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This actor has not had any releases this year. Not that it’s surprising, it has happened before. In fact, one of his films took more than 5 years to complete and there was the other one, which was meant to be one of the most awaited films that the audience ended up waiting for more than 3 years!

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So, this actor has been shooting for 2 films this year. One of which he started way before and was supposed to be complete but they had to reshoot and add on more scenes for VFX purposes. Of course, it’s a film that relies heavily on VFX which usually means it takes a long time to make.

The second film he is working on, he just started to work on it. But it’s funny because at the moment, he is shooting for both films. Juggling between both even though he has a specific look for each of these films.

The blind item is saying how one film will be definitely postponed. It is indicating more towards the first film he’s shooting since they have not finalized a release date for the film. The second film has a set date, though a few months ago, there was news that it will be postponed but no official statement has been released by the production house.

Let’s see what will happen. Both films are big budget films so a good release date matters.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS actor, who had one of the biggest hits in 2018, has had no release this year. While he has two films lined up for next year, the star is keen that the one he wraps up first should open in cinemas earlier.

The reason is that his second film may be well delayed, and no one knows why. Both the star and his producers are unlikely to announce or explain the film’s late arrival on the screens.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Second Film: Shamshera

Producers: YRF


But it is now reported by a leading daily that Ranbir’s film with Vaani Kapoor, Shamshera maybe a bit delayed as his film with Alia Bhatt and Aayan Mukerji is taking all his time. It is also reported that Karan Johar also met up with Aditya Chopra whose backing Shamshera to talk about the date issue. The source revealed, ” Ranbir’s dates for Shamshera were supposed to start after the completion of Brahmastra. But it seems Ayan requires more of Ranbir’s dates. Karan requested Adi for more time and Adi complied. Shamshera will now be completed in 2021 .”

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10 Responses

  1. Jaggu says:

    Admin, why do you allow Ranbir bashing? And no Kangana bashing? I thought this site gave/ allowed honest reviews, I still like this site, but with a pinch of salt now. Everything in this world isn’t black and white but shades of grey!
    If you ain’t biased please publish this!

    • Admin says:

      Just don’t be vulgar, other than that you are free to bash πŸ‘Œ

    • Ria says:

      I don’t think admin will stop any comments unless it’s rude from my experience with OSOp. They are far better than other popular biased ones. Feel free to give out your opinions you want in your comments if you think your reasoning is valid to bash them unless it’s not rude. Also I think actors don’t mind taking criticism and learning from them be it Ranbir or Kangana.

  2. kiran101 says:

    If Bhramastra and Shamshera both flop then Alia might dump the kapoor scion. Ranbir will totally be happy …she isnt his type why pair up with her if not for box office success and public adulation. As a couple they never got public love if they dont even get HIT movies then i guess off with each other. Although,i think atleast one of them will do well.

    Both Dharma and Yash raj last big budgets were box office disasters to the extent they cant even fake the numbers. Maybe they are working better on the story after the rude shock …perhaps sanity prevailed and both Adi and Kjo are okay with taking time.

    Alia in action flick…Anupama Chopra the star kid peddler think Alia with make a great team with Deepika in an action flick. This woman ghussao-fies Alia even where she totally does not belong.

    Oh btw , i think all the “Gullyboy ” hype inspite of being a mediocre movie is coz it has Alia in it and they hyped it like Zoya Akhtar made a “Rashomon”

  3. Snima says:

    Meanwhile Ayushman khurana Vicky kaushal are having a good run at the box office. Whilst rk boy is no where to be seen on the big screen. Alas!!!

    • Ria says:

      I think Ayushman has overtaken everyone with his smart choices. Now if we know it’s his movie we feel it should be a good one and must watch

  4. abcd says:

    Brahmastra is all set to be Flopastra. It’s failure is assured. The movie is surrounded with loads of negativity. Rk still looks like a college dropout, more of urban elite for creme la creme section of society, and not like a action hero. Vidyut Jamwal,hrithik, randeep hooda or rs, would have been better choices.It’s still tough to imagine uglia Bhatt doing action scenes. She’s got the looks of spoilt school snob. Dp-kat-disha would have been better choices. Lot of money goes in production set, paying daily wage earners, letting all that money go casually for their so called mood swings, is ridiculous.


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