Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 7

This link-up has shocked everyone, not just this star kid. Not because it is something unexpected, because it is something so stupid and they are doing it so publicly taking us for fools. Do they really live in a bubble that they make a fake link-up look so obvious and expect us to believe them? What is Kebab Jo smoking?

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You know what Kebab Jo must have said to this triangular-shaped boy with a rectangular-body? Stop your fooling the audience with your fake girlfriend, LET ME get you a fake real girlfriend? Let me be Dharma Productions your love life! Full of crap! And he called this boy an attention-seeker!

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He really is an attention-seeker, but to be this shameless and date this little girl? Well, to be fair, she looks like a poor clueless girl. Has anyone checked whether she wanted to be launched or did KJo kidnap her to replace his Aloo. This girl looks really young and clueless. She is 19 and the guy is 28! But, this is what he wanted: to be talked about with his new girlfriend. This is the trend that Kebab Jo wants to follow: RK and DP and RK and Kat. He switches between these two pairs. Don’t ask!

Check out this blind item from Mumbai Mirror. The star kid in the blind time below is supposedly already dating someone that she met on the sets of her first film, so why is she so bothered? She probably is pissed that Kebab Jo went out of his way to link up this guy and that girl, considering how KJo was very well aware of her crush on him. This looks like it is going to become a DP + RK + Kat story. Stay tuned and we’ll know more.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item

THIS star kid, who recently made her debut, has never shied away from talking about her massive crush on this up and coming actor. The actor, who is fast acquiring a reputation for being a prime opportunist, has also reciprocated with equal fervor. But suddenly, out of the blue, news came in that the young actor had signed a movie with another star kid, and this has left the first Star Kid mighty annoyed. Kids these days!


OSOP Guesses

Star Kid: Sara Ali Khan

Actor: Kartik Aaryan

Another Star Kid: Ananya Pandey

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 7

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 7


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12 Responses

  1. RP says:

    Hi Admin, Can you please add spotboye’s latest articles?

  2. Neep says:

    Kjo is modelling himself on the American film studio bosses of the early 20th century. Those bosses had absolute power over their stars. Meanwhile why so harsh on Kartik Aryan? Because he’s not connected? All the things being said about him, opportunist, OTT, in your face, brash, were said about other outsiders like Akki, SRK and RS. Is that how they survived the nepo world? Probably. SRK said he was more popular than Amitabh and there were shocked faces. But know what? He was right – for a while at least.

  3. Tangerine says:

    As an aside, but admin plz do your take on recent kangana statements….was hoping to see ur views

  4. Nerdy Exorcist says:

    @Admin you’re so right about KJo’s obsession with having his own iconic love triangle thing. He did the whole Varun-Potato-Sid thing to have his own RK-DP-RS and now he fake hooked up potato with Ranbir to create that Dp-RK-Kat thing with Katrina being the scorned ex bFF and shit. Still those ain’t fooling the public so he’s now using his new pawns. Btw, isn’t he like 50? Is it normal for 50 year old men to obsess over teenage gossip and who’s dating who?Very Creepy.

    • Leaps says:

      Kjo is a narcissist he’s obssseob with keeping himself young don’t you see him using ‘fabs’ &’tots’ he’s unlikely to change his tactics the more ppl call him out on them the more he will keep doing them he’s an attention seeker nothing will piss him more than not being talked about.

  5. Pooja says:

    Where in world 25yrs old is kid????like onces kangana said starkids are always baby n baba as industry refer them as kids.

  6. Rami says:

    Sara has handle this crush thing very well, she is smart, doubt very much she will get serious with anybody soon! She wants to be an actress,she wants to show her talents! She was really good with RS, in their promotion interviews, she had put him in his place,and made fun of him, with fast paced com back responses,even RS ,was impressed! This is why anyone that seen simba portion, with Sara, can see what a downer AB is! Even Anupam chopra was looking at her face ,when AB gave a very lame response to how she gets into her characters!,LOL ,AB said that she just show up ,and does what the directer tells her to do,to which RS tried to cover AB response by saying that she is being modest !,only thing, she tried to promote was her link up with RK, her attitude,was so obvious, one thing though,what she will do, when she gets dumped by uncle sherbat, who is looking not much into her! What ever advice the nepo papa is given her is bad, because AB letting the relationship ,define her! This is why Sara ,is a breath of fresh air in nepo kidom, she even said that she had one boyfriend, they broke up,and “no,he did not break my heart.” Like her answer!

  7. Universal says:

    This guy doesn’t even look that good. Sara came across as sensible and smart during all her interviews. Hope she too doesn’t fall for this pretentious link ups path.

  8. leaps says:

    Man kjo is obnoxious and predictable with his attempts to create bw orgy. he has been trying to get alia/rk/sid triangle which is failing so must have though I have taken the director away from kartik lets use him to sell their appeal to men

    @admin ROFL kjo has been doing triangles since kuch kuch hota hai :D.

  9. Monalisa says:

    @admin Sara’s Kartik jaap was partly to hype their jodi for Love Aaj Kal 2 but the latest news is that the movie is not happening. And master mind kjo swooped in at the last minute and started the Kartik Ananya thing making Sara looks like a despo.

    Anyways who is the mastermind behind the remake of Pati Patni Aur Woh? I wont be surprised next David Dawan announce he is remaking Biwi no 1.

  10. Deeps says:

    this is like pedophilia. Stop it Kebab Jo.

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