Bollywood Blind Item – January 2020 – 16

Every time this actress has a movie to promote, a blind item about her co-star’s displeasure will come out!

So, let’s be real here. All actors know how this actress is, so you think they will agree to work with her if they had a problem with what comes out of her mouth?

Throughout the making of this film, so many blind items have come out about how this actress pissed off her director and then her co-star. If you have been following the director, there’s nothing but love and respect between these two.

The blind item below is saying how the co-star doesn’t get along with this actress, which is why you don’t see her promoting the film with her. Ironically, at the time of this blind item was being released, the source didn’t foresee that the actress and her co-star will start the second leg of their film’s publicity together.

The co-star just addressed this issue on Twitter since everyone has been sharing a video, which supposedly showed her discomfort while the lead actress was answering the media’s question about something that had nothing to do with the film.

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By the way, it’s high time journalists stop asking actors about a public and social issue that has nothing to do with them. They are more like asking for their opinion, which is their opinion but in the end it comes across as the opinion of the whole cast and crew. Ask the public, not film stars!Β But to be fair, this actress’ sister was a victim of a crime that disfigured her so she’s speaking from experience.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


TWO people aren’t friends just because they work together; certainly not actresses. A supporting star who is looking forward to a new release with this leading lady has ditched joint publicity and is preferring to go solo.

We hear, it’s because of the topliner’s frank speak and her tendency to court controversies. And yes, not to forget their conflicting ideologies.

OSOP Guesses

Supporting Star: Richa Chadha

Leading Lady: Kangana Ranaut


She continued: “When it comes to ‘Panga’, we were making a film. We did that peacefully, professionally and in sync with the vision of the director. And there is no doubt about the fact that Kangana is a brilliant actress.”

For Richa, professionalism counts. “I am someone who has worked in films with different actors and when we actors work in a film, we all come together professionally to put our effort to make a film, tell a story. That is the intention and in ‘Panga’, too. Kangana and I came as two professionals acting in a film. It is that simple,” she explained.

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12 Responses

  1. abcd says:

    @hatekjo Deeds are important than surname to me. Hence, uglia bhatt name justifies it. Ranaut sisters have flaws, agreed, but at least they are straightforward. Backstabbers talk sweetly on face and harm others on their back. Power needs to be used for well being of self and others. But when it’s used to wrong others, then it’s a concern. Uglia bhatt, kjo, rk are examples of power drunkenness, where they assume that their bad deeds are fine as long as their selfish motives are served. Khans appear better than them as of now. Uglia bhatt’s evil behavior and ugly looks are rk’s karma for ruining beautiful hearts. Rk’s Bedhopping, neetu kapoor’s over controlling behaviour and rishi kapoor’s anger are uglia bhatt’s karma for life. When uglia bhatt’s production house movies will fail, some amount of arrogance would go down the drain. When uglia bhatt starts showing her evil true self, kapoors will have regrettable eye opener all their lives. I’m sure kjo will now move earth and sky to get either padamshri or national award for uglia or rk by next year. This is the classic case where contacts are more important than credibility and hard work. The good thing is that their competitors have started working hard to keep them on their toes. If kangana hadn’t got padamshri or success of panga, would uglia still be nice to her? Anyways, waiting for dharma’s karma through failure of movie brahmastra.

  2. HateKjo says:

    Panga is a flop and 7th in a row for Kangana. Her fans were making fun of Chhapaak and Deepika every here and see panga earns less then Chhapaak despite having positive wom and boycott .

    Kangana already get padmashri award for bootlicking BJP and has a strong support behind her. Her latest statement is I want to be as successful as Karan johar and he deserves it.

    She and her sister took a dig at Alia for wishing her in a nice way. These sisters are extremely negative. They are unable to see good in any thing. Problem lies with them. 1000 people can’t be wrong.

    Kangana who raise the topic of nepotism in the industry ,herself bring her brother and sister in the industry. It’s also nepotism. Now Rangoli changed her tunes about the topic after people call out her hypocrisy.

    Tbh these sisters are not trustworthy

    Padmashri lost the credibility after Kjo, Kangana, Ekta and that fatty Adnan whose dad were in Pakistan army and shot down many Indian planes.

  3. Sheena says:

    TBH she has lost all my respect – by blindly following the government agenda and making irresponsible and uninformed statements SMH will be missing this movie

    • abcd says:

      Kjo, kangana and those who supported or remained quiet have been rewarded with padamshri. Dp who opposed lost profit from chappak. Kangana has herself mentioned that hr can anytime throw her in jail. She’s neither a star kid nor has an influential bf. The amount of negativity kangana got during earlier movies reduced during panga due to intervention of Sajid nadiadwala as he is now close of tiwari couple. He gave them chhichhore, which made money. So when nitesh’s wife ashwini made movie, opposition from Bollywood was zero. This is because end of the day paisa bolta hai. There’s plenty of depth on these matters.

      • Sheena says:

        Thanks dear I do get her need for support from the regime against HR and other jokers. But my problem is that she is supporting the Hindu-Muslim tukde-tukde narrative of the BJP goons who ARE the poster boys of tukde-tukde themselves – they want to divide us according to religions. I want to ask kangy (whom I have adored and supported all along): which Muslims did her wrong? Aditya, HR, KJO, Rat Kapoor all her enemies. On the other hand her lawyer is Rizwan Siddique. Rest my case.

        • abcd says:

          Kangana has extended olive branch to kjo and appreciated him. She’s trying to mend bridges.Uglia sent flowers to kangana only to get saffron audience and get facade of friendship (jealousy derived from success of panga & padmashri award) . The good thing is that rangoli gave her back and uglia bhatt portrayed herself as sob who wants sympathy from people.This means they are worse than chameleons and will go by what benefits them. To cut the long story short, there’s no point in understanding their loyalties, they just go by what favours them.

          • HateKjo says:

            Her name is Alia not Uglia. Panga is a flop and made around 20 crs in 4 days. Who said its a success? As far as Padmashri award , they are paid and only for BJP members so no credibility after Kjo and Adnan Sami get one.

            Rangoli is a negative person who cries for people especially nepo kids for not supporting Kangana but whenever any one does, same woman abuse them. Shame on you to support her negative attitude. Kangana is just botlicking KJo that too after Padmashri. She wants a film now and also an image make over. She can do anything for benefits and what suit their agenda.

            Yes, Ranuat sisters are worst then chameleons and can’t be trusted. These women doesn’t deserve to be treated nice and in a positive way because they can’t see good in anything, If Kangana extended and olive branch to Kjo so does Alia but you like Rangoli find flaws in it but nothing wrong with Kangana offering to be nice. Hypocrites.

            Your last lines apply on Rangoli and Kangana too.

            P.S : not supporting anyone but you are biased here and supporting a bully.

  4. Matsya says:

    Film making is a business. There is a lot of money involved. So actors should not mix business and politics / social issues in press meets. Kangna could hve replied independently on another platform. But this lady has no filter.

    • Nina says:

      This lady ? I can throw bunch of Bollywood actors and directors etc names who do the same . How I wish they had filters too . Recently the more intelligent superstar actress sided with a set of goons .

  5. Ria says:

    This is common when 2 good famous talent is working together and it’s healthy competition. I love to watch KR onscreen and will watch Panga soon. Happy to see positive response from audience

  6. TRS says:

    Quick unrelated question, when can we get your dissection of SMZS? If movies like malang and shimla mirchi deserve a write up for being meh..this one does for being better than the rest πŸ™‚

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