Bollywood Blind Item – January 2020 – 9

This legendary actor/superstar from the South is very very popular around the world. He and his ex-wife are both actors. Together they have two daughters, both of whom have sadly not inherited their parents’ talent.

We don’t know how true this blind item is, but what we do know is not everything shared is true. These two sisters might be having a fight and not speaking to each other, but youngest one was never staying with her father. She was always with her mother, who has been living in Mumbai.

So, the question of her moving from the South to Mumbai really does not make sense since she has been living in Mumbai with her mother. The sister, on the other hand, does really have an apartment and she used to not get along with her mother and moved South for a while. But then, she got her own apartment in Mumbai and has been living there for quite a while now.

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Remember, she was once attacked by a stalker right outside her apartment. Rumour has it, she did not want to give the CCTV to the cops because she was seeing a married star, who’s very famous in the South, as in the Tamil Film Industry. So, she didn’t file charges and let it slide.

It’s a little strange that the elder sister would try to discipline the younger one since she too lived quite the life when she was her younger sister’s age. She was just like her dad, living life freely!

These two sisters are still figuring out their careers. Being the daughters of that legend does help, since no one would have really taken them on.

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla. Hope they patch up and hopefully, the elder sister stop it with the cosmetic surgeries, she had such a beautiful face and now she’s unrecognizable!


Bollywood Blind Item


Two star daughters of this South megastar are at loggerheads

While nepotism has become the go to word for everyone in the industry, star kids are often called out for the privileges their life entails. But here, we are talking about two star daughters who might pose for happy pictures together, but in reality, they are not even on talking terms. Yes, we are talking about two daughters of this mega star from South who are also part of the industry.

So what conspired between the two? A close friend the elder daughter revealed some interesting details about their sibling relationship going cold. The two sisters have been extremely pally but only sometime back, things went awry and they seem to be at loggerheads right now.

The younger sister decided to move to Mumbai to try her luck in Bollywood, a few years ago, just like her badi behna. But things didn’t seem to go her way as her films bombed at the box office and there onwards, offers started drying up. Despite both the girls hailing from a heavyweight lineage of two powerful actors, they hardly had their footing in the Hindi film industry.

Everything started when the younger sister began getting reckless about life. They share an apartment in Mumbai and the elder one noticed her being extremely irresponsible and insensitive and gave her regular warnings. She had a problem with her carefree lifestyle, the guys she was dating, and soon, they started fighting every moment they were together in the house.

On one instance, they have also fought in front of the friend who shared this news with us. It was about this guy the younger one was dating and the elder one didn’t like at all. She kept asking her to break up and concentrate on her career instead but all of her advice fell on deaf ears.

At least, the older sibling is still making her presence felt in the South, while the younger one has completely let everything go. Now, the older one has given the younger one a final warning and asked her to leave the house if she can’t change her ways of living. Going by how things are right now, even their parents haven’t been able to sort the differences between the two daughters.

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Two Star Daughters: Shruti and Akshara Haasan

Megastar: Kamal Haasan


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