weep on his sets during a shoot,” informs a Bolly insider, adding, β€œGiven her good looks and success, the male attention was to be expected,” he said, β€œbut we were all surprised when in the short span since her debut, she has dated not one, or two, but three Bollywood actors in quick succession.”

And who were the lucky three men? Well, according to our source, one is an established star who himself had been dumped quite publicly by his girlfriend, an A-list Bolly actress, while the other two are relatively smaller stars, one, the son of a famous actor, and the other, the brother of another famous actor.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Tara Sutaria

Debut: Student of the Year 2

Boyfriend of an A-list Actress: Sidharth Malhotra

Son of Famous Actor: Vinod Mehra’s son, Rohan Mehra

Brother of Famous Actor: Ishaan Khatter


According to a leading daily, it was Sidharth and Tara’s mentor Karan Johar who played Cupid, and they instantly bonded “like whiskey and soda”. However, the couple is taking things slow, as they want to focus on their careers at the moment.

On the show, Tara Sutaria, on the other hand, commented on her equation with Ishaan Khatter. She said, “Ishaan and I are actually childhood friends. I mean we’ve known each other for a really long time.”

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12 Responses

  1. Rad says:

    Here we have these so called stars like RK, Alia, Sid etc allowing KJo to dictate to them who to date. And then there is Kangana who accuses him right to his face on his own show. Hai kisi aur mein itna dum? πŸ˜€ Even if only grudgingly, you cannot but admire her for her guts and confidence in her own capability.

  2. KA says:

    What a pity, they are not even able to roam around freely with whom they love and want to be with. but for carrying out Kjo’s commands have to show that they are in love with so and so. feeling sorry for Tara, thank GOD sushant refused to be a part of this fake pr relationship and unfollowed sara on instagram, about aaryan its lucky that this guy found a understanding partner like kriti, who knows its his helplessness to show off that he is developing feelings for Sara.

  3. Universal says:

    KJo and his minions are living in a bubble that is still in 2012. No wonder they are making movies like SOTY2 and Kalank which are oh, so 2012s.

  4. Hmm says:

    Sure, blame KJo for everything.

  5. Sheena says:

    And Kangy – God bless her – exposed all these shenanigans of the KJo camp and the media who go to bed w each other (Vicky/ (Spotboye, Faridoon/Bollywood hungama, SKJ, even Anupama and Rajeev Masand)…

  6. leaps says:

    here we go for kjo trashing another outsider in a single blind tara might do herself a favour and watch out bfr she like pari takes her mentor too seriously and gets lost

  7. abcd says:

    Does kjo have the spine to make alia date 3 bollywood actors at the same time for the so called image??? NO! He is just trying to make outsiders look bad; to prove that they can stoop to any extent for getting work. Tara spoke some good things about kangana. This made kjo angry. As a result, Tara is ignored and given negative image. Well, wedding preparations have begun, evil aloo is struggling with her designer sabya’s lehenga and wedding is early next year. Tara is now getting work out of kjo camp and this hurts kjo’s ego.

    • KA says:

      is Alia really getting married to Ranbir, or is it a fake news given by Kjo to the media.

      • nefarious says:

        @Admin, whats your take.. i really can not come around to believing this ..forget loving alia, ranbir can not even fake liking her.

      • abcd says:

        The deal is done. Movies and money in exchange of marriage. They can’t afford to back out now. Kjo and neetu kapoor will move earth and sky to ensure that rk marries aloo. Dp is paired opposite ajay devgan and nusrat is opposite rk to avoid cancellation of marriage. Now the question is how long will rk be kept away from his bedhopping activities. As long as he gets baby from aloo, ananya has already started taking aloo’s place in kjo camp and aloo will meddle in movie production.

        • Monalisa says:

          You really think the ambitious Aloo will have a baby so soon after marriage? Their marriage is a contract marriage.Aloo will not mind RK’s bed hopping ways since on kwk she already said that emotional infidelity is a deal breaker not physical infidelity.

          • abcd says:

            Over-interfering Neetu kapoor and mama’s boy rk will stop at nothing unless and until aloo gets them babies. Aloo has no idea of how much mess she’s got herself into. This time bhatts might not be able to do anything for aloo because greed for status/money has tied them. Kjo will sideline himself from all of this, due to growing tribe of female star kids at dharma.As mentioned in earlier posts, Aloo will not get sympathy due to her cunning and evil deeds. Dp & kat must thank their stars.

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