Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 17

The blind item below might make you think it’s about this star wife, who decided to surprise everyone and file for divorce. But, it’s not her! For starters, this one’s husband is famous and a star.

The lady in the blind item married into a famous filmy family, whose very reason of being famous is thanks to the superstar’s behavior and box office status. Lucky for them, as big as the superstar’s box office opening is, his heart is even bigger.

This blind item kind of sheds some light on the financial situation on this family. It seems that it is quite common for Bollywood famous families to have that one person, probably the patriarch, that handles the financial situation in the family. This one too is the same and it’s the father of this superstar. The superstar has said himself many times how he asks his father for money.

Papa, give me some money please?

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Now if you find this strange, bear in mind that this is how it works in some traditional family set ups, especially the families that live together. So apparently, this lady was mad that she was refused money many times and the family apparently wasn’t so keen to sponsor her holiday with her only son.

To be fair, it is not said whether all this happened before or after she was caught cheating on the husband with a young one? It is not clear so can’t say whether the family money-ghosted her after that because of what she did or…?

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Check out the blind item below from HindustanTimes. By the way, can you imagine the superstar asking his father to figure out his live-in girlfriends financial woes? As in, how much can the lady spend? Pay her bills and all that. They are a traditional family yet modern at the same time!


Bollywood Blind Item


When this svelte yummy mummy walked out of her marriage and closed the doors on a powerful film family, many saw her as a home-breaker and called her irresponsible. What few knew was that even as she put on a brave face and tried to give the break-up as much grace and dignity as she could muster, she had suffered years of indignity behind closed doors, her friends say.

β€œOne of the family members is the stingiest person you can imagine,” they say in her support. β€œFor all the success and fame, the household budgets with which she was expected to run her kitchen fires on were shockingly mean; the entire family’s kitty was under the vice-like control of this person, so much so that even for her personal belongings, she had to make requests and have them discussed with all members of the extended clan at the dinner table,” the friends said.

Apparently, the last straw was when a request for a holiday with her son came up for review and was turned down. All that glitters is not Chanel?

OSOP Guesses

Mummy: Malaika Arora

Family: Salman Khan‘s Family



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7 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    Salman love all his nephews and nieces to the extent that he take his whole family (siblings and their families) on vacations. Even after the divorce Malaika is invited to the lavish destination birthday parties Arpita throws for her son with Salman’s money. I have a feeling that her secret plans of meeting up with Arjun in the guise of vacation with son got busted hence Salim Khan refused to give the money.

  2. Kit says:

    Seems like a blind dropped by her

  3. Crazy World says:

    I find it hard to believe that Salman’s father handles his finances though. Salman seems like a control freak, albeit a generous one.

    I’ve noticed that most female stars especially those from the 80s and 90s had their finances managed by their parents. I read somewhere Nutan and her mother clashed over finances, went to court and had a cold war for years before they reconciled close to her death. Sridevi was said to be broke and had no where to stay before she sought financial security with Boney Kapoor. And Ameesha Patel sued her parents to court over her finances.

    BTW, i’m not 100% sure of the stories so feel free to correct me.

  4. abcd says:

    your money is your power. why give your power to others? can she not manage her expenses for herself and son from her own money? why ask others??it is the poor/middle class woman who runs from pillar to post to get alimony money. here, too husband manages to convince he lost job or due to loss family business, he cannot give alimony money to wife. courts are not as helpful as before.wives end up paying money to spouses.Munni should thank her stars that she anyways managed to take loads of money as alimony for herself. boney had lot of loan, all the loan got cleared from sridevi’s death insurance money; so family accepted their daughters; win win for them from such horrible deeds. Does not appear that boney will not take money from munni; he will come up with some or the other way for sure

  5. Ria says:

    Well why she divorced her husband is her personal choice no one should judge for things that happen between husband and wife. Only they both know the truth and no one can take sides. But why is she dating a boy 12 years younger than her? How can the guy cheat on the actor’s sister for his sister in law. Thats ridiculous. By releasing this blind if she wants people to feel sorry for her that wont happen. Sorry but no excuse for their indecent behavior.

    • Tanuja says:

      Why can’t she date someone younger then her?Or you’re only saying this because it’s the lady who’s the older one in the relationship?Please ask the same question with regards to shahid Kapoor as wellβ€”their age gap is more then the couple above.

      • Rajesh Kumar says:

        And why not ask this question to Salman who dated katrina who was minimum 15 years younger than him.

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