Bollywood Blind Item – January 2020 – 25

There was so much buzz about this upcoming film of this actor. But bear in mind, this is not the same film that the director announced two years ago. This is a different one that stars Raymond and they were searching for a heroine to be paired opposite him.

This actress was finally chosen, out of nowhere, since many other stars were also being considered then suddenly it was announced that she bagged this project. If you are wondering how or why, the blind item below has all the details.

Now, a little something about Raymond and this actress. They are not really that close despite being from film families, most likely because the actress spent quite a lot of time abroad. So when she made her debut, she was considered a big deal since she was being launched by a huge production house. That time Raymond was single and it was quite well-known that he had the number of all the young pretty actresses on his phone, including this actress. To cut the story short, he used to message her with his naughty jokes in an attempt to be more friendly or…(you know what)!

It is quite surprising, they have not worked together yet. Well, now is the time but she has a boyfriend, who also happens to know Raymond and who most likely will be around on the sets like he has been doing lately.

Let’s wait and see what Tamasha will rise up this time. By the way, that big South film this actress did was a big mess. Sure, she might have gotten big projects, but her roles are not too big or interesting to boast about. Well, it’s nice that she has managed to get a foothold in this industry. It took her time but she did it!

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand. Also, do you remember back then she was being linked with the same director this blind item is referring to? He has been fond of her since she did this big hit film with him and they are still friendly to this date. No, it’s nothing bad just friendly.


Bollywood Blind Item


Right for the Role

A popular director who delivered the biggest hit of his career so far with a musical love story some years ago may have put in a word for his leading lady that helped her land the heroine part in a new film opposite an A-list star.

Things have finally begun to look up for this young actress who’d been having a tough run until she landed a role opposite one of the most popular south Indian stars in a big multilingual film last year. That movie didn’t work, but she did score a hit with another Bollywood release.

More recently, she was in a big-budget entertainer that’s done reasonable business. What she needed was a film that could give her a character to sink her teeth into. Especially since her exit from a coveted biopic came with speculation that she just wasn’t living up to the director’s expectations.

It was clear that she just needed something solid to shut up the naysayers.

And voila—exactly that seems to have fallen into her lap in the form of this project that will star one of the industry’s most talented young male actors (himself going through a rough patch currently). It will be directed by a filmmaker who’s made a string of relatively modest-sized hits.

Another actress was originally attached but when she left the project, the filmmaker’s friend—the aforementioned director—recommended this young leading lady for the job, promising the filmmaker that she would be right for the role, and pointing out that it would be fresh casting since she’d never worked with the A-lister before.

It all worked out after the big-shot music baron who’s bankrolling the project gave his blessing. Insiders are saying he might still have some guilt from having had a hand in her exit from that biopic…which he’s also financing.

OSOP Guesses

Director: Mohit Suri

Leading Lady: Shraddha Kapoor

South Indian Star: Prabhas

Film: Saaho

Biopic: Sania Nehwal

Talented Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Upcoming Film: Luv Ranjan’s next

Music Baron: T-Series’ Bhushan Kumar


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