Bollywood Blind Item – January 2019 – 4

No points for guessing who this blind item is talking about here. The Indian film industry always makes it a big deal when actresses offer their opinions. They are seen as being interfering instead of doing their job. Like the great out of sync Rani Mukherjee once said, “When an actress gives her opinion, she is seen as a b!tch”. She said it, not us, in reference to her film ‘Aiyyaa’ and the rumours surrounding it then.

The actress in the blind item below too found herself in a similar soup. For her, this is like the third time and the first time, it happened there was so much drama on who should be given a writing credit. More than the film at that time, the focus was on the drama going on between the writer and the director of the film. The film that she is currently working on in post-production has also found itself in the same situation when the director walked out and this actress was selected to carry on the project as the director. If you have seen the trailer of this film, you will notice how there are two directors named in the credit at the end of the trailer. Now it all depends on whether the film works or not. If it doesn’t, you know very well who the blame will be on.

The earlier film mentioned in the blind item below, the one that the actress wanted its genre changed, we saw that film. It had a good story, but you can see there was confusion on whether to make it a serious film or a comedy. The story was something that actually did happen and perhaps the actress did feel that it was too serious, but then again the director is known to make serious films so what did she expect? The film could definitely have been better. You know what? Speaking of the film, our old lady saw it first. The next day, we asked her how it was and she said, “The whole time I was waiting to see Shahid and Saif. Where were they? What is this film?”. It turned out she thought she was watching another film!

The blind item below is about the current film that this actress is working on. Funny thing is, the female director has already spoken out on the reports that this actress is interfering. Now we don’t know whether she is interfering, but the director has to play it nice and cool publicly, or she is not interfering, it is just a weird rumour that keeps surrounding her like crows surrounding bad situations.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror below to see for yourself.

Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item - January 2019 - 4

A LEADING actor has been in the news lately for some rather unflattering reasons. We hear the film she is currently shooting for has run into delays, thanks to her constant interference. It seems she wants to change the genre of the film altogether. Well, this isnโ€™t the first time sheโ€™s messing things up, we hear. A couple of years ago, she was starring in a thriller, but midway through the film, she decided to get the director turn it into a comedy. Ulp, not a funny matter, this.

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

Film: Panga

Thriller: Simran

Bollywood Blind Item - January 2019 - 4

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11 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    They said the same thing about Salman and his interference in Anubhav Kashyap vision for Dabangg, as well as for Aamir and his interference in Taare Zameen Par. I am not going into the merits and demerits of such interference. BUT there is a stark difference in the response to this interference when a female actor does it vs when a male actor does it. In the male actorโ€™s case, the people involved (writers, directors, producers) are more deferential and the media less stringent/alarmist. Completely opposite when women do it.

    PS. I too enjoyed the funny parts of Simran more, otherwise everything except Kangana was really underwhelming in that movie.

  2. Fact says:

    Everyone knows Kangana the mad freak messes with all her films be it directors or writer or co-stars, this has been her behaviour after tasting some success in the movie Queen.

    This is why no big studio or producer or director is willing to work with Kangana, soon all these small producer and directors will also get sick of her and drop her as she is problematic and cannot even generate profits on her films, next 2-3 years tops and she will be finished.

  3. yuri says:

    Kangana has a pattern in her last few films so i brlieve this. It may not be as severe as it sounds but she is the pro at twisting a narrative figuratively and literally. Few people can doubt this, only her handful of blind fans that donโ€™t buy movie tickets anyway.

  4. Lucy says:

    Honestly simran was watchable because of the comedy, otherwise there was nothing in the screenplay to hold someone’s attention.unless it would have been a sriram eaghavan or anurag kashyap sort of nail bitting thriller.hansal Mehta has only got accolades for movies that rajkumar did.and I beleive those movies were made better not by hansal mehtas direction but the actors acting.

    Why would Ashwini anyways defend kangana,kangana herself is a lone wolf,she is in no position to harm Ashwini in any way.also there are other actors like eicha chadha who is very outspoken.i don’t think she would take any shit from kangana.

  5. LondonThumakda says:

    i actually liked simran and i felt the light hearted farcical bits were the best, it was a good decision by her otherwise the story would have been dull. i also thought rangoon was not that bad it was at least something different compared to like a judwaa 2 which made so much more money…both shahid and kangana made it watchable.

    manikarnika i dont know why im not feeling it, feels a bit forced and stilted, i could feel my attention wandering even during the 2-3 min trailer..she is hedging her bets in any case, both panga and mental hai kya sound really fun/interesting and have terrific supporting actors – pankaj tripathi, neena gupta, rajkummar rao, richa chadha…cant ask for more!

    PS admin i just realized you didnt include nawazuddin for manto in the best male performances he was phenomenal i got goosebumps watching him…

  6. Nars says:

    This blind is nothing but pure lies. They are absolutely no rumors of Kangana intefering with Panga. Panga is a light hearted family drama and sports film. What can she change ? This is nothing but negativity by her enermies. stories about Vijendra Prasad and Kangana backstabbing Krish will out soon, a few months back the story was Kangana had major creative differences with Vijendra but now theyve changed because her next is all set to be written by him. Honestly, I feel the industry is amazed at the fact that she is still getting some of the best female lead films despite all her controveries.

  7. Chandni says:

    Admin did u read that article about Ananya Panday and Kartik Aaryan reportedly dating? YUCK! He looks like her older Brother!

    What is actually wrong with KJO? Iโ€™m so sure this is his PR trying to promote SOTY2 or some new project of his with both of them in it. Sigh, when will he learn?

    Also admin, I had a look at Alia Bhattโ€™s pictures where she was celebrating the new year with the Kapoors…Are they actually dating? Knowing Ranbir, Iโ€™m so sure he wouldnโ€™t go for someone like Alia (sheโ€™s pretty and very talented, but Ranbir is into โ€˜hotโ€™ women, judging by his exes). Idk, when you see a lie so much, you begin to think itโ€™s the truth. What are your thoughts?

    • Neep says:

      Yuck because Ananya and Kartik are dating. Why?

    • crazyworld says:

      Am i the only one who feels irritated whenever i see questions on whether Ranbir is dating Alia or not, especially when the blind has nothing to do with them?

      Please focus on the blind on hand.

      I for one don’t care about Ranbir’s dating. I’ll rather he focuses on his career. I see him being the next Aamir Khan if he does so.

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