Bollywood Blind Item – December 2019 – 2

Today’s blind item is about this huge project that were rumored to be happening since last year. But if you noticed, talks about this film died down this year so what this blind item is saying is true.

Of course, this is a freaking huge project and that was also the tagline of all the announcements last year. They kept emphasizing the big budget, which is kind of shocking, to be honest, and it made sense that this billionaire was going to produce this epic.

Now looking back, this explained a lot of things. Like how this actor went out of his way to get this billionaire to agree to produce this epic. He went to his family events where he danced and even served food to the billionaire’s guests! Yeah, that happened and now we know why!

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Unfortunately, more than getting free service from superstars, this billionaire and his wife believe in astrology and would never do anything if the “time” is not right. Apparently, this star’s “time” is not right so this billionaire has decided not to produce the film.

Well, it’s a freaking lot of money! And on top of that, it is being used to make a project that has already been done a gazillion time! Does the audience want to see another version again? Most of us still hold the one we saw from childhood close to our hearts so nothing can beat that, not even a superstar!


Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.

Bollywood Blind Item


A corporate giant recently wanted to get into movie-making and was holding talks with a well-known star. Even the budget was finalised on the scale of a blockbuster epic.

But we hear the project has been put on the back burner for now. Though the buzz is that the firm’s businesses are down, it’s actually an astrologer who advised the biggie that the actor’s stars don’t quite align.

OSOP Guesses

Blockbuster Epic: Mahabarata

Star: Aamir Khan

Biggie: Mukesh Ambani


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5 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    First of all I don’t understand what do these bolly guys do with 200-300 crore budgets when most money goes to the star and movie doesn’t even feel like 200 crore one. 1000 crores ka kya karenge.
    Also, Ambanis are shrewd business people. Probably to not make Amir feel bad they have excuse of astrology? Who knows they might have watched Thugs of Hindostan and pulled the plug πŸ˜›

  2. Yogita says:

    Chamchagiri by Aamir Khan ! Wierd!!!!

  3. abcd says:

    If the same money would be spent in giving fair platform for outsiders to display their skills in movies either through acting or through giving struggling writers/directors to make movies, it would have been better. If astrology and not mathematics/management skills are used to manage business, still they’re able to make money, then it means that whatever they are now is due to luck and not hard work. His father did hard work and here’s something else in progress! !! Weird!

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