Bollywood Blind Item – July 2019 – 16

The other blind item for today comes is about this actress and the remix of an old song. The most upsetting thing about the blind item below is the truth that is written, which this hero is still working as a leading actor 25 years from the time this song was released while his heroine then is regarded as old news.

She looks stunning, still. Of course with some help, but she looks great. To tell you the truth, whatever they do with this new remix, it will never match up to the old song. The old song has so many memories to it, the music, the intro score, her moves at the beginning and so on.

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It doesn’t matter who takes on the new remix, they will never match the original actress both in looks and moves. OK, so that aside let’s talk about how this actor has been obsessed with remaking this song?! It is almost as if he wants people to forget the original actress was in that song with him? Yeah, we all know how he cheated on her and all that, but why does he act like he is the one who got cheated on? You know what it is? She spoke out about him and called him out for being the original RK! That’s why he’s still so pissed.

To think that he thinks this song is famous because he was in it. Like anyone imagining his wet hairy chest when this song plays on! Not even Mrs Funnybones does, we think!

So this song he tried to have the same format in one of his earlier films that also starred the actress, who’s in this new remix. The problem was, the song was in a comedy film and was supposed to be THE item number. It was this actor’s idea and he even promoted the song as such, but….When it came time to put the song in the film, which was like some months after, he developed cold feet and told them not to put the song in the film.

Even the actress had no idea at that time and found it strange, since he was the one who suggested to do it in the first place. So, what happened? Did he do it to get close to the actress (you know what we mean) or did he freak out that people would be suspicious of him after they see the song (Mrs Funnybones know what we mean)?

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Check out the blind item from Open Magazine by Rajeev Masand. By the way, this BI just proves how egoistic and sensitive the bigwigs in the industry are. An senior actress cannot even make her displeasure known publicly about something this attached and personal to her. Even she has to “shut up” and pretend to be happy!


Bollywood Blind Item


Not Ready to Be Yesterday’s News

A popular actress from some years ago, still working sporadically, still glamorous, is not thrilled that one of her iconic film songs is being revived and reshot for a new movie. It’s a song that put her on the map, a major turning point in her career, and one that established her as a leading sex symbol. She doesn’t think it’s fair that the song will now ‘belong’ to another actress when it is picturised for the new film.

According to the industry grapevine the actress made calls to those involved with the new film and let it be known that she was not pleased, especially since the actor who appeared with her in the original film still gets to be in the new version of the song. Indeed it is telling of Bollywood that 25 years after playing the lead in the original film, the hero is still a leading man in the new film. The heroine, however, is treated as yesterday’s news, replaced by a younger actress.

The makers of the new film mumbled apologetically but explained that they had no say in the matter. She even offered to do the song herself if they were determined to use it. Of course all complaints fell on deaf ears; the song has been more or less completed, and the younger actress on whom it has been filmed will add it to her vault of chartbusters.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Akshay Kumar

Actress: Raveena Tandon

New Actress: Katrina Kaif


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31 Responses

  1. Anu says:

    Admin, what’s your take on the recent Kangna fiasco?

    • Admin says:

      A mess! It’s weird how they formed that journalist group right before it happened. She’s stubborn, they are not giving in. It’s like watching your neighbours argued and it’s getting annoying.

      • KA says:

        Sorry for giving you some extra work, but please could you guess about whom this blind item is talking about :
        it was published by SpotBoye on 24 June 2019
        Darr! This TV Actress Isn’t Admitting To Her Break-Up Because Her Ex Will Beat Her Black And Blue

        • Admin says:

          Do you prefer to pay by cash or by card? 😉

          • KA says:

            😀 . actually you dont solve blind items about people from television, so i thought it might be difficult for you to guess, but i really wanted to know, i was guessing that it might be about Sriti Jha, who works in Kumkum Bhagya, she is really sweet, but i was not sure so thought of asking help from you 🙂

          • nefarious says:

            @Admin, this one begs a guess, pls..

          • Admin says:

            Honestly, guys. No idea! SB purposely writes these BIs in such a way that it is hard to guess. This could be anyone!

        • nefarious says:

          KA, i am not sure Sriti Jha would put up with such behavior, she seems to be too evolved as person to take such things lying down. Have heard her poetry etc. But then again anything possible

  2. Joe says:

    Tip Tip = Yellow saree + Raveena. Only when twitter exploded did I realise Akshay Kumar was also in it, Raveena completely took the stage. Love that song, refreshing, and yes so much rain..those were the days :p

    However, with same Hinglish Vodka-Party-sutta songs getting flopped, remix is the only way out. Guess only Lata Mangeshkar has the power to either stop remix of her songs or get royalty for it, strong woman, even in her 90s.

    It is obvious for Raveena for feel jealous, anyone would but neither has she been working all these years nor today audience will pay to watch her. Only Madhuri, Sridevi, Waheeda, etc. have managed that to some extent. After Gale La Ja, wonder how different Akshay-Katrina Tip Tip will be. Probably Akshay will hog the stage this time aswell like all Kat’s movies. Don’t think audience will pay to watch Akshay in Tip Tip lol! Good he got rid of the hair though, but most importantly the music and singer is so perfect in original Tip Tip, it just can’t get better than that sound and echo and drums. Too much Choreography ruins it, original one was raw. Lets see how it comes out. Going to watch it again after writing this lol!

  3. Crazyworld says:

    I think it’s creepy that Raveena wants to do such a song with her ex. For crying out loud, you give these men enough power when you keep reminding the audience of your link with them when the man obviously wants nothing to do with you. Am I the only one who sees it that way? It’s like Aishwarya wanting to do a remix with her song with Salman in a Salman Khan’s film

    • Sheena says:

      @ crazy world: did U consider she could do the song with another actor?! Younger one with full of energy like say Ranveer?

