Bollywood Blind Item โ€“ January 2020 โ€“ 4

There have been so many blind items about this remake that was supposed to happen, but didn’t. But this particular blind item sheds some light on what happened behind the scenes.

As you probably heard of it, the director who was supposed to work on this project had secure her lead actor and actress. But then, the producer and her had some issues with getting the copyrights of doing the remake.

After that, there were stories doing the rounds that both her chosen actor and actress left the project. The actor was unhappy with the scrip and soon after, news spread that the producer too was not happy with the script.

As it turned out, both producer and director didn’t get the rights to remake this film so she had no choice but to make it into her own. Imagine that?!

But seriously, the original producer of the film had every right to demand that he co-produces the film. After all, the producer and his family is not really happening these days so this remake could have put them back on the map!

It’s so unprofessional for the producer and director to spread rumours about the original producer asking a lot of money when that wasn’t the case at all!

Guess that’s what they do when they have nothing else to do!

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

blinditem-february2013-small (Custom)

BLOCKBUSTER filmmakerโ€™s multi-starrer remake SHELVED as no top hero wants to play main lead

The movie was touted to be the biggest announcement of 2020 boasting of a star cast with a super successful superstar and a top actress.

Itโ€™s a film that has been brewing over the last year or so. A remake of a yesteryear hit starring a senior actor, the filmmaker was trying to procure the rights of the movie for his production house. The movie was to be directed by a well-known director. But after a top action hero walked out of the movie citing script issues, and other actors turned it down, the makers too have lost interest and decided to shelve the film.

The movie was touted to be the biggest announcement of 2020 boasting of a star cast with a super successful superstar and a top actress. A fresh pair (dream cast), a blockbuster filmmaker and a super hit director โ€“ what more could anybody ask for? Yet there was a catch.

The person who held the rights of the earlier movie had a condition โ€“ he wanted to be a co-producer. But the filmmaker flatly rejected the proposal. Stories of the rights holder asking for a whopping amount of money started doing the rounds but those were never true.

As the negotiations faded and there seemed to be a standoff between the filmmaker and the rights holder, the filmmakerโ€™s director and he approached one of Bollywood‘s top stars. The actor was excited. Who wouldnโ€™t be? A reputed banner and director, top actress as his co-star and an exciting script which had him portraying extreme shades.

Everything seemed fine and an announcement was kept ready โ€“ till the actor came to know that the role he was dreaming about was no longer in the pipeline. The revised script looked flat so he told the makers to come back with a new draft. But in his mind, he had figured out that he wouldnโ€™t do it. The actress, too, lost interest when she realised her male co-star had walked out.

The makers approached a couple of other top actors, but they werenโ€™t interested as they knew what had happened with the project. A top actor, who is very close to the filmmaker, has kept him on hold saying he is busy with his next release. But insiders say that he is not fond of remakes, so he wonโ€™t do it.

Now, the latest news is that the filmmaker and the studio associated with it, have lost interest and decided to shelve the project. While the movie is a multi-starrer, the other actors donโ€™t have big roles to perform.

Non-star actors can be roped in for those roles because of the filmmaker and his directorโ€™s goodwill with the film industry. The main role needs a huge star. But if there is no main lead โ€“ can such a big movie happen?

OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Farah Khan

Yesteryear Hit: Satte Pe Satta

Original Producer: Ramesh Sippy



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9 Responses

  1. Chinga says:

    They want to copy someone elseโ€™s idea or story but yet unable to accept it, but instead create rumors, thats very sad. They should have just worked together to make it work.

  2. MCSher says:

    Hi @Admin

    Can you do a piece on Deepika’s support/PR for JNU students? Would love to know your unbiased opinion.

    • Admin says:

      Waiting to see how far the government will go on this. Its extremely supporting that Bollywood personalities have stood up to fight this. The rest are all quiet, probably scared to say anything due to their proximity or the PM.

    • Admin says:

      We don’t think this was PR. The stacks are higher for DP and soon after she went there was this rumour circling around about her film. Supposedly this rumour was spread by the government’s people. She is already facing the backlash for attending. There’s no way this is PR. The government does work fast, who knew!

      • MCSher says:

        I do not agree on this.Why did not she go to Jamia Milla during the police brutality?Buying a Delhi ticket is nothing for her. She could have flown and shown her support.Because she had nothing releasing in 2 days at that time.She is not politically ( or intellectually) sound.Do not get me wrong .She is streetsmart. In 2008 , she was speaking of extending her support to Rahul Gandhi and the work that he is doing for the country which is nothing but a big zero. Not that this govt. has achieved anything.Equally useless.Anyways I did not expect an unbiased opinion from you. I think the reddit threads are true when those say you are a DPRS PR sponsored website. Also, I saw your tweet. A tad bit disappointed though.

        • Admin says:

          She was already in Delhi right? She didn’t take a trip there like the other Bollywood personalities. Whatever her goal or reason was, that’s on her. She went, stood for a few mins and her presence made both a positive and negative impact.

          There are people there fighting for what they believe in for weeks. Bollywood personalities are there to highlight the issue further.

          Now what about the other stars? Where are they? They won’t even turn up for show because they can’t! No special private plane this time to bring them all to the capital for this cause. That’s the way things work.

      • Ria says:

        NCP has contacts with anti nationals from Mumbai real estate and they all together rule Bollywood. If this is the case these things will further continue but people should condemn and should not encourage such stars and their movies. Atleast this is what I think is happening. Letโ€™s see what happens to this movie as many are not happy with this incidence

        • kiran101 says:

          Yea …who is kidding here ? Not a single person in bollywood is a stand up person. They support or oppose a political party depending on the benefits they have or not with them.

          In other news “Tanhaji” movie is getting good reviews , wonder if it will impact Chapakk.

  3. dsang says:

    Is really Anushka a TOP female actress?? still?? seriously??? How is he even relevant?

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