Bollywood Blind Item – January 2018 7

The blind item below is about an event that recently happened. Though the blind item from Indian Express wrongly gets the type of function that it was, it is not that hard to guess who it’s about. It is very strange indeed how the things that happened showed the sides of these actors that you never thought you would see.

For starters, we never thought that this actor would be such a scary cat. What is he scared of? If you have done nothing wrong, you shouldn’t be scared to walk your truth, as he puts it. So, why did and does he get so scared to face her or even to come across her? It doesn’t make sense. He’s a grown man not some child.

If we, any one of us, were in his situation, we wouldn’t have cared. If someone was saying stuffs about you that you claim is not true, you don’t hide from that person, you confront them. Unless that person is a guy, who might just take revenge on you in worst ways, then you should go to the police.

The more he avoids her, the more this will play and disturb him mentally. It’s not like she’s some stranger. They worked together in two films and even made out in one. That’s how we see it. Plus, she’s not going to stop talking about it, which will make things worst for him. As long as the media gives her a platform to speak, she will!

Check out who we are talking about in the blind item from Indian Express below.

Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – January 2018 7


Guess which actor waited in his car for 45 minutes to avoid this actress?

Our actor and this pretty actress aren’t pally at all and have had public showdowns earlier as well. So he asked his manager to check when will the actress make a move from the function.

At a recently held award function, an A-list actress was seen walking in and enjoying the function with other dignitaries. Many other celebrities from Bollywood were also invited including this A-list actor who is pretty popular among women. And as he was invited, our actor got all suited for the event and got chauffeured to the venue. No trouble till now right! No cat had crossed his path, as we know. Wrong the actual troublemaker for him was seated inside the venue.

Our actor and this pretty actress aren’t pally at all and have had public showdowns earlier as well. So he asked his manager to check when will the actress make a move from the function as he had no intention of crossing paths with her nor be under the same roof until she was present. After checking, the manager got back to him about her exit plans. And our actor decided that he will park himself in the car till the actress left and that wasn’t for some 5-10 minutes but a whopping 45 minutes!

The actress left by then unaware of the fact that her exit is being highly awaited by our actor. Our hero made not so heroic entry to the function after the actress had left the venue.

Bollywood celebrities have as much drama in their real lives as they do in their reel lives I say. Hope someday like real mature people, we hope these guys can also sort their issues. Many celebrities in the past have, so let’s hope these arch enemies turn friends someday soon. On that note, Ciao and I’ll catch up with you with loads more juicy dope from filmyland.

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood Blind Item – January 2018 7

Bollywood Blind Item – January 2018 7

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44 Responses

  1. ghjk says:

    I saw 56 comments and was like “another Kangana planted bullshit blind which gets the admin and the psycho’s fans excited”? Guess I know this place too well now.

  2. naughtytrini says:

    This topic reeks with negativity towards Hrithik admin. I know you are a fan of Kangana and currently she is not being seen in a good light due to her recent comments of not even being 30 as yet. She is touted as being a pathological liar. I honestly aint going to believe this blind 100% because other blogs are even posting that Hrithik actually performed on stage while Kangana was in the audience. I know you always get your facts straight and do lots of research before posting your topics but this time I am thinking you are being prejudice to Hrithik. Hrithik have already come out in the open about Kangana. He haven’t been quiet about this fiasco. Kangana is just trying her upmost best to keep this controversy in the open and let it be talking news for as long as she can. She is a psycho and a stalker and totally obsess over Hrithik. The blind is partly true about him not wanting to be in the same room with her because of her psychoness but saying that he is hiding from her and not wanting to confront her, that is totally bogus. Hrithik have spoken about all the things she said about him and sadly she just wants to fight and fight and fight. This is his answer to her now. He is IGNORING her and hopefully she will leave him alone now.
    PS. The tone of this topic sure sounds like Kangana herself wrote it.

