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This film’s trailer came out some weeks ago and so far, it’s one of the worst if not the worst trailer of 2020! The film is a remake of a big hit that sort of relaunched the career of this female star and senior actor. There was no need to make a second film, they could have made a new one but then again most of the director’s films after that film seemed like its sequels!

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So…Let’s just say, just like the original, this one too has a known actress as the lead and a newcomer as the flashback actress. Back then, the same thing happened. The media praised that newcomer’s performance but little did they know, she was a foreigner who couldn’t speak a word of Hindi. That girl was in a few more films and then she probably went back to her home country.

The sequel seems to be the same thing and most likely the same outcome for this newcomer. Since she is being hidden, you can say she’s the surprise package of this film. No one is surprised anymore by the lead actress and judging by the bad comments her performance in the trailer got her, appreciation for her work in this film is not going to go well.

As of now, this blind item is not true. It’s just how things work! Just wait and watch when the film releases.

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This actress is making sure her film’s newbie star does not hog the limelight

While the lead stars have managed to send their fans into a collective tizzy, looks like the actress wants to make sure the focus is on her.

Word around Bollywood gets around quite fast. If it is not for the PR machinery, industry insiders often spill the beans. Be it films or celebs’ tantrum on sets, it is almost impossible for any piece of news to be contained.

Now, this latest piece of gup revolves around an upcoming film that has got a major section of the audience excited. While the lead stars have managed to send their fans into a collective tizzy, looks like the actress wants to make sure the focus is on her.

A little birdie tell us, this actress, who has enjoyed a successful stint so far, is going all out to make sure that her film is not seen as a two-heroine film. While the other is a newbie as well, this actress, who has time and again won hearts, wants the film to be perceived as just her and the male lead’s film.

In addition, the second actress has not been spotted promoting the film at all. While the makers claim it could be a promotion strategy, we highly doubt it.

The movie, which is helmed by one of the top directors, has generated a huge buzz and may end up raking in a huge collection at the box office as well. We guess only time will tell who shines brighter on the silver screen.

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Sara Ali Khan

Film: Love Aaj Kal (2020)

Newbie: Arushi Sharma

Doesn’t Sara look like she’s asking this question in this pic?



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