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This is not the first time a blind item about this actor’s situation has come out. Probably by the same source, it’s the second blind item. It’s funny how they have all forgotten how this actor used to be so desperate, as per them, so desperate that he used to have someone pose as his girlfriend so the media gets to talk about him.

Now everyone is going all out and saying how heartbroken he is and all that. Seriously? At this point, KebabJo’s scripts are moving way too fast. One minute this actor was obsessed with Bebola and the next, he is rumoured to be with her stepdaughter! The storylines are moving way fast! Ekta Kapoor would have made that one storyline last for more than a year!

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Anyways, so now the actor already has someone new. It won’t last long, probably until his next film promo is up.

You see how the attitudes change? Now that this actor has just had another hit, they don’t laugh at his imaginary and wannabe mind anymore!

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Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand below.


Bollywood Blind Item


Coping with a Heartbreak

A popular young male star is apparently still bristling from a recent break-up. He appears to have bounced back with a pretty young co-star who, some say, has been carrying a torch for him for a while now.

But industry insiders say for all the smiling photographs, the truth is that he’s still stinging from being dumped. His ex appears to be singleβ€”and loving it. Which is what is said to be getting the actor’s goat.

OSOP Guesses

Male Star: Kartik Aaryan

Co-Star: Ananya Pandey

Ex: Sara Ali Khan



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4 Responses

  1. KA says:

    The PR team of Sara is making it look like Kartik has been her boyfriend and so much in love with her that he is not able to forget her, but the reality is that they were never in a relationship with each other but were faking it for the public, so why will he ponder over Sara, even Ananya regarding a him purely as a friend, in a spur of the moment he called him bro but immediately took her words back. So long story short this Kartik Aaryan is indulging in fake link ups but will date and get married to the person of his choice only.

  2. abcd says:

    Why is kartik aryan so keen on becoming a mini copy of rk? Relationship/bonding has become a joke for these people. Karthik doesn’t have support like a star kid and so should be bothered about survival at work. There’s no point in getting carried away with current success.

  3. me says:

    I actually like him. There is something about him – perhaps small town guy. humble background, etc.

  4. same says:

    Leave him alone. He is an outsider and trying to make it in this nepo-infested B’Wood.


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