Bollywood Blind Item – December 2017 8

The other blind item for today is from Mid Day. It’s about this director and his good designer friend. We have to say this about these two. Many people thought they were together because they hang out together a lot. It’s not really the case, they are friends and have the same likes. They both also have a strong liking and fascination with clothes and being a designer. They have both had different partners over the years.

Anyways, this blind item is about this director feeling compelled to hire his designer friend for this film. We can’t say much about it since we actually really don’t care about the clothes people wear in films, so we are pretty much clueless as to what the blind item is saying below.

Take a look and see for yourself.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – November 2017 8


This topnotch filmmaker is mixing friendship with business

This topnotch filmmaker, who is producing a historical with a leading star, has roped in his designer buddy for the costumes

This topnotch filmmaker, who is producing a historical with a leading star, has roped in his designer buddy for the costumes. The designer is a favourite of B-Town and is known for giving female actors a makeover. But his prowess when it comes to handling period dramas is questionable.

He had earlier called the shots in two costume dramas. His styling in both the projects had come in for a lot of criticism and the films bombed. So why does this finicky filmmaker keep using this designer for all his projects? Simply because the filmmaker does not know how to say no. Mixing business with friendship can sometimes be a recipe for disaster, but the producer cannot look beyond the designer.


OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Karan Johar

Leading Star: Ranbir Kapoor

Film: Brahmastra

Designer: Manish Malhotra

Bollywood Blind Item – November 2017 8

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20 Responses

  1. Deep says:

    hey admin, could the movie be Shiddat?? because it is centered around the Partition period is what I have read .. so that makes it a historical…Brahmastra is a Fantasy genre… and I am sure this FANTASY is gonna be everybody’s worst Nightmare……

  2. Ankita says:

    I don’t think this is Bramhastra but the one with Akshay Kumar

  3. Kismat says:

    ” Many people thought they were together because they hang out together a lot. It’s not really the case, ” I think you need to verify you sources my dear because they ARE actually together.

    • Admin says:

      No, they are not. Like we said, they have been in different relationships with different people. Maybe they did test the waters together, who knows?

      • Kismat says:

        Hmmm sorry but, i’ll have to say no once again. Nobody knows exactly what happened before but today, they share a relationship and much more. Manish is also actually related to the twins.

        • Isabella says:

          I agree they are in relation because in KWK of Sania and Farah there is a point where Karan or someone is cribbing and Farah says something on the line that he is acting like his wife Manish. Don’t know the exact words but she did sorta referred it like that.

          • Kismat says:

            This line i remember and there is so so so many other things to say and proofs to give. The whole Pinkvilla, Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram is filled with lines about them. I mean, it is so known now that it is useless to speak about it. Like Virat-Anushka, Ranveer-Deepika and many more. Plus as i said, don’t know if you noticed the incredible ressemblance between Roohi and Manish, it’s just insane..

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            One is karan’s and one his Manish’s?

          • Kismat says:

            Exactly. I don’t know if many people are aware of that process but it is something same-sex couple can ask for when they opt for surrogacy. I can send you a link a picture if you want, you’ll see how much its clear πŸ™‚ It’s so cute.

          • Pepeas says:

            I think that was a joke – like how very old friends sometimes act like squabbling spouses…

          • Admin says:

            We were not going to say this, we still won’t but if you know gay couples you will know exactly why Manish and Karan are not partners. We won’t say more.

          • shivanisd says:

            U mean onee has to be dom and one sub and both kjo and manish are bottoms/ subs?

          • Kismat says:

            This whole ” One has to be and the other has to be ” is a pure myth. Said by people who obvisouly don’t know anything about LGBT lives

          • Kismat says:

            Oh, ok so you are telling this according to ” what you know about gay couples in general ” ?? Ughh. Reming me someone on Pinkvilla who wrote that 2 “bottoms” couldn’t be a couple ahahha, very funny. Let me tell you, this is not true my dear

  4. Rashmi says:

    I remember when the admin communicated with us, it was so much fun. The administrator wrote funny posