Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 10

Young actresses these days are more focused on being ready and perfect for Instagram than for the big screen.

You may have seen this trend already with the recent crop of young actresses. It’s more about the body and clothes they wear than the roles they have signed.

It’s probably why they are still not known as good actresses because that’s not even their focus! Their reason for being in Bollywood is completely something else and not the need to act. Maybe they think being an actress is something that has to do more with fashion than anything else.

So these actresses, for now, are happy posing for the gram. Maybe in a few years after a few films, we will finally see them ‘acting’!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item

THIS beautiful young actor is puffing and panting through her Bollywood journey. First, there were differences with the filmmaker who gave her a break. Then a wardrobe malfunction almost ruined two major events for her.

Well, a sleeve of an outfit ripped as she was in a tearing hurry. She rushed to the designer’s house to have it fixed and then to her next committed venue where her beau was waiting to spend some quality time with her. Phew!

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Young Actor:Β Tara Sutaria

Filmmaker: Karan Johar



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8 Responses

  1. kiran101 says:

    Maybe I am only one of the few who thinks Katrina can be decent actress in her element. She was really good in Namaste London. She is offering what she is expected to do. She never tried to snatch performance oriented roles like Alia does from better actresses(even at her peak career).

    Almost every single actresses out there are very limited and work within their element. Take them out of their familiar ground and their movies tanked. Audience also have so many choices today and they are familiar with works of korean movies to south and bhojpuri movies. If they want to see scifi they watch ex machina, Avengers for super hero movies(not Zero, krishh, etc).They can see acting quality between Chappakk and Uyare.

    All these star kids want to be popular and earn money through showing off their lifestyle, clothes and through endorsements. Serious acting is lot of work and almost hard labor. Bollywood is not even a place for serious actors…a lot of quality performers do character roles not main leads.

    Alia seems more ambitious in terms of getting roles since she cannot compete with Ananaya, Jhanvi etc on glamour . So she lobbies for the best roles available.

    Katrina is not complete trash btw … look at Sonam Kapoor , she is a beauty, tall and glamorous and one cannot just stand her when she is on screen.Audience never made her a star since u just cannot stand her inspite of her looks. Katrina was never intolerable and she makes effort to not try things audience dont want her to do.

  2. Kit says:

    Rajeev Masand was interviewed some days back and he revealed that actors/actresses don’t earn as high as people think or is announced. Their major source of income are endorsement deals and appearances at event. Only a few own production houses and other businesses. That being said, the actresses who have the biggest endorsement deals are not those we would call best actresses but are popular for their physical appearance.

    The fact is, these younger actresses will rather aim to be popular stars instead of develop their craft thanks to the success of actresses like Katrina Kaif who literally became a superstar actress by just being pretty, knowing how to dance and networking with powerful people. These are the ones who get the money via endorsement deals and appearances, where the actual big bucks come from

  3. HateKjo says:

    Earlier Bollywood used to have STARS and ACTORS but today it has MODELS only. This is a reason films are tanking badly at the box office. New comers are here for attending parties and posing for the cameras.

    Every stars photoshop and edit their pictures on Instagram.. Look at the pictures posted by them and the one taken by the paps in the same outfit on the same day.

    Tara is pretty but Kjo won’t let her get got roles as he wants all good films for Alia. She is clever enough to grab a rich guy from a famous family.

    I agree with above comments that today its all about good body and skin shows. Look at Anaya, Tara, Sara or any other.

  4. abcd says:

    Outsiders create opportunities for themselves. But yes, they do undergo casting couch and when they are financially stable, their own production houses flourish. People can now differentiate between kjo made stars and public made stars. Considering current situation, it would be interesting to see how movies fare at the box office this year. Bodies are built, make up done for both star kids and outsiders,but credibility is gone.

    • Hmm says:

      How many production houses are owned by outsiders? SRK is the only outsider who owns a production house that has gone good films. Too production houses like Yash Raj are owned by insiders.

      • abcd says:

        Kangana & anushka have their own production houses. Kat is working towards it. This serves as fitting reply to kjo and his minions that Bollywood is not just for star kids.

  5. Universal says:

    All new actresses look the same nowadays. Thin, tonnes of makeup, perfectly edited Instagram feed. Only a few like Ananya Pandey have the backing and land plum roles in decent movies. I thought Jahnvi was a slow starter when she debuted but over time she has transformed herself and looks like a lambi race Ka ghoda.

  6. Sona says:

    these young girls competing between each other who will wear shorter and tackier clothes that’s all. None of them can act, they don’t improve their acting and working only in body, Who has the best body, who has shown more skin today and all. Nepokid or outsider, they all are same. Just go to gym, make a good body, join to some dance classes, show as much skin as you can, make sure to hire good PR which will keep you in the news all the time then fake link up rumours with new man every week and you are a star. No wonder Ali Bhatt is called the best actress among youngsters, she is not that talented but others are very bad

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