Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 18

This is either the second or third time that there has been a blind item about this film. At this point, it is clear that they are having second thoughts about this film. Seriously though, why did they go ahead with it? Even when it was announced with these two in it, it sounded like a bad idea. The male actor needs to get himself together. He looks lethargic and seeing him onscreen or even on TV makes us lethargic. He doesn’t look like he is in it anymore, he looks like on auto-pilot.

We don’t know whether the production house signed these two up together after they were already signed for their previous film or after. If it is after they were signed for their previous film, then that’s just a bad step. Why would they do that? It is an overkill. These two are not Shah Rukh and Kajol, it’s not like the audience is dying to see them together.

Since this film comes from a huge production house, they are going to release it. Just they won’t spend that much money to promote film. At least, release the trailer first then we can see which direction the film will go. Strangely, both Kebab Jo’s production and this one have one film each that they are having second thoughts about. ‘Drive’ was supposed to be released by Dharma since last year, but nothing has happened yet. They keep changing the release dates and postponing the trailer launch.

It’s the same for this film as well. See, when you set out to make a film, the release date is booked first. Every time, the release date changes, the producer has to pay to settle for another date. So the more they keep on changing the dates, the more money they have to fork out. But that aside, there is the whole planning on when to release the film. Maybe they can release it during festival season. It might work out if the big film is already fully booked, then people can go see this one.

Just release the trailer already. Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, doesn’t the title of this film sound a lot like the title of Farah Khan and Boman Irani’s film?


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 18

NEWS isn’t good from one of the leading film production houses around. One of their upcoming films, a cop-drama, has been delayed for the third time. The film top-lining two actors who have been long awaiting a hit to their names was to release long back in 2018, before being pushed to the end of 2018 and then the summer of 2019, but still shows no signs of release. We hear the producers aren’t too happy with the rushes and are (well!) afraid of spending more money marketing it.


OSOP Guesses

Film Production House: Yash Raj

Two Actors: Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor

Movie: Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 18

Bollywood Blind Item – February 2019 – 18

The film was earlier slated for release on March 1 this year, but the release date has been shifted again. Sources inform that YRF wants a targeted marketing and distribution campaign for the same. The film of this genre and grain definitely needs a clean run at the box-office and with two films β€” Sonchiriya and Luka Chuppi β€” already coming on March 1, the makers are looking at an alternate release date for the same.

β€œIt is a fully multiplex film and it is a thriller. It definitely needs a clean release period. Now, two films are releasing on March 1 and both are urban, multiplex films targeting similar theatre-going audience set. It doesn’t make sense to have a three-way clash and YRF is thinking about other release dates for the film. A clean and clear run will benefit the film tremendously and YRF has to look at the release schedule closely to arrive at a decision,” reveals a trade source.

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20 Responses

  1. Kiran101 says:

    It appears that some movies are made to be flopped to wash some dirty money . Maybe such kind of producers approach such talent-less nepo gang.

  2. Universal says:

    Arjun Kapoor looks lazy on screen. Same expressions, same dialogue delivery. He looked like a retired sportsman instead of a sportsman in half girlfriend. Tell me nepotism doesn’t work.
    But really sad for Parineeti. A career what could have been is nowhere now.

  3. Sangi says:

    Why is this even a blind item πŸ™„

  4. Anon says:

    Guys, what did y’all think of the recent Koffee episode with the Student of the Year 2 gang? I thought it was refreshing to see Tiger drop the guard for a bit- he seemed quite interesting and perceptive, not his usual bland and sweet self.Tara seems like she has a bright future, even with the slightly fake Aishwarya style “elegance”. She trained in singing and dancing at the Royal Academy in London I think? She sings very well. I would put my money on her as the next target of rumours- all the guys RK, Varun, Sid (probably as a fake linkup for Dharma PR) and Adi will totally make a beeline for her! This is my prediction.

    @Admin- I wish you’d do episode wise coverage of Koffee like you used to filled with memes and GIFS. Those were some of the best!! Still cant get over some of the HILARIOUS gifs you made of Kareena when she came with Sonam. Made my day πŸ™‚

    • Admin says:

      Give us some time. Lots of catching up to do. πŸ™‚

    • Nam3less says:

      Actually Tiger has been called off as fake from his KWK episode. There have been couple of Ama on Reddit blindbollygossip which are worth reading and they are actually quite surprising. Surely AMA could be false or untrue but the whole group on that site have been stitching things together and verifying it. A recent one is done on Tiger too.

