Bollywood Blind Item – January 2020 – 5

So much is happening these days and as a result, we are getting lesser blind items. But today, there’s a blind item that is very much in touch with what’s happening today. It gives you an inside look of what has been going on.

One thing is clear, the superstars will not come out to speak on this issue. All of them are waiting for this to die down. Seriously, even the government is waiting for this to die down. It’s as if they think these are brats or spoiled children acting up!

Look at Hong Kong, they are still fighting for their rights! Actually, they too were protesting peacefully when goons came in out of nowhere. The government saw this as a way to make them go quiet, but these people never gave up! We had a couple of friends, who were visiting HK at the peak of the protests and they said the only time it got bad was when the cops came to beat/stop the protesters.

Anyways, so the blind item below is from Rajeev Masand. The only superstar not doing anything is Mamujaan. As you know, the actor that he is or rather the megalomaniac that he is, he is currently busy shooting for his film. Who knows, he might one day make an episode on this issue. For now, it’s all quiet.

They are probably happy they have nothing to promote since the media is definitely going to bombard them with questions.

Check out the blind item below from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item


Citizen Cane

The recent uproar over the Government’s efforts to push the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the nationwide protests it has spawned has had an impact on Bollywood too. Many actors and filmmakers have openly condemned the violence against students, and in fact, the CAA too. More, however, have remained conspicuously silent.

Word on the street is that the matter has divided film folk. While some filmwaalas have come to the defence of leading superstars, suggesting that they are extremely vulnerable, so many others have called them out for not lending their voice at a time when it could carry significant weight.

Turns out though that not all are staying silent behind their high walls. One superstar has reportedly extended financial help to cover legal fees of those that were wrongly detained during the protests in Delhi. Another superstar’s famously vocal father is apparently mobilising friends to speak out, even though his own family cannot for complicated reasons.

The general opinion is that when the dust settles on the matter, it could leave many old relationships fragile and possibly broken. Respected film personalities who have taken an unambiguous stand are openly criticising an A-list male star whose closeness to the ruling party β€œhas made him spineless”. They have been critical also of a powerful producer who is keeping his head down.

One top film personality may have lost at least a few friends for his unwillingness to show support or even acknowledge that recent events have divided his industry. Liberal voices in Bollywood are repeating over and over again that it is at times like these that one’s true character is revealed. Those trying to stay invisible hoping that it will blow over soon have been noticed.

OSOP Guesses

Leading Superstars: Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar & Hrithik Roshan

One Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan

Another superstar’s famously vocal father: Salim Khan

Complicated Reasons: Going to Jail!

A-List Male Star: Akshay Kumar

Powerful Producer: Bhushan Kumar

Top Film Personality: Karan Johar

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23 Responses

  1. Parma says:

    It is said that #JNU was trenind more than #Nirbhaya so Deepika went there for promotionalactivity. I am disgusted by these Bollywood people. Such creeps. If #Nirbhaya was trending she would have gone there and shown false sympathy.

    • MCSher says:

      In a reddit AMA a PR manager nonchalantly said that Deepika had done the scummiest PR move EVER. May be it could be the depression campaign.But this one is an all time low. Better watch movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime than in theaters. These guys do not deserve our time and money.

    • Admin says:

      We’ll take a look tomorrow and let ya know. πŸ€—

      • NotGoodEnough says:

        I think it is Priya Dutt’s son (She is Sanjay Dutt’s sister). One of the girls is Leander ‘s and Rhea Pillai’s daughter.The other girl is Arjun ‘s and Mehr ‘s daughter. It is disgusting. Though I would like Admin to elaborate on this.

  2. Miss says:

    JNU fight was between students over some fee hike issue. Why is everyone linking CAA to it???

    • Nina says:

      Basically when 2 sets of goons were fighting each other , our saint DP goes to show solidarity to one set of goons.

      Left keeps calling everyone uneducated but harping on the support of another uneducated opportunist.