    • Admin says:

      Not really. Talent is what matters. If an actor or actress is talented and you can see it, that’s what matters. Supporting them in their personal lives is not our thing and we have mentioned it over and over again. Trying to blindly support an artist just because you like them is silly. Heck, we don’t even support our family members blindly! When someone is wrong, we call them out. Truth is truth, logic makes for common sense and nothing can change that. We don’t know how many times we have to reiterate this, it’s honestly very tiring.

      • kiran101 says:

        Admin… we get it you dislike The Roshans…its okay. The endless mocking his family receives here is for everyone to see. But one thing is true….Hrithik clearly has no interest in Kangana.

        Nope, you dont call someone is wrong even when its the truth . we all are biased but this level of mocking should stop. This article has all the undertones of mocking hrithik and praising Kangana. A person with true self respect will know when to walk away from someone …when their existence is even denied.

        • Admin says:

          Not really, disliking per say but we do think and we have said it before that HR could have handled this whole fiasco better. Also, doubt that we actually “praised” Kangana in this blind item. The way we see it, KR is mad at HR for spreading lies about her and telling everyone that she’s crazy. As for HR, if he thought that KR was mistaken or is daydreaming about them being in a relationship, he should have spoken to her instead of sending his people to talk to her.

          You think we are picking on the Roshans, some readers would say we enjoy picking on Sushant Singh Rajput or Akshay Kumar. It’s fine, different readers have different views and we accept it just the way they accept our content.

          • naughtytrini says:

            Admin, you are human that’s for sure and not a robot lol peace out love, I really do enjoy reading your comments and happy to know that even though we may not see eye to eye on some things, you aint blocking me πŸ™‚ you have thick skin and there is so much to read between your lines. Sometimes you dont know people personally, one on one, but how they comment you could figure out just what type of person they are. You are going a great job. This blog will go places.

          • Admin says:

            Thanks, Rini. That’s awfully nice of you to say that. Honestly, we don’t want the site to go places. Being stable in one place is fine. The further it goes, the more readers we have to please and it’s not easy. But, thanks for the kind wishes. πŸ™‚

  3. Chiks says:

    There are some blind items on SpotboyE. Could you please decipher them??

  4. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    LOL – Hrithik is a 43-year-old man and needs to grow up and Kangana should stop talking about him and that experience. She is only making it super worst for him, because she is brave enough to meet and greet ppl who almost HATE Her, so cant he muster the courage too?

    All jokes aside I think he is suffering from depression and anxiety. I fear he is unable to get things cleared up in his head. I hope he overcomes his troubles soon and moves on to better days.

    • pooja says:

      I agree now days he look so olds n weak n guilty types like he caught red handed n shame of it.he trying hard to get that familyman tag again which is impossible still he go daily with his kids n exwife to fool ppl but ppl r wise n know what he trying to do.

    • Anon says:

      I think he is closet gay and struggling with his identity.

      • Nars <3 Kangana says:

        U never know these days. So many bollywood men and men overall are. Whatever his troubles are, I hope he finds some peace soon. He looks so haggered these days and he cant seem to start work for well over a year now.

        I hope kangana finds a good man too…she is craving romantic love. I think she has some issues socializing…I think she finds it difficult understanding social norms to making friends.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Definitely not.

  5. AnanyaR says:

    I think the reason he is avoiding her is because he has something to hide. For the sake of his “image”, there are probably things he hasn’t revealed… Mind you, I am not saying Kangana is a saint or has told the complete truth. All I’m stating is my observation of Hrithik….

    Btw Admin, on a completely different note, I read a rumor somewhere that Ajay is dating Tabu… Any details? I have no clue what’s keeping Kajol glued to him like that. Somewhere I have a bad feeling that she will lose whatever is left of her individuality in this process. She will regret cutting off her childhood friends for a cheater like him. Let’s assume he decides to leave her, where will she turn? She has to have her own group even if things are going well. I don’t know man…

    • Admin says:

      What? Tabu and Ajay? No, they have been friends for a long time and he has been helping her get roles in Bollywood.

      • AnanyaR says:

        Yes, but come to think of it, i’s possible to fall for a friend… Kajol has also been going overboard with pics of salon outings lately LOL. Even if it weren’t Tabu, I feel there’s a 3rd person… What’s your take, what could she possibly lose by leaving Ajay? She was never a socialite who attends every party to begin with…

        • Admin says:

          That 3rd person is supposedly Ileana.

