Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 17

By now you are well-aware how it is common these days to have co-stars linked up right before they stay promotions for their film. Actually, it used to be that way but now it seems they have started the link-up stories before shooting even ends.

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This has been the trend these days and it’s horrifying how they continue with the same tactic for every film promotion of these famous star kids. Like the blind item below says, it’s a “musical chairs” but it’s also a merry-go-round which is basically the same ride just different riders!

Anyways, so this blind item is about this young actress who sometime ago was upset that her mentor was not giving her films and that she has not received any other film offer from other productions. Well, look at her now! She is getting films after films, courtesy of her mentor or the influence of her mentor.

See, eating kebabs has its advantages…Even if it’s with samosas.

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Bollywood Blind Item


A young starlet who has yet to prove her acting credentials is said to be dating her co-star (from a forthcoming movie), who has been on and off with a young star daughter.

Not so long ago, the starlet was spotted regularly in the company of another co-star who was dating a young actress, who, incidentally, happens to be the starlet’s BFF. We are losing track of the racy musical chairs of this new gen!

OSOP Guesses

Starlet: Ananya Panday

Co-star: Ishaan Khatter

Another Co-Star: Kartik Aaryan

BFF: Sara Ali Khan



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  1. abcd says:

    Aura of mystery among star kids doesn’t exist anymore. They’re trying to create an aura for themselves, which they feel will make people curious about their lives and build some hype for their forthcoming movies. But this doesn’t matter anymore. There’s plenty of good content in web series, hollywood movies and regional cinema, to some extent. Same amount of energy should be spent in making a better movies. Plenty of dating news for sara/karthik didn’t translate into the success of their movie love aaj kal. But they never learn.


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