  3. Thoughts says:

    Funny how life turns out. Bajirao Mastani benefitted from the backlash against SRK-Kajol’s Dilwale due to SRK’s comment on intolerance. You’ll think Deepika would have learnt a lesson from that but no. She thought it would be the same as how a controversy benefitted Padmaavat.

    The top stars who are keeping quiet know why they are. They have been in the industry for years and have witnessed various political upheavals and frankly, the best thing to do most of the time is to keep quiet. This is India where your opinions as a lead actor would have an impact on the box office and your career, for good or for bad.

    This is not Hollywood where the audience don’t care if You’re a Democrat or a Republican as long as you’re a good actor and your films are good. Indians are way too sensitive when it comes to religion and politics. You think after the insults and threat SRK faced in 2015 with no one supporting him that he’ll open his mouth again? Preity who spoke up against the underworld, does she still have a career? Have you not noticed that her career went down after that incident?

    Frankly, a top actor has careful as his answer can affect people’s work. If his film flop, producers and distributors lose money, production houses may close and people would lose their jobs. May be a coward’s way out but I can understand why they’re keeping quiet

    • MCSher says:

      If it is a Kabir Khan giving his opinion/joining protests, audience gets that that. However Deepika is known for aggressive PR and cheap antics. Now audience knows that too well. On a side note , she and her mother sat down for a joint interview about a year back ( I think after her wedding). And you should have seen the arrogance of Deepika. She was looking down on mothers who sometimes due to time constraints give a milk packet as a snack to their kids in the car( either while they are late to school or someother reason). Apparently her mother “NEVER RESORTED TO SUCH THINGS”. Okay Honey! Your father is the none other than Prakash Padukone. You cannot deny 24*7 help at home. Please do not bash us mothers who are just trying to catch the ball before it hits the ground. She is not as down to earth as projects herself to be. Just giving an example to show how her PR is behind her so called “GRACEFUL/DOWN TO EARTH ” image.

      • HateKjo says:

        Where has she bash mothers ? Don’t drag her mother here . You don’t know what her mother has done for her. What a low life you are to accuse Deepika and imagine things on your own. Your idol is known as for her cheap PR tactics and lies. We all witness how arrogant she is in her interview and treated kid rudely at the airport. . Deepika is down to earth and humble. Everyone who knows her or met her said it. But Katrina is extremely rude and arrogant but her over active PR portray her aa Simple and down to earth person.

        Audience knows about Katrina PR tactics and her indecent background. . What about her aggressive PR which said she will celebrate new year with Vickey in the UK?

        You are just a hater.

  4. Kit says:

    I don’t agree that Chhapaak would have beaten Tanhaji hands down. At best, the gap between both films wouldn’t have been as much as it is. Ajay Devgn has been doing well for years now even though his films usually rests in his shoulders and he has a track record of being a solid performer. Deepika on other hand has never given a hit without an A-Lister. Her top grossing films have always been with top stars like SRK, Ranbir, Ranveer, etc. Even Piku wouldn’t have been the success that it was if not of Amitabh and Irrfan Khan’s solid performance. And quite frankly, both Saif and Kajol are better actors than Deepika.

    Now, looking at both films, Tanhaji is really good. The cast and crew had done a really good job. Even though the film was about Ajay’s character, others had opportunities to shine and they did. Saif was terrific, Kajol’s performance was way better than her performance in Helicopter Eela (she should do more films where her character is restrained rather than screaming like a banshee like her last film), the actor that played Shivaji was perfect. The critics rated Tanhaji higher too.

    Chhapaak on the other hand was made to glorify Deepika and didn’t give others the opportunity to shine as much. Heard the court mandated the makers of Chhapaak to give credits to Laxmi’s lawyer as she wasn’t given credit possibly to make Deepika’s character stand out.

