Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 19

This star kid just had a movie announcement last month. This is the same movie he announced months ago or even a year ago. It’s finally happening and guess what, he will be acting alongside his veteran father in this film.

So this blind item is not about this film, it’s about how creepy he is offscreen. To be fair, it’s not really creepy since most actors went through the same thing. Raymond had this phase, Kabir Singh had this phase too until his dad put a stop to it and now this star kid too is going through something similar.

Compared to the other guys mentioned above, this star kid is jobless, rich and doesn’t have to work to put food in his mouth. Clearly that is a recipe for what he is going, right?

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Anyways, it’s funny how he’s so full of himself that only he doesn’t know that! Obviously, there are girls who are attracted to guys like him or just him, because of his surname. But how long is he going to be like that?

He’s lucky he doesn’t have to work hard to feed his family like his dad did, so he’s going to live his life just the way he wants to.

Though, wonder where does he take his dates or hookups since he lives with his family? Or is it the same arrangement like Raymond had? A different entry to his room, perhaps?

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Bollywood Blind Item


This star kid hooks up with random girls and believes in being friends with benefits

Talk about star kids and you might think nepotism is the only major point of concern. But while there are a few industry kids who are extremely talented in their field of work, some have talents in other areas of life. Let’s talk about this one boy, who of course, hails from one of the most talked about families of Bollywood.

While he comes across as a shy and introverted guy, in reality, he’s different when he’s around girls. A close friend of his, who is aware of his antics, tells us that he’s unusually boisterous in front of the opposite sex.

In fact, he’s so addicted to sex that he gives in for random hook-ups. He meets these supermodels and desperately leaves DMs on social media, asking them to meet up.

Career wise, the actor is doing absolutely nothing. His first two films were damp squibs at the box office and no other producer is willing to shell their hard earned money on him.

What is another major hindrance is his arrogant attitude and know-it-all vibe that doesn’t go down well with industry insiders. But as they say, he might have no luck in films, but clearly he’s a lucky one when it comes to dates and hook-ups!

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Star Kid: Harshvardhan Kapoor


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4 Responses

  1. Kit says:

    I think the media should stop writing articles such as “Bollywood star kids who could not make it as big as their parents”. It creates an inherent assumption that “star kids” must join Bollywood and become as big or bigger than their parents in Bollywood to be termed as successful. Not only that, it breeds jealousy and depression especially if there’s a sibling who’s more successful (e.g. Kajol and Tanisha, Aditya Chopra and Uday Chopra).

    I read an article once that talked of the Kapoors (i.e. R.Kapoor clan) who didn’t join Bollywood who were condemned as flops even when they may be doing well in their chosen fields or may be even better off financially than those who did join Bollywood

  2. Universal says:

    His arrogance was obvious on the newcomers roundtable he appeared in. As was his roving eye with the way he kept glancing at Shobita on that show.

    • nefarious says:

      He has been on a date with her. And frequently comments on her Insta.. Am sure hes already had a go at her.

  3. abcd says:

    Rk too has these qualities, it’s well hidden now…but from sanju movie;whitewashing of his image has begun. When harsh will join kjo camp, such kind of news against him would disappear. Spoilt rich kids who get all easily in with no struggle have all time in the world to make relationships a joke. They are over pampered.The problem is now this dirt is spreading around some middle class people too, who feel that they shouldn’t be left out. Here’s where strictness and discipline matters. They just don’t know what to do in their lives.

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