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This actor made his debut a few years ago in a popular film that also launched two other actors. After the film was released and became a big hit, his other two stars got films without any problem and also with the help of their mentor. This actor was left with his own choices to make and he choose to work with his dad. Later on, he got more offers because of his successful films while his one co-star found his films flopping and his other co-star also had a pretty big flop.

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This actor continued on his hit streak of films until he started doing the films that cater to a specific genre. In other words, non-masala/commercial films! You know what happen to these kinds of films?! Sure, they get the acclaims, good reviews and all that, but they don’t make that much money at the box office; sometimes, not even to cover the film’s budget.

Nowadays, box office status is what every actor cares about. Gone are the days when actors would just do their films that they think suits them. Just like Mamu, King Khan, Bhai, Khiladi Kumar, Govinda & Ajay Devgan (did he have a filmi pet name) had their own niche and stuck to making movies that are meant for them. They were all stars at the same time and yet, their films worked. The box office didn’t matter then, but they were also doing 4 to 7 films in a year.

Now, everything has changed! Even these senior actors have to do these silly commercial films to keep their box office status intact. Akshay and Ajay have gotten this on lockdown, but not the others.

Anyways, the actor featured in the blind item below does enjoy doing these commercial films because it’s a great way for him to show off his great imitations of the actors he watched closely while growing up! Imagine that? He literally had a masterclass with these actors up front and up close! No wonder, Govinda is pissed!

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Let’s see how far he can take his love for masala films! Or rather, how long until the audience gets bored!

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item


In All Seriousness

Rumour has it that a popular young male star who has made back-to-back masala movies has ditched his plans to do a more thoughtful, β€˜serious’ movie next, and instead take on another β€˜mass’ entertainer.

He earned praise when he stepped out of his comfort zone to star in a melancholic, leisurely-paced tragedy two years ago, but the film didn’t do the kind of box-office numbers he was used to enjoying with his more β€˜commercial’ outings.

So he did three films purely for the box-office (both as yet unreleased). But the plan was to make one β€œcontent film” before he returned to his favourite kind of movie. Now one has learnt that he has decided to stick to the same space. The reason for that appears to be peer envy.

Two of his contemporaries have raced considerably ahead of him, and making a β€˜serious’ movie could widen the gap between him and them. So he’s decided that for now he’ll stick to the kind of broad, commercial entertainer that could help him catch up with his rivals in the box-office stakes. The β€˜acting’ can wait. Pity.

OSOP Guesses

Young Male Star: Varun Dhawan

Tragedy Film: October

Commercial Films: Coolie No.1 & Street Dancer



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  1. Ria says:

    Serious movie once in a while is fine but we love watching masala movies as we already have serious dramas happening in our lives and need entertainment atleast in movies to relieve from daily life stress. Awaiting eagerly for Varun’s masala movies

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