        • Shivanisd says:

          What else does kajol do nowadays. Posting silly pics for some desperate publicity. Ti dustract her from her husbands affairs. And she used to act like she was a strong woman who knew her mind. Fake bong feminist. Im inherently suspicious of these outspoken feminists like twinkle, jaya, pc, kiran rao etc. They always turn out to be doormats.

    • Nar <3 Kangana says:

      He will never leave Kajol but Kajol is loosing all her self respect and identity with him. I can see him falling head over heels for Tabu – she is hot…but is she dumb? I doubt and like Admin said they are friends for a very long time

      • Rad says:

        @Nar<3 Kangana – If having an affair with a married man who won't leave his wife is dumb, then Tabu has already proved to be dumb. She had a long affair with Nagarjuna and was even living in the same house as him and his wife Amala.

        • Shivanisd says:

          I think its amala and kajol who are dumb rather than tabu who was having the time of her life with nagarjuna. Amala is half white and even then she cudnt leava nag!!

    • kiran101 says:

      he wont leave Kajol for sure. Every single BW actress has long taken it for granted that their husband will cheat. What these actresses hate is involvement.. SRk- Akshay were involved with PC. Which is why both wives laid rules of not working with her.
      Ajay may sleep around , i dont think he has been involved with anyone. Almost all actors even if involved with others never intend to leave their wives and families.Its not about money either …. divorce settlement brings much more financial freedom for star wives.

      To put the whole complicated situation mildly …”its just the way of their life”. That is how it is where ever they turn to …as long as it is BW or any high social class.

      • AnanyaR says:

        @kiran101 Involvement would mean girlfriend status right? It’s a sad lives that these people lead. To be so spineless (wives, husbands, other woman) is mindboggling… Now that you mention it, I can only think of Boney who actually left his wife and family…

        • kiran101 says:

          somewhat… repeated indulgence and enjoying company or any indication of turning into more than a fling, people talking about it . Most flings are one time act or something that happened over overseas schedule…which never comes to light. if the act gets repetitive and at some point they get careless thats when media gets the juice. It effects how the wife is viewed in public and also kids are involved.

        • kiran101 says:

          yes. Celebrity values system seems to be very different than normal people.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Even among normal people wives are always advised to adjust, forget and forgive the husband. Let’s not forget what kind of Conservative country we live in. So why should Bollywood be different.

          • kiran101 says:

            You think women in west have it better… I know for sure it is not. Nor is India the most conservative country.
            Let me ask this…why SRK, Ajay,Akshay do not divorce their wives and sleep with whoever they want ? They divorce or his wife …they will have to part with 50% of the fortune.

            Ajay , Akshay were reputed playboys much before marriage. Kajol, twinkle who are industry kids know that they won’t change…In fact both their mothers left their respective husbands (tanuja and dimple) . I do not think it’s just social stigma…there is more to it than meets the eye.

            Ajay devgan had affair with Mahima chaudhary during his honeymoon with Kajol.They did not even have a kid …what stopped her from leaving him ? Akshay kumar was known philanderer and had such a bad rep…in 90’s . The girls knew it all and married them.

            Both girls are only close to their mothers who walked out on their dads . I highly doubt tanuja-dimple asked their girls to adjust. Its clearly the choice kajol-twinkle made. The reasons …one can only speculate.

            All these men know it won’t probably end with just one woman … why risk their marriage and the most they fear is the wrath of their kids. Look how Boney kapoor is looked at by his kids and rest of the world. Boney did not care enough for the world or even his kids . No , society does not forgive a man too…hopefully.

            Look how a woman is being blamed …everyone is saying Kajol lost self respect and Gauri khan should grow a spine . Look how suzzane even after leaving hrithik is called a gold digger after his money hanging out with him. Look how the other women are hailed here like Tabu, Kangana , PC and advising actual wives to grow a spine. Dont blame the country ….after all country is nothing but people and that’s us .