      • Crazy World says:

        Akshay is the lead, not Ranveer. So that suggestion does not even make sense

        • Sheena says:

          @crazyworld: heard of item numbers?! Well it could have been for once with an actor like Ranveer and Raveena. Ps: sorry to say never heard you complain when an A list actress does an item Number with zero relevance to the movie and in spite of the presence of the leading lady.

  4. Nancy says:

    I hope this version flops!

  5. Deep says:

    “Tip Tip Barsa…” Is as much Akshay’s song as “Chaiyya Chaiyya” is Preity Zinta’s ;))
    And yes, Akshay Kumar is just a man-wh*re

  6. Pooja says:

    Hope this will be flop like ek do teen.

  7. Sheena says:

    I have simply stopped watching his movies – just boycott these @$$/(&

  8. Melvin says:

    With one or two exceptions, no remix has never sounded as good as the original. And also, have they really forgotten the reaction to the Ek do teen remake? Who even remembers it now? And Akshay is as egotistical as ever.

  9. abcd says:

    Kat has no work as of now; depending on when tiger 3 series starts. so akki is taking advantage of this helplessness and kept the song in the movie to continue getting intimate with her. he already has been intimate with all his female costars when ever they needed movies with him. sometimes, it is hidden and sometimes it is out in the open. raveena was right in calling akki-the original rk, both of the did the same; got intimate with several outsiders for fun in the guise of love, then married a rich star kid for money & movies. akki has brain, rk has kjo, bhatts and kapoor surname. funnybones wants posh lifestyle so even if she feels hurt, akki would not care.

    • Sheena says:

      @ abcd: sad if this is true. Kat is one of the nicest peep and has been exploited way too long by the Bolly alphas like Sallu, Akki, Rat Kapoor, HR…

      • abcd says:

        all of them have already started getting their karma:
        Sallu: old age has taken over; fading public memory, few years in bollywood
        Akki: tag of being attached to attached to political party, frequently gets called out on citizenship; dount whether his kids will get stardom due to growing public hatred towards nepotism
        Rat Kapoor: getting cruel alia as spouse (baby bhatt can get quite dominating and tantrum throwing, no space,literally hovering all the time around him, loads of blackmail for babies); puppet in the hands of kjo and neetu kapoor with no brain to use of his own, tough competition from ranveer and other actors, still not in love and stuck in lust

  10. KA says:

    the original songs are imprinted on the minds of the music lovers across various age groups. The young as well as the older elder generation have been acquainted with these original songs of 90s and before. So remix cannot make anyone forget the original classics.

  11. Universal says:

    Typical Bollywood. Male Actors keep working for decades, romancing heroines half their age while Actresses fade away. After Bhai going slow motion with less than half his age Disha, it’s time for AK now. Anyway, doesn’t matter the number of remixes they make, Tip Tip barsa paani will always be Raveena’s

  12. Tina says:

    The creepiest part is that Akshay has been trying to push a false narrative of this being ‘HIS’ song only. Practically trying to erase Raveena’s role out of it. Such a sexist ass. DID NOT MENTION HER ONCE! Didn’t acknowledge her at all!!

    He barely had anything to do in the song. This was and always will be Raveena’s song. He had practically zero contribution to it. He’s simply a petty, cheap, jealous creep trying to erase someone’s contribution to cinema.

    There’s is such a thing as credit where credit is due, when you don’t give it, it says a lot about your character or rather lack of it.

    • Crazy World says:

      What is it with women wanting so desperately for their ex to acknowledge them?

      Raveena is an ex for crying out loud. According to reports, she chose to break up with him. Why should he acknowledge her? Why should she want to do a song with him? Because he’s still popular and doing well till date (no. 1 according to some portals) whereas she’s not among the top 50 actresses today.

      • Tina says:

        Nice effort at gaslighting the situation and turning it into something it isn’t Crazy World.

        If someone has contributed to any work project/product, that person better be acknowledged. Professional acknowledgment of her work is Raveena’s legitimate right, and Akshay’s responsibility.

        If any of us were to work with an ex, and that person tries to take solo credit for our contribution, we would scream ‘bl00dy murder. Irrespective of man or woman.

        Trying to claim Raveeena’s work as his own smacks of desperation and sexism on Akshay’s part.

        It says a lot, really a LOT, that you read it as “women wanting so desperately for their ex to acknowledge them”. The fact that you write such a blatantly degrading, prejudicial statement about an ENTIRE gender is why #MeToo was necessary and valid.

  13. leaps says:

    what is it with Bollywood and remaking old song do they not want to pay lyricist any more

  14. Simi says:

    Raveena, if you’re reading this, know that that song will ALWAYS belong to you.

  15. whiskermole says:

    Wow, Akshay is being a real shit.

    • Pragyan says:

      Unfortunately she wasn’t bother when “cheez badi hai was remade” wasn’t she was on that song too. I didn’t even like the remake of that song original was far better than remake but she stayed silent didn’t it give the break Kiara needed then,at that time she didn’t feel like yester year actress hypocrite

      • Crazy World says:

        All this drama is because the lead actor is Akshay, her ex who is still doing very well box office wise.

        I remember when the whole me too drama started. Didn’t she tweet some thing on Twitter that most concluded she was referring to Akshay and Ajay and she immediately retracted her statement claiming people were wrong?

        Please, she’s an hypocrite. She thought Akshay and Ajay would be memories by now unfortunately both men are still doing well box office wise and have a really good line up of films compared to the Khans. She was probably hoping to use Akshay to gain popularity again.

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