Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 2

This film has gotten itself in controversy even before its release. The controversy happened because of something the actress decided to do or rather who she showed her support for.

That aside, the controversy is not that powerful to make people stop watching her film. The only thing that could have happened is if powerful people stopped her film from playing in certain theaters.

But the thing is, those who watched it said it was not that appealing. The film was not as “fun” as they thought it would be, it was too raw. Well, it’s a film about a tragic incident so it can’t possibly be fun, right? And let’s not forget, the actress’ performance was also talked about.

Other than the “raw” storyline, people also thought it was a bad idea to release the film right after the controversy and some more, opposite a big budget film. This disappointing box office result comes after the director gave one of the biggest hits of her career 2 years ago. So naturally, she must be upset about the response this film got.

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Anyways, so the film didn’t really work out and ended up with abysmal box office results, which brings us to this blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS acclaimed director is not pleased with a recent film’s box-office performance. Blaming the production house for the cold-go, the filmmaker has apparently told the company it should have delayed its release and changed the distribution strategy.

We say it’s not cool for someone of this stature to pass the buck. After all, success is not final and failure is not fatal.

OSOP Guesses

Director: Meghna Gulzar

Film: Chhapaak


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10 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    No the controversy didn’t hamper the film, it WAS necessary to build hype cz there was no buzz around the movie. They pulled off that PR stunt thinking it will get people talking (which it did) but they probably didn’t estimate so respmuch negativeonse.

  2. Hate Kjo says:

    Chhapaak suffered because of less of screens and a clash with a big Hero movie. Also Deepika’s PR stunt before the release is one of the reason it didn’t work.

    Movie was good and highlights one of the most important issue but its a dry subject. People who are tensed and facing problems in their daily life don’t want to see such a tragic film but wants some light and masala fun films. This is also the prim reason of movie being tanked at the box office.

    Deepika’s performance was lauded by critics and audience both but she do need a good and sensible advisors who make sure that she makes right moves and utilizes her talent and stardom fairly.

    She acts so dumb sometimes and make a lot of mistakes. One is been over friendly with Ranbir . Her haters have no issues if her rival is working with her exes or friends with them but troll Deepika for it. She needs to act smart and dignified.

  3. Hmm says:

    Wrong. I

    t’s Kangana Ranuat’s Panga. Despite the acclaim from critics and fans, it didn’t fare well at all as it had less screen compared to other releases. Also, everyone underestimated Tanhaji’s performance at the box office.

    • Admin says:

      Ashwini cannot be called an acclaimed director. She’s still new, plus she will never react the way as mentioned in the BI.

      • Hmm says:

        Actually, Ashwini is an acclaimed director. She directed Nil Battey Sannata and Bareilly Ki Barfi which were critically acclaimed. Also recall Bareilly Ki Barfi was very successful. She has even won Best Director’s Award

        She also has 15 years experience in advertising before film making so she’s in a position to react as mentioned in the blind.

        • Admin says:

          Compared to these two, who’s more acclaimed?

          • Hmm says:

            Admin, face it. I know you’re a huge Kangana fan so it must hurt

            Between Meghan and Ashwini, Ashwini is more likely to refer to distribution strategy as the cause of the film’s failure based on her previous experience in advertising.

          • Admin says:

            It’s not our money so we are not hurt at all! Thanks for your concern, though. Our sources confirmed who it was hence the guess is still the same.

          • Hmm says:

            Other gossip sites confirm it’s Panga, e.g. The Opinionated Indian

          • Admin says:

            What do we gain by making things up? Nothing! So it’s up to believe what you want to. Both Panga and Chapaak under-performed and that’s the truth. Both lost money and were a big blow to both its female directors.

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