            These wives have at least a reason to hang to to their marriage (years of relationship, kids) what do these other women see in these known playboys ?

            SRK was nobody when Gauri married him (he chased her to no end) , Akshay was a flopster when he married Twinkle…damm she is his lady luck , Kajol was a bigger star when she married Ajay. Suzzane family apparently part funded HR and was with him since his hakla days .

            No, these women do not need to grow a spine … all these women had better social and financial standing than these men when they married . Maybe you are right … not just these loser men we all blame the woman … maybe ur right we are a conservative society who blame the wife …and when we do show some modern thinking …we side with the other woman and hail them as bold and fearless.

          • Amanda says:

            @kiran,I was nodding in agreement all along πŸ™‚

          • Kiran101 says:

            When you see hard core fans defending their favorite being the other woman keep asking why Suzanne his childhood sweetheart and ex wife supports the father of her kids … and ask where is her dignity. I smh in disbelief.

          • Pav says:

            Oh wow.. appaluse . Very well thought and written. You earned my respect.. !!

          • AnanyaR says:

            Very well thought out Kiran. The only thing I disagree with is that when people are saying the wives should grow a spine, they are not necessarily blaming the wife. For me, at least I am never blaming the wife. NEVER. I also never hail the other woman, no matter what. I don’t care what daddy issues or what problems people may claim she has…Same goes for the man, it is already an assumed fact for me that he and the other woman are idiots of the highest order.

            Out of respect for the wife, I just feel she shouldn’t allow herself to be walked all over. It is because I care so much for fellow women like Gauri, Kajol, Twinkle etc., that I want them to value themselves more. For example, for Kajol, I just keep thinking of ways in which she could be more happy and alive, and as a result wish she would leave (value her self-respect) by creating another realty for herself. Even if it means never marrying again…

            I completely agree on the other points though. Kajol was cheated on during her HONEYMOON??? Damn, that’s insane! That’s where I feel these celebs differ from normal people. Most normal people I know would have left the marriage right there and then. I have no words for people like Akshay and Ajay…

            You know, for Kajol and Twinkle since their dads weren’t around much, I feel it is because of their own daddy issues that they have stuck to these sorry excuses of husbands that they are married to. They probably have their own deep-rooted psychological imbalances. That’s all I can think of. There certainly is more to it than meets the eye,

          • kiran101 says:

            @ Ananya… if the wife walks out…the other woman will flaunt her victory. I am thinking thats one thing they do not want to give the them that… she lost to a hotter and younger woman. Mind you these men never even intended to marry the other woman…Did you see how PC flaunted on her twitter handle ” a king will always protect his Queen “. and when things failed she called him the MF.
            And when everything passes…you see these men under their wives thumb.Look how Amitabh does all the damage control of Jaya B. She lives and talks like a free bird… its Amitabh who is caged by society. In the long run the wife always wins in Bollywood…atleast in most cases.

            Offshoot to this topic. I have read an article on sexual fidelity of rich -poor-middle class and how each of the view it. How some filthy rich wives are even responsible for arranging for their husbands escapades… How they keep them entertained from being bored. I will look it up and share the link….

            You are talking about walking out of a marriage. My point is they knew who they are and still married them…why would they leave when they married all knowing. It is very clear they do not view marriage and loyalty in the same way as we do.They expect all the other women to have the same understanding…that is why their affairs fall apart when they ask for marriage.

          • Shivanisd says:

            I really don’t think kajol knew at the time of marriage the love of her life ajay will one day cheat on her. Thats bs. Akshay i can understand as, hes an animal when it comes to women abd twinkle strikes me as a calculative unemotional bitc* But not kajol! She seemed so in love with ajay before marriage and in the honeymoon years after it. Even ive read articles about hiw some rich middle aged US women are happy about their husbands affairs as they will not have to sleep with them!

