Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 18

If you notice the trend in Bollywood, when they want to mix sports and Bollywood, it’s always an actress with a good cricketer. Similarly in Hollywood, it’s a basketball player with an actress. Clearly, you understand the trend now!

You will never see a Bollywood actress with a hockey or football player! So, the blind item below is about this young actress, who is still trying to make it. She has movies, which is a good thing, but the bad is her dad is trying to direct her on the sets.

So much so, he was sent a notice and warned from overstepping the boundaries. It’s funny and it’s probably the first time in recent times that a senior male actor was sent a notice and warned against appearing on sets to direct his daughter. In other words, they were telling him to back off and that he had no business to be there!

So if this romance moves forward, this will be like a step up for both of them but mostly her. Yeah! Good luck, then!

They are probably today’s version of Geeta Basra and Harbhajan. These two were together for ages before finally tying the knot!

Check out the blind item from HindustanTimes.


Bollywood Blind Item


Much is being made of this actor-businessman’s recent tweet in favour of a famous cricketer, because after weeks of rumours linking his daughter, a willowy actress with the young man going unconfirmed, it’s being viewed as a sign that there is something brewing betwixt them. And if sources close to the actress are to be believed, there is indeed a budding romance in the works.

β€œThey have hit it off like a house on fire, but are keeping it under wraps because of the World Cup,” a member of her inner circle had said over the weekend. So now that India is well and truly out of the series, does this mean we will hear an official confirmation of the relationship soon? After all, the said cricketer even belongs to the same community as the actress’ dad.

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Athiya Shetty

Cricketer: KL Rahul


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9 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    KL Rahul is a Kannadiga, Athiya/Sunil shetty are Tulu Bunts. They are not from the same community. They all belong to Mangalore though

  2. KA says:

    What dies this mean ? ” After All The said cricketer also belongs to the same community as the actress’s dad” , is Athiya getting married to K L Rahul

  3. Drina says:

    Flop nepo actresses always get numerous chances to try their luck.

  4. Tanuja says:

    Wasn’t her brother dating a moneybags daughter too?These kids really know whom to pickπŸ˜‰But eww,how any girl can date him after that Koffee episode beats me

    • Rad says:

      Did you actually watch the episode? It was mainly Hardik shooting his mouth off (even though I personally thought it was all said in good fun and anyways who actually takes anything said on KWK seriously?) KL Rahul just played along. I thought he was quite decent in the show. Just caught in the crossfire, wrong place wrong time kinda thing. I still feel he’s a great catch for Athiya.

      • Tanuja says:

        You said it,he played along.I did watch the episode and while I agree that Hardik was the main culprit,Rahul sure didn’t try to stop him or lessen the damage.You know that saying β€˜birds of a feather flock together’?That’s why I wondered how she’s dating him.But yeah,he’s a great catch for Athiya who can continue living her life filled with riches.

    • Universal says:

      Rahul didn’t say much in that episode. Plus, in tinsel town, people do much worse than what Hardik blurted out on the show. Only a few talk about it openly and Hardik did that stupidity. Many are still throwing themselves on Hardik cz of money and fame.

  5. Simi says:

    Lol… I had seriously forgotten about Athiya in Bollywood! Nepokids aren’t going anywhere. Real talents just need to work hard, NEVER give up and believe in themselves.

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