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This actor had one of the best turnover image in Bollywood. At least, that’s what we think!

You see, when he made his debut ages ago, they made fun of the way he looked and the way he sounded. He looked and still does look like his mother, who’s a famous actress on her own, and his voice was unusual. Not malkin kind of unusual, just different from the other heroes.

He was more of a comic than of a hero back then, which is he did so many films with other real heroes. Anyways, so his image surprisingly turned when he started dating Bebola. Suddenly, he became this royal guy who was very intelligent and all that.  Now that we think about it, anyone who dates ‘Poo’ is undoubtedly going to be the most intelligent one of the two of them.

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That’s what happened to him. So, keeping that in mind, people should not take him seriously when he takes. There’s a reason why his dad, a legend in his own right, gave his daughter the reins to the kingdom and not to him, his only son! He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, most of the time he doesn’t.

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Honestly, what he did was so unprofessional. He has said himself his co-producer/star is the best co-star he has worked with and he even slyly compared this actor to Khiladi Kumar, who’s famous for editing his co-star’s role in his film. The film that he acted in with this co-star that he likes has become a big hit, but instead of being thankful to said co-star he went out and ripped the film’s authenticity to pieces!

That’s dumb! And ungrateful!

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item


Gag Order

An actor who earned praise for his performance in a big-budget epic recently received an angry call from his producer/co-star who was not pleased with his candid and public admissions regarding the film’s ‘authenticity’.

The producer-star reportedly asked the actor to refrain from expressing his opinion because it could be used—and in fact, was already being used—to undermine the film “and to further a political narrative”. The actor, in turn, politely promised not to speak any more on the subject.

The film, which is a big box-office smash, has been accused by its critics of distorting history and has been singled out for its ‘problematic politics’. The makers have insisted that the film is factually correct, and as it turns out, the film’s blockbuster success has suggested that the audience couldn’t care less, either way.

In that scenario, the producer-star would rather that his co-actor not upset the apple cart by weighing in with his own opinion, especially when it is critical of what the film is saying.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Saif Ali Khan

Producer-Star: Ajay Devgan

Film: Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior


Recently in an interview with Anupama Chopra Saif Ali Khan speaking about the distortion of the story in Tanhaji and in other films, he said: “It bothers me as an Indian or as a human being … Maybe be that I would be more careful next time … I don’t think it’s history. I know what the story was. I don’t think there was a concept of India before the arrival of the British.

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8 Responses

  1. Kit says:

    Tanhaji is proving everybody wrong and has become Ajay, Saif and Kajol’s highest grosser. Still earning more than the new releases. Who would have thought? At least the Devgns didn’t lose their money. All in the film, both cast and crew did a good job.

    Ajay has nothing to worry about with respect to Saif though. The public don’t care about Saif’s opinion whether it was right or wrong.

    At least Saif has a big hit compared to the series of flops he has been having. Ajay D is a secure actor to have given Saif such a meaty role opposite him.

  2. Palki says:

    @Admin hi Are the Padma Awards up for sale? Kebab Jo, Ekta serial Kapoor, Adnan forgotten Sami? Why? There are some very good film technicians who deserve this award.The guy from super deluxe could have received this award. These three names diluted the gravitas the awards carry. Any idea wha’s the deal?

    • Raj says:

      yeah. You are right. But aren’t they for sale when people like saif ali khan got it in 2010. I mean did they really mean that – Giving to Saif that too in 2010. What were his achievements till 2010. So dont assume that things started now only when those have already been there for ages.

    • Admin says:

      Anything award that has to do with the government has something to do with connections or bribe or both. KR & KebabJo are friends of the government. But Adnan Sami???? 🤔

    • Universal says:

      Well you can hate the content Ekta churns out but can’t discount the fact that she is running Indian TV for past 2 decades. One of the earliest to recognize web potential by launching alt balaji. Created jobs meanwhile. Just cz you don’t like someone or the govt doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy. At least Barkhas and Rajdeeps who used to broker ministries aren’t getting it now.

  3. Ria says:

    Has this guy lost it? Is he becoming dumber As he is aging? Naming his son after Timur and when one of India’s great warrior story is told, telling it’s false. What a shame we have such actors

  4. Universal says:

    It’s funny he didn’t realize all this while shooting the movie or collecting fat paycheck. Neither did he even once mention anything like this during numerous prerelease interviews. Movie is out, minting money and so now Saif Khan starts blabbering. I think it’s still not too late. He can return the paycheck as a mark of protest.

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