    Besides, popularity on social media and huge brand endorsements doesn’t always translate to massive turnout by the audience. Priyanka experienced this with the outcome of The Sky Is Pink in spite of all the promotional events and her popularity within and outside India. And people saw Deepika’s support of JNU as a promotional gimmick as something similar happened with Padmaavat.

    Anyway, Chhapaak may become a hit as its budget is low compared to Tanhaji. But sincerely doubt it would cross 100 crore. Tanhaji may have the higher amount at the box office but may end up a flop or average due to its high budget.

  5. yuri says:

    This blind is about the spineless men in bollywood but immediately it foes to bashing deepika and the only 2 days of box office numbers.. like seriously?
    Big picture is there are major issues and unjustified violence against youth that everyone should speak up for. PR of not (tho any PR person would advise against it) she made a bold stand for the students.
    As far as her film is concerned, i actually saw it, no it’s not perfect but it’s message could not be any more clear. Women are constant targets for fragile male egos while deepika is apparently a target of fragile stan egos. Performances are powerful and the direction is something new and relevant.
    I’ve never seen anyone besides deepika inspire people to pore over her interviews to look for things to criticize, please get a life and go watch movies instead of being an amateur box office analysis

    • Nina says:

      This is a gossip site and people discuss their so called star power which fans have been claiming and their box office duds . People who worship these stars and think of them as saints need to get a life .

      Deepika should also stand up for JNu goons who destroyed and prevented student registrations and data center . Condemn all goons and not selectively. ThAt is cheap strategy. If she acted against her PR shows how dumb she is .

      • Purely PR says:

        Nina : its fans rattled . i dont know what is so amateurish about box office numbers, its there for everyone to see. The same people ridiculed Kangana’s box office numbers for Manikarnika which by the way did far better. I hate to say this but Alia won more hearts and numbers for Raazi.

        These are not super star numbers at all . Look at deepika’s husband who’s career she gifted . His flop movie ‘Befikre’ had 11cr opening that too before SIMMBA and Padmaavat.

        It takes 2 days to know where the film is likely to land. Films make maximum money in 10 days. Waiting for Deepika the superstar to give first solo 100cr to join low grade stars like Alia , Kangana , Vidya. Dont shoot the messenger.

        Women like Kangana and Alia are constantly targetted by not MEN but female fans of Deepika. Please dont try to make her some new Malala , she went to please her middle east fans (irony of it where maximum violation of human rights happen). Ranveer was pressuried by his Kuwaiti fans to take stand against Indian govt. These faceless middle east fans who have no voice in their own country want to control indian actors. Deepika is a simpleton to not even see who is playing and trying to control her in the name of being her fans.

        • Ana R says:

          this is really stupid what you have writter, Deepika was threatened by Karni Sena and terrorist RSS groups. If I was her, I would have supported JNU students as well. This was the message she wanted to deliver and that has rattled all communal population of India whose only life mission is to hate Muslims even if it is at the cost of turning country into Syria

          • Purely PR says:

            Yes , that’s what is being told here . Deepika is trying to score personal grudges . She has no idea Of the current cause of protests . JNU has its own thugs . Karini sena gave enough publicity to padmaavat . Da Vinci code , vishwaroopam and countless other movies were threatened. Many men and women were sworn by other religious fundamentalists to kill. This madness always was there . That is not the point … stupidity is thinking these Bollywood stars are selfless .

            Very soon she will suck up to Ruling party again and click selfies or she will send her husband like she did before .

      • Neep says:

        She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Where were you? And Tanhaji. There’s only so many movies about Martha’s that one can stomach. It won’t do well outside Maharashtra. As with Panipat, our cowardly social media praised it to the skies. I don’t want to see old guys in action. Period.

  6. Purely PR says:

    “Chappak ” did not have enough mettle. Even left leaning reviwers very grudglingly told that its Meghna Gulzar’s weakest movie…every single one of them said people were busy with their phones in theater… now they surely cannot be ppl who boycotted the movie who are already in the theater and even they did not seem engaged and why ?

