Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 9

This film family is known for their love of food and drinks!

By drinks, obviously we mean alcohol! Even this veteran actor, who just recovered from a serious and life-threatening disease is back on his drinking right after he came back home.

It’s hard for them to stay way from these two things. But the thing about this family is, they are already loud without any alcohol in them so just imagine all the secrets that can spill out once they are in high spirits?

It’s not that hard to guess who this blind item is about. Sure, every man in that family can be high spirits and start to be loud, but not all of them are successful! But what this blind item gets wrong is that there’s a “wife” involved. It’s not a wife, but a steady live-in girlfriend!

You know, we have told this story before. There was a relative of ours, who worked in the airline business. One day, she saw her favorite since she was a kid was on the plane traveling with his family. She got very excited until she saw him so drunk out of his mind that his wife and kids had to help him step out of the plane. And there went her childhood image of him!

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So, there’s nothing new with this family and their ability to not control their drinking. That said, check out the blind item below from SpotBoye. By the way, this “failed” senior actor made his debut in a film directed by his father, the late veteran. The movie was a flop but was super famous for a particular song that now looks creepy, considering since then it has been revealed that the late oldie had an infatuation with…

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Bollywood Blind Item


This Late Veteran Star’s Son Was In High Spirits; He Created Ruckus At A Cocktail Party

This veteran star’s son create a huge scene at a recent party; he was totally out of control and not in his senses. He went to the extent of blaming his family for his failed Bollywood career

This actor-filmmaker who belongs to one of the biggest star families was in high spirits at a recent cocktail party. He got totally sloshed and created a ruckus at the party, much to the disappointment of his near and dear ones.

In fact, he even blamed his family for his failed career in Bollywood. In the end, his wife had to take him back home, before he could create worse situations.

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Late Veteran Son: Raj Kapoor’s son, Rajiv Kapoor






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4 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    The only reason RTGM was a hit is only because of Mandakini and not Chimpu . She was forced into doing that bawdy song by her mercenary dad and Raj Kapoor who exploited her weakness.

  2. Vinsha says:

    He was one hell of a good looking guy in the 80s.

  3. Sona says:

    Rajiv Kapoor made his debut with a flop movie Ek jaan hai hum, Ram teri ganga maili came after 2 years and was blockbuster. Raj Kapoor was very talented and handsome man but none of his sons got his looks and talent, Rishi is ok as an actor, Rajiv was flop and Randhir using the fact that he looked like his father was just copyng his acting.

  4. Mahendra Agarwal says:

    Ram Teri Ganga Maili was blockbuster but yes after that all the movies of Rajiv Kapoor were big-time flop

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