Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 22

It has been a while since we last heard about this actor being referred to in blind items. Everything was quiet on his end for a while since the #MeToo movement started. Obviously, he has movies riding on him then so they all were probably walking on eggshells. Not to forget the two debutantes that were going to be launched opposite him. One has been launched already while the other one is still in the making.

They recently launched a new poster of the film and announced a new name for the film. That’s quite smart since the last title was bad and that title was also connected to a bunch of controversy. So just think, when people search the new title now, there won’t be a connection to all those nasty and creepy news connected to the film.

Speaking of creepy, it seems that this actor is back to his old ways again. In the blind items previously posted, his drinking habits seem to be a pattern for his crazy behaviour. Whatever it is, he must have someone with powerful connection because someone else in his place would have been blacklisted. But this guy does all sorts of things and nothing happens to him.

Just wait until he gets his next hit, he will go even crazier.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, it seems Kebab Jo wants to kickstart the promotions for ‘Drive’ already. New linkup is ready for this actor and debutante, another star kid, who everyone conveniently forgets she already has a boyfriend.

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Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 22

THIS actor is intent on making a nuisance of himself. After making a spectacle of himself at every party, and being dumped by his girlfriend, we hear he has hit the bottle with a vengeance. His next film’s promotions have seen him show up inebriated for interviews. He was slapped on the wrist by his director recently, and warned that all his interviews would be stopped if he didn’t sober up.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput

Film: Sonchiriya

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 22

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17 Responses

  1. KA says:

    In all sonchiriya interviews Sushabt was looking fine and not drunk. IT must be a fake blind item.

  2. Amanda says:

    Off the topic – Saw gully boy today and the only person who caught my attention was Sidhanth Chaturvedi. He had the perfect body language for a rapper.

    Though RS and Alia were good, I still feel siddanth stole the show. Even in those crowds, I could easily spot siddanth. He has a good screen presence.

    RS body language during his rap performances looked weak at times.

    • kala says:

      He looks really good too…was surprised to know that he is not a rapper in real life…

      • Anon says:

        @Kala – I know he was seriously hot! I honestly loved his was the most well written. I hope he has a long ass career.
        Re: Murad, I felt the character was written to be more like a vessel to get to know the world of Dharavi so he couldn’t behave like a cocky, confident “rapper”..he had to be that unsure newbie so that the rags to riches story could have maximum impact. And it worked. Loved Alia too. She was shockingly good.

    • Bollywood junkie says:

      I have seen the same opinion all over..but we have to keep in mind the arch of the sher is already a rapper by the time he got introduced in the movie..Murad is a poet..he is not a rapper..he turns into a rapper by encouragement..
      MC sher is mentor to Murad.. and a hero must be so secure to allow a character artist shine and dominate him which Ranveer did..that’s really nice progression in the industry..

      I’m not disregarding sidhanth’s performance he is fabulous and best debut so far this year..but cannot compare underdog performance with flamboyant and aggressive performance

    • Amanda says:

      @bollywood junkie, I just felt the last performance from RS where he wins the contest was underwhelming. It should have been more bigger, much more grand and much more aggressive. Somewhere I did feel it lacked something. RS’s character Murad, had gained some experience as a rapper plus he had much more personal problems, that could have translated into more aggressive, grander performance in that final performance, than what I saw.

      They should have shown Murad perform along with that famous rapper since the winner was supposed to get chance to share stage with him. If Zoya could have gotten him to do cameo with RS it could have been great.

      Btw, the entry scene of siddanth during that college performance was better choreographed.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      I agree with Bollywoodjunkie! Murad’s character was so unlike a β€œHindi film ka hero” – quiet, shy, nervous, filled with self-doubt, till the very end when he explodes in Apna Time Ayega. You have to be really secure as an actor to agree to do that. Even alia was more of a typical β€œHindi film ka hero” than him πŸ™‚ the only part which was out of character and a bit filmy was the whole sidetrack with Kalki but I guess they had to do it to introduce a little melodrama. And I loved how they didn’t give in to the temptation of using the film just to showcase ranveer’s rap abilities. there were so many brilliant walk-on performances by mc altaf, todfod, kaam bhaari, dub Sharma, the real gully gang – and those bits were the ones most beautifully picturised. completely won me over!

    • Bollywood junkie says:

      @amanda May be. But if you see the body languages, sid’s is more like international rappers..ranveer’s is Most like gully rappers. I felt it when I watched meru gully mein real version from divine. Their body language seems close to ranveer..also do you remember when ranveer raps in car alone..he was exploding..
      @london also the other beautiful character is Vijay varma’ unpredictable and grey.. I wish he got more recognition than what he actually receiving now.. I think πŸ€” for people who watched movie once, Sid and Alia will be remembered most..if you watch more than once, Vijay and ranveer will stuck with them. my most fav scene is doori poem in car when girl is sitting behind in the car.. it just showed how poetry comes out from a person and what could inspire them to write it

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @bollywood junkie that was one of my fave scenes when he’s rapping in the car with the wedding lights reflecting off the windows, also the slow-motion close-ups of people in the music video for Doori…

      and i loved Moeen! well he got a handwritten note from Big B he’s posted it on insta today so thats something πŸ™‚

      i dont know about you but i almost wished they had made this as 6-7 part netflix/amazon series the side characters were engaging enough to deserve their own backstories. there was also so much generosity in the relationships when moeen gets caught, or when mc sher doesnt make it neither resents murad they are still rooting for him. that really tugged at the heartstrings for me….

    • Bollywood junkie says:

      @london wow..web series 😍..that would just be amazing.. I also liked the way how Zoya had a closure for each and every character in DDD..I’m so looking forward to her amazon series

  3. Abc says:

    Admin, you are biased against this guy. His interviews actually project him as a person who is in complete awe of his co-actors. In fact, he looks more of a normal person than a ‘star’

  4. Roma Kashyap says:

    Amongst all the negative things that are being written about Sushant this is the least likely as he is a through professional and very committed to his craft. Also, looking at the Sonchiriya interviews all his costars and director has praised that commitment of his. Admin, your bais towards him is very clear but even with that give him his due where concerned.

    • Blue says:

      Plus everything else that is conjectured hardly seems to match with events surrounding him. He publicly walked away from yrf, KJo wasn’t letting any chance of dissing him slip in the Kartik-Kriti episode so who is the power backing him up? Nobody he seems to be really close to in the way KJo has his gang. If he cared about starting early Drive promotions he might have just called him and Jacqueline on the show. Of all the Dharma movies releasing this year only nobody from Drive was invited. Doesn’t look like he’ll promote it much, KJo looked unhappy when kriti rated him above varun in terms of acting.

  5. GH says:

    In Kwk Akshay had 3 women who work for him attest to how amazing he was. Is this to protect himself from potential me too stories? It looked so fabricated.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How did Mahira and RK hook up and then break up so quickly? Suddenly thier pictures were all over the net and then everything got over in a jiffy. Mahira looked hurt for a while.

    • Rami says:

      Mahira and RK I think it was long distance,very hard both have very high power careers in their own countries. Plus,Mahira is better off, because if deepi,kat could not hold on to him,MK can not, from long distance . I think they just end it as long distance friendship,because your not together 24/7! Mahira was hurt because of trolling! MK looks like came out of it stronger, saw her recent pics,from Cannes festival, she is a beauty!

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