          • Shivanisd says:

            I think its also bcuz our society doesn’t deem a woman complete unless shes in a marriage. Look at adhuna, reena etc. These first wives are no longer in the spotlight. If twinkle kajol leave the marriage they will be seen as poor women whose husbands left them. No ads no appearances no parties no limelight. Meanwhile their husbands will marry a younger girl. Now its making sense to me why they stay! But it must take a heavy toll on them and for that reason only i feel bad for women like twinkle jaya kajol gauri et al. The pain of your husband cheating.. it must be really painful. Possibly twinkle just pretends to love akshay. Kajol i think still loves ajay.

          • Shivanisd says:

            how can u compare the other woman with the wife. She did not make any commitments she is free to do what she wants. Wife is different. Why are kajol twinkle etc not having affairs like their husbands if they pretend to be feminists why dont they do what their husbands are doing? Also dimple never divorced rajesh. Otherwise that idiot man wudve married tina ambani or anita advani and they wudve got the money instead of dimples daughters. Why cant twinkle leave akshay and have an affair like mom dimple did with sunny. These questions can perhaps best be answered by twinkle kajol themselves. Kajol on kwk said it is never the fault of only the, husband when he cheats the wife is responsible for it too. Imagine that! Ajay probably told her it was her fault. Shes bring brainwashed. But its definitely shameful that they pretend to be strong women and yet tolerate their husbands cheating. Women in the west are definitely more liberated than Indian women. They will leave their husbands if they cheat. Examples are many uma thurman Sandra bullock Angelina etc Obviously indian origin women will be different.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Amitabh almost left Jaya for rekha too. His dad objected which made him stop. His mother was keen on getting rid of jaya.

          • kiran101 says:

            i have never read anywhere Amitabh ever wanted to leave Jaya for Rekha. He never respected Rekha at all….he took advantage of a woman with daddy issues. Rekha only hoped it after Hema- Dharmendra conversion wedding.
            AB sr is one of the most class- status conscious guy who was uncomfortable with Rekha being an illegitimate child.

            I will be more than glad if you can refer me to a source which says otherwise. From all the gossip i ever read never did i come across …anyone who thought Rekha had a future with Amitabh.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Well im just 30 so i wasnt born/ literate when this drama was happening! But my mom used to read all the filmi magazines back then. She told me rekha mother gave an interview where she said rekha was pregnant with abs child but jaya convinced ab to force rekha to abort it. Rekha mom said Jaya is a shrewd woman she will never let rekha have abs child.
            Teji Bachchan was a shrewd shrewd woman, like most mothers in law she didn’t like her bahu that much so she was willing to accept rekha as new bahu. (Teji herself had a second marriage with abs dad) But abs father was a decent, principled, old fashioned man who yold ab to stick with his wife. A fake hypocrite like ab wud not have married rekha in the end. But when ur knee deep in yhe affair and in the throes of love u forget about society’s disapproval. AB definitely promised marriage to rekha. Thats why rekha had sindoor at neetus wedding. Khalid mohd has openly said ab should have given rekha the status of married woman. Jaya did Silsila only after extracting promise from ab that if movie is a hit u will leave rekha for good. It did and Rekha was out. But while filming rang barse song rekha and ab were full on flirting in front of everyone and jaya just stood there watching it all. Like the character she played in the movie. Imagine her humiliation!! She must have died a 1000 deaths when this media scandal was going on. Damn im feeling bad for her as im writing this and i dont even like her. No woman should go through this. What a sexist, unfair world we live in. About jaya being a free bird now obviously after a certain age women no longer care about what ppl think. Also she knows everyone knows about the affair so she tries to act extra independent so that ppl dont see her as the poor, suffering wife. Isnt it ironic that ab has no problems sleeping with rekha but cannot marry her as shes an illegitimate child?? He should be beaten with shoes. But indian society being blind forgave him for all his sins.

      • Shivanisd says:

        It is very much about money as divorced star wife will get less endorsements. Kajol is plain looking yet she gets a grade ad endorsements. Karisma looks young but she does pathetic ads like shakti bhog atta. If kajol divorces neither will she get ads nir movie roles as her successful woman image will crumble as our stupid society cant accept a 40 year old single woman. Ppl will blame her for the divorce like they did Suzanne. Its sad.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Ajay was with kangana not tabu. Tabu was with nagarjuna for a long time.

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