Bollywood Blind Item – January 2020 – 19

The actress has been quietly going out with one of Bollywood‘s most famous photographers for quite a while now. Apparently, things are serious and there have been wedding talks since last year.

This actress’ family is relieved that she has finally left the actor-filmmaker she was seeing for quite a while. They were on and off and were Bollywood‘s worst secret even though they tried to be.

When they broke up, he moved on to someone else and was quite open about it. He still is and rumour has it, he plans to get hitched this year.

So according to this blind item, this actress also wants to get hitched this year just because her ex is doing it. It’s just a rumour but sounds far-fetched. There’s no way her family will allow her to get married this soon, especially when her career is still trying to properly take off.

For now, though, she’s with this guy and they are happy. What more could she want?!

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This actress’ boyfriend travels with her for her outdoor shoot to spend more time together

There are several couples in Bollywood today – some who admit publicly that they are in love, and some who prefer to stay mum on the topic. This actress has been in news for another affairs in the last few years. But after breaking up with the actor-filmmaker ex, she found love in someone else who also belongs to the same field, albeit in a different manner.

The two lovebirds look really cute together and the actress, who’s delivered two big hits last year, is also on a career high. She has two films lined up for 2020 – one of which is a mega budget actioner. The actress, because of her busy schedule, tries to spend as much time with her partner, whenever they can.

But recently, when she had flown abroad for a 40-day schedule of the actioner, she came up with a really nice idea. The boyfriend is also quite popular in his circuit and has several industry friends so for him, it was a cakewalk to bond with the team. He already knew the leading star of the film and the trio got along like a house on fire.

The boyfriend came along with the actress and spent almost a month with the whole crew. There are also news reports that claim that the duo plan to tie the knot sometime later this year. This also comes as a huge surprise because her ex too has made similar plans and he’s definitely getting married to his now girlfriend in the next couple of months. We’re happy for all of them!

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Shraddha Kapoor

Boyfriend: Rohan



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2 Responses

  1. abcd says:

    The real fun will be when Rohan will accompany shraddha and will remain present throughout while working with rk in a forthcoming luv ranjan movie during shooting and movie promotion. Rohan has started protecting her from wolves as he’s with her at work, good for shraddha. So it’s simple, rich star kids are well protected with little or no casting couch whereas outsiders have to go through all dirt for getting/ surviving at work.

    • leaps says:

      well her father is a major wolf shakti kapoor if he cant protect his kids no one can. he has kept her firmly away from bad wolves. Rohan is also friends with biggies so adds to the protection

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