    Too much credit is given to RW . Raazi worked, Dangal , Padmaavat …controversy only helps a movie unless its banned. Chappak did not even get as good reviews as Raazi. Everyone of them wanted to say good things about the movie due to its sensitivity while they admit it was not as gripping.

    Think about this, Deepika had Left wing support , they donated tickets to the movie. If there is real true country wide opposition to RW (CAA, CAB, NRC) then all these mass number of people are in support of Deepika. Yet the movie failed .

    So the question Is media wrong about opposition of the policies ? or Chapakk is just not a good enough movie ? Bollywood has always been very anti Right wing …nothing new . Deepika always came across as pro congress from her past interviews, so nothing really is new here.

    Deepika does not have the real tangiable star power to make a ‘not so great’ movie HIT . PIKU was a very good movie with 88cr collection . Look at Kangana’s Queen and Manikarnika, Mental hain kya she had no Bollywood support yet she has better box office record for her good movies.

    Deepika fans can now take a hike about her stardom who keep thinking she launched and made others career.

    • MCSher says:

      But can we deny that she is huge star? When RS-DP got married, twitter went berserk to see the first photographs.Even Smriti Irani sarcastically tweeted about it . So we cannot deny her star power. This movie should have worked for Laxmi’s sake. I also believe actors like Kangana, Viday, Alia ,Kareena live their roles. I do not think Deepika is a brilliant artiste but yes a very big star.

      • Purely PR says:

        Thats why i said ‘tangiable’ stardom. Not instagram, wedding pics or endorsements stardom. The real box office opening stardom that Madhuri dixit and Sridevi had.

        Aishwarya rai’s wedding furor was much more than deepika’s even in pre social media days. Globally its Aishwarya Rai who is most famous indian woman but her fame and stardom never translated to office office opening as a single contributor in a movie.

        Same with Deepika , people will follow her on insta and twitter and maybe even watch her ‘can hardly express her views’
        interviews But clearly are not taking time and paying money to watch her movie.

        Just a thought …maybe Left wing failed her . Maybe they thought she was trying to get publicity and her heart is not truly in the cause. Her support was half assed . Now will RW watch her hubby’s movie 83 in which Deepika has a cameo ? Kabir khan is openly anti RW. I think it will work …if its a good movie.

        • Hmm says:

          Thanks for using Aish as an example. In spite of her popularity, she isn’t really regarded as a good actress. She’s more known for her beauty than for being actress, just like Katrina Kaif (she’s better than Kaif in acting though). People think of Sridevi, Madhuri, Kajol, Karishma, Tabu, and Rani as actresses before they think of Aish.

  7. MCSher says:

    I think the move to go and stand in so called “solidarity” with those affected JNU students backfired. It is clearly understood that Deepika was looking for publicity. We all have seen her in interviews and know how articulate she is (eye roll).She is not politically sound. Two days before Chappak released, she resorted to cheap antics. I feel bad for Laxmi ( the acid attack survivor). This is her story of trauma and triump and Deepika ruined it with her hunger for publicity. This movie could have been beaten Tanhaji hands down. Bollywood people are only known for ullu seedha karna tactics.Deepika is a fairly decent actor; as bragged herself to be a great model on the ramp(in a recent pinkvilla interview)and should stick to wearing designer clothes on red carpets.That’s all!

  8. abcd says:

    Dp got some amount of goodwill so not to remain behind, they released this blind item to show the world that they are also doing something; instead of just offering lip service. They have all the money for holiday/party, but they don’t have the spine to comment on the plight of people. This has certainly reduced their fan following to a certain extent and will affect their movies. Dp’s movie as of now is badly affected and this is helping tanhaji soar at box office. So called spoilt loud mouth rishi kapoor is surprisingly quiet for the sake of rk’s career, they just want to click pictures with people in power. Hope situation improves and these stars get some reality check.


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