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This is not the first time something like this has come out. Well, at least not made public. The last time was probably when Abhay Deol did something similar but he borrowed from the film’s director. But borrowing from a driver and then not giving him back the money is too much!

Only the rich and spoiled can do that because they don’t know what it takes to make money! And on top of taking money from the driver and refusing to give him back, this actress made him go to producers to ask for his money back.


Here’s the thing, since this girl is young the driver probably gave it to her because she probably looked bechari and all that. Clearly, this driver had no idea how these people behave.

It could be that this girl really thought that it’s the producers’ responsibility to pay for her things. After all, she is no stranger to Bollywood and must have heard of similar tales from her mom.

Back then, producers used to be pissed at how actresses would take their friends and family members on outdoor shoots and make them foot the bill. From flights to hotel rooms, just imagine! Yeah, those were the days! But times have changed now, if you are nobody yet you can’t possibly behave like a star!

This girl’s mother never quite made it big. She tried other things like having her own show and ended becoming a reality star when she entered Bigg Boss. We don’t watch the show, but we ended up watching that episode where they introduced Sunny Leone because we heard “Sunny Deol will be in Bigg Boss!”.

This actress’ mother was trying so hard to remember where she saw Sunny from! She was like, “You look familiar, where have I seen you?”. This was Sunny’s first step in India, she wasn’t in Bollywood films or music videos yet. So you can figure!

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Well, hope this girl gives back the money she owes the driver. If she comes back to India, it will never happen!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


AN upcoming actor, shooting for a film in London recently, decided to take off on a shopping trip. Empty pockets, she borrowed from (ahem) the production studio’s driver. But when it was her time to return, she pointed to the producers, who, of course, said her personal escapades were not included in the budget.

The poor chauffeur had to tail her for days but got only half the amount. We would like her to know the news has been climbing and bouncing off the walls ever since.

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  1. Ria says:

    what a shame are they living in 80’s. With so many talents out there ready to jump on opportunities these folks should learn to behave if they have to survive else it’s not hard task to replace anyone in the industry

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