Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 8

No one would have known anything is wrong between these two if this filmmaker didn’t go ahead and spread the word.

Seriously, it’s always as if he wants to portray he is a good friend and others are always wrong for doing what they did to him. Well, to be fair, no one knows the real story. Maybe he is the victim here.

But if you have been friends with someone personally for decades, professional things shouldn’t bother you. It’s a bit ironic because he himself knows what a cut-throat industry this is and even he did the same thing when he ditched his good friends and directed newcomers in a film. That did create a rift between him and his good friend back then, so why is he feeling like he was betrayed now?

Anyways, it’s so funny because when both of these filmmakers were announced as the recipients of a prestigious government title, we thought it’s apt that they were announced together because if one was announced and the other one didn’t get it, all hell would break loose!

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It’s as if the government knew this when they were deciding who to give this title to this year.

Ah, well. Life of the rich and famous!

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


Top high-profile glam filmmakers have a MAJOR fallout and are giving cold shoulder each other

Business deals happen in Bollywood. Sometimes they happen and sometimes they fall apart. But this particular film deal has strained relations between a director and his BFF, who happens to be another prominent producer in the film industry.

Both run their own studios and are hailed as the super successful children who made it big on their own in Bollywood.Β They are the toast of the town and the two happen to be childhood buddies too, who have grown up together in the film industry.

While their fallout is being talked about in hushed whispers, nobody is willing to talk openly about it, as they have quite a few mutual friends. Everything was fine till they were spotted at Diwali parties together. But recently when the producer threw a birthday party for her child, neither the celebrated filmmaker nor his children attended the party.

Nor did his BFF actress send her adorable son to the party, in silent support of her bestie, whom she felt was given a raw deal by the producer girl. It seems the filmmaker was particularly keen on a couple of movies that he wanted to co-produce with the producer and she too, seemed in sync with him. But it didn’t happen the way it was meant to.

The filmmaker was last seen at the producer’s Diwali party posing for selfies but the bonhomie disappeared soon after. Apparently, the producer and the filmmaker, were in talks for months to crack a joint production deal.

What the filmmaker didn’t know, as he has been extremely busy with his next directorial, was that the producer had gone ahead and started talks with another business head. A few weeks ago, the deal was finally cracked and though things were kept very hush-hush, the filmmaker came to know and was livid. It seems that there was a confrontation of sorts and the filmmaker let his producer friend know how let down he felt.

The filmmaker also felt let down as he had asked for some help from her influential contacts and in this too, the producer had apparently thrown up her hands and not been of any help. He is an emotional, sensitive and generous guy who has always been there for his friends and expects the same loyalty from them.

It’s been a cold silence (even on social media) after the fallout between the two with their friends being torn apart. A particular designer friend, who is close to both, is desperately trying to keep the status quo.

While we know that sometimes a deal can go sour, we suggest that these two ex-friends sort out their issues and patch up soon as true friendships are hard to come by and they have always been there for each other through thick and thin.

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Filmmakers: Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar



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3 Responses

  1. Pari says:

    Hi @Admin

    I would like to know your thoughts on Kjo and Ekta mindlessserial kapoor getting Padmashri. Is the general consensus that they deserve the award?

    • Admin says:

      Oh well, government gives it out to their friends as you can see. But it’s funny how it’s both Ekta and Karan at the same time. They were relevant and deserving 10 years ago not now when they have been involved in so much crap: karan with his offscreen tactics and Ekta with her silly/titillating productions.

  2. abcd says:

    Kjo is an expert in betrayal and uglia learnt it from him. He’s finally getting taste of his own medicine. No wonder, he’s now gone back to srk for co-producing a film with him, directed by Atlee. Ekta too is a snob queen, who treated her staff badly during inital success of her career. When they will desperately need a hit film, patch up will happen.

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