Bollywood Blind Item – February 2020 – 1

It’s a bit strange to have the blind item below out on the same day, same page and in the same newspaper as a news item regarding this actor.

The reason being, they both contradict each other! Or maybe it was done on purpose, so you don’t get correctly! But this is definitely about his actor, who has just had the latest shock of his life: another big flop!

Remember how we told you last year after he got his first big shock/flop in the industry, he was going to use that as a reason to postpone or delay his wedding? Well, seems that is happening now!

This is how actors these days are different from actors in the old days. Back then, loyalty and risk of trying something different was everything. Heck, even his dad worked with the same comic actor for years even though they gave flops together.

Back then, actors didn’t charge as much as they are today which made it possible for directors and producers everywhere to work with them. Plus, they did a gazillion films per year so a flop or two doesn’t really matter!

It took King Khan this long to accept that he is going on a flop/disaster streak and that he should pause and plan well. That’s like after so many years of being in this business.

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Actors these days, they are insecure but it more has to do with the fear of being looked down just because they have had flops. Not every star kid is like Ranbir Kapoor, who still gets offered projects from big directors and producers despite delivering flops. And he didn’t even have to cut down his fees!

Well before this film was released, the media said his wedding will take place this year. Let’s see if he goes ahead with it or cite his flops as an excuse not to get hitched! Seriously, the audience doesn’t care whether you are married or not!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS young actor who had recently featured in a giant flop of a not-so-young director has woefully agreed to be part of the filmmaker’s next project as well. We are scratching our heads on this one, considering this director has a poor track record and the actor is at the top of his game.

But we hear it’s completely an emotional decision as the actor and the director have cultivated a friendship. Oh well, this reminds us of another Bollywood royal who gave away his career for the sake of his friends.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Varun Dhawan

Director: Remo D’Souza

Bollywood Royal: Ranbir Kapoor


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