Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 3

There’s a huge chance this blind item is fake, like really big chance. It doesn’t make sense because she did work with him before and that was when she was still with Bhai.

As you know or you may have forgotten, anyone who doesn’t worship the ground Bhai walks on becomes his enemy. Just ask Vivek! So this beefcake actor was on tour with Bhai and for some reason, he thought he should give Bhai some tips on body building.

Bhai got so pissed afterwards that these two never really ended up becoming close or whatever it should have been. The beefcake actor’s girlfriend was fine, though with Bhai, and after she broke up she happily became close to Bhai.

So, as it is when Bhai and Beefcake actor were not friends, Bhai’s girlfriend at that time was offered this film with Beefcake actor. She took it up without hesitation, though on her part, she did say she discussed it with Bhai (not hers, obviously) and at some other point, she said his enemies are not her enemies, depending on the day she was asked.

After all these years, this blind item wants you to believe that Bhai, in his current bloated phase, gives a damn about whether this actress works with beefcake actor or not? Specially after the actress ditched him for another actor he didn’t like then and so on. You know the story! Plus, she sort of got together with beefcake actor when they made that film together. So if she didn’t care then why now?!

It doesn’t make sense. Either this actress wasn’t offered this part or she wanted to make it known she was offered it even though that’s not really the case.

Anyways, check out the blind item below from PinkVilla. For some reason, Reshma Shetty & Co. seems to still want to pit Bhai and this actress together by showing how much he still cares about her. If that’s really the case, then why is he living with that lady from the land of vampires?

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Bollywood Blind Item


This top heroine refused an action thriller because her superstar mentor doesn’t like the lead star

This action heroine picked her relationship over a meaty part in a big action thriller.

Casting is a tedious process in Bollywood, especially when it’s governed by several external factors. Most of the times, our top actors show reservation in sharing screen space with a few actors, for whatever reasons they might be. Now who lands up in a mess? The filmmakers!

Case in point happens to be of this action thriller, which is a sequel to a very successful part one. Two producers have joined hands together to back this project, which has two heroes and two heroines. The director happens to be a master at his craft, especially in the romantic thriller space and also has a film coming up soon.

Announcements about the two male leads have already been made. While one of them is also the lead actor of the director’s upcoming film, the other star is known for his action prowess and patriotic nature.

So hua kya? Our filmmaker approached a top actress to be cast opposite the action star. While the actress is also known for her fantastic action skills and she loved the whole concept of the sequel, she politely declined the offer. The team needs two established actresses – one who’s a bigger star to drive the film home.

For the main female lead’s part, the entire gang was keen on having this A-lister but their efforts went in vain when she flatly refused the big offer. Someone tells us that her refusal was because of the male star’s big fallout with a big superstar, who also happens to be the actress’ closest buddy and mentor in the industry. The two heroes had a showdown a few years ago and haven’t come face to face with each other ever since.

In fact, years ago, when the fight had happened, the actress had even gone on record saying that she wouldn’t do a film with the action star ever. Now, she seems to have proved her loyalty to the superstar by turning this big movie down. After all, isn’t the industry all about maintaining relationships?

OSOP Guesses

Sequel: Ek Villain 2

Male Star: John Abraham

Superstar: Salman Khan

Actress: Katrina Kaif


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