Bollywood Blind Item – December 2018 2

The other blind item today comes from Hindustan Times. It’s about a recent big wedding celebration and a really drunk fashion designer. It wasn’t that hard to figure out who this one is about because this man showed up at the function drunk as hell! Luckily, he swings for the other team or this situation could have been harassment. But then, he is also touchy-feely with the ladies and even the men, it’s a bit awkward and when he’s drunk it’s even worst. Well, if you can’t hold your drink, don’t drink! Or control how much you drink. Then again, he is famous so no one will tell him to stop!

Check out the blind item from Hindustan Times.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – December 2018 2

One of the spectacles on the sidelines of the recently concluded DeepVeer reception for their industry friends and colleagues which had attracted attention was the sight of this leading designer, who is said to have gotten a bit β€œtired and emotional” by the end of the evening, and that too, all over the dignified personage of a yesteryear actress of great renown. β€œOf course, he was not hitting on her, given his predilection that is out of the question,” said one of the guests who’d been witness to the incident. β€œWe knew he was only expressing his undying admiration and respect for her, but his inebriated condition made it an awkward situation and something of a scene, as he just would not let go of her hand, and finally, she had to discreetly call upon a member of her family to rescue her from him.” Interestingly, this is not the first time the designer β€” one of the country’s most celebrated, has done this. Over the years, his lachrymose and maudlin presence at many a society do has become something of a staple. β€œHis creative genius and his acute sensitivity make him respond in this manner,” says an insider. Or perhaps – partying is such sweet sorrow?


OSOP Guesses

Designer: Rohit Bal

Actress: Hema Malini

Bollywood Blind Item – December 2018 2


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3 Responses

  1. Fact says:

    Rohit Bal is funny, he had commented on Jack’s website when Siddharth and KJO news was out, saying something like “so hot and Karan is so lucky, i would have loved to spend some time with Sid etc.” LOL

  2. Ketri says:

    Jeez….who wrote the original blind- Shashi Tharoor? LOL

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