      Just a heads up most of the stuff the stars too are fake or PR based. Ranveer has been called out as a big fake there and most celebs as being rude. Seems shraddha has been termed as most sweetest and genuine person in Bolly currently.

      Ama i m talking are regarding PR guy and recent one from VIP service offered at mumbai airport for clearance and other stuff.

    • Rekha Rai says:

      I can’t wait Admin! @Anon I agree, it was nice to see Tiger drop his guard a little bit. Have heard from many that he is completely different off camera in comparison to his “humble” act so funny to hear Karan say it out loud. There’s a thread on Reddit from an Airport employee who has been spilling some deets on how they are behind the pap flashes and that person also confirmed this about Tiger. Oh I see Nam3less has read it too, hi! Can’t believe how rude some of these people are, I’m telling you rudeness will get you in the end, this is how SRK is where he is today because he charms everyone and their mother (unless he’s rehearsing for a show and has requested no one approach him which has happened and god help you if you disturb him then.) Aish was also apparently nice besides Shraddha. I have been dying to watch KWK ever since the SOTY episode aired and then had to catch up on all the other episodesso I’m looking forward to your analysis Admin when you have time. Since Tara was cast I have been maybe a bit obsessed with her and her appearances. There’s intrigue about her, she hasn’t been blasted in all her gym wear with her butt getting into a car while she looks back at the camera ensuring they get both the face and the butt shot in one, there’s an aloof ness, and a certain steely ambition to her. She’s kind of like Katrina when she came out who was like Aishwarya (in her earlier interviews). She has the best face I’ve seen in a long time, she has all the potential, I love that she’s a trained singer and dancer and her mother also seems quite interesting. I can imagine someone like Salman Khan would find her stunning. I know KJo has already released some blinds about her and Tiger so I foresee a barage of blinds shaming her while letting Alia and Jahnvi and Sara appear as innocent ladies, because it’s always the outsiders that are apparently sexually active. I hope she gets a bf soon and then people will give less blinds. If she can be completely loose in front of the camera without any inhibitions when dancing and adds some hit songs romantically then she can easily topple Katrina given the chance. But… sadly I think nepotism is really against her in this case.

    • Nam3less says:

      @RR HI :). 1 of the reason i have stopped commenting in the threads now as at times i see people defending their celebs like crazy. As i said surely the Ama and the airport thread could be false but i think they are bang on. Good to know that you had read it too.

  5. MM says:

    @Admin, can you do an article on the Cobrapost expose? Can’t believe how bikaooo our Bollywood stars are!! Shocking display of vulgarity and greed. Whatever happened to beliefs and values?

  6. nefarious says:

    @Admin, whats your take on Bebolas dating advice to Sara w.r.t to “first hero” (sushant)
    I dunno, i found that pretty nasty.. whys BW pissed with Sushant?

    • Admin says:

      If we are going to start listening to advice from Bebola, we might as well start looking up to Paris Hilton for guidance in life!

    • Admin says:

      The only thing we wonder when it comes to Bebola and Sara is whether Bebo is scared that her time is over in Bollywood. Has she realised Sara’s potential yet? How much she is loved and all that? It must scare Bebo.

    • AS says:

      Could be something specific but could be that he’s just an outsider, especially one who hasn’t bootlicked the nepo gang as much as they would have liked. Look at Kartik probably in Kareena’s good books.

    • Adira says:

      I see nothing wrong with Bebola’s advice. I would have said the same thing. Besides, SSR’s record with women has not being a good one so far.

    • guest says:

      @nefarious hey what did bebo tell sara

    • Anonymous says:

      They were some creepy blinds about Sushant harassing his co star of another movie. If Bebo knows everything about everybody in Bollywood like KJO claims then she probably knows about that as well. I can’t wait for PC and Kareena episode even if it means tolerating Karan. I haven’t watched any of Kwk episodes since season one but really want to watch this finale.

  7. MasterMind says:

    Arjun should retire he has no looks or acting skills, he’s is so meh

  8. Monalisa says:

    Arjun Kapoor should retire so that a talented outsider can get roles that he get. I really don’t know why and how he is getting movies still.

    He has no box office pull, he is a terrible actor and dancer, got zero screen presence but gets big banner Dharma Eros or YRF projects, gets to work with good directors like Dibankar Rajkumar Gupta, gets big budget movies like Panipat. Nepotism rocks!

  9. Samantha says:

    Sad fr Parineeti! What a powerhouse of talent when she came! Sadly she wasted all her energies to compete wt Alia/Shraddha n to get that bikini body!

    PS: I just LOVED her till Hasee toh Fasee!

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