Bollywood Blind Item โ€“ February 2020 โ€“ 18

This filmmaker is still trying to get this story made!

It was reported earlier this year that she has given up on this project and supposedly, even the producer was unhappy with the script the filmmaker wrote. So either she wrote a good script and they are getting things back on track or the reports earlier were all lies!

Well, what was not a lie was the news that she approached this superstar who’s also a good friend of hers. At this point, she has approached everyone so maybe she should focus on the new lot if she really wants to make this film. But then, everyone is greedy. They all want that big hero and a big budget film.

So this superstar, like you know, is running his own little charity at home because his mother taught him that charity begins at home so…At this point, he’s being really ridiculous because not only is he ending his career sooner, he is ruining his own reputation in the business. With his track record at the box office lately, producers are not going to think twice about his requests, they will just move on to someone else.

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Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand below.


Bollywood Blind Item


Superstar Tantrums

After an A-lister, who was in advanced talks to star in a film by a top commercial director, left the project at the eleventh hour, the filmmaker approached a superstar to step in. Very reliable sources say the superstar displayed the same behaviour that had cost him another major project only months ago.

The superstar in question asked for the filmโ€™s title to be changed. He also said the script needed to be altered in a way that only three other actors would play his siblings and not six, as in the directorโ€™s draft of the script. He insisted that he would pick the other three actors. One would be his brother-in-law, a small-time actor, the other two were actors heโ€™d launched and whoโ€™d been unequivocally rejected by the audience in their respective previous films.

The director was not excited by the superstarโ€™s demands. He also wanted to have a say in the music. The final straw, however, came when the filmโ€™s producer, a top filmmaker himself, called in one of the younger actors that the superstar had recommended, for a screen test. The cocky fellow asked the producer for a script before he was ready to commit to the film. That was it.

The producer and the director decided there was no way they were going to put up with the tantrums of the superstarโ€ฆand his posse of B-listers. They decided theyโ€™d rather not make the movie with him than make a version of the movie that was severely compromised.

OSOP Guesses

A-lister: Hrithik Roshan

Filmmaker: Farah Khan

Superstar: Salman Khan

Posse of B-listers: Aayush Sharma, Sooraj Pancholi, Zaheer Iqbal…



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6 Responses

  1. HateKjo says:

    Admin what’s your take on Filmfare awards controversy and Bhoot: the haunted ship ? Movie is been thrashed by the critics so far. While, public is openly bashing filmfare awards for been paid.

    • SQ says:

      the awards given to ananya & alia were totally undeserving though cox many were better than ananya & alia’s role was very short in the movie it was like an extended cameo or supporting role so to speak rani or vidya were more deserving than alia but alia can wish & get anything she wants her whole career even personal life is curated by kjo on platter given to her

      • Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

        More like they wanted to give it to any commercial actress to gather viewers , ratings and sponsers. FF doesn’t realize gone are the days when they could dish out awards to undeserving people …SRK & Kajol mainly. Not even they dared give Alia an award for the abysmal Kalank , so they gifted it to her for Gully Boy .

        • Universal says:

          Gully boy which is “inspired” by 8 mile got dozens of awards. Kalank which was thrashed by critics and audience alike also got awards. Not to forget Ananya getting best debut. It’s all like Zoya which has tie up with Amazon and KJo coterie got all awards.

    • Admin says:

      Filmfare awards have never been the same since they started giving out awards just to please instead of giving it to the deserving one. It’s sad because they were the most respected film awards ever even though Aamir did take a stand against them in the late 90s. Those days getting a Filmfare award was considered prestigous, these days it’s possible as long as you are good friends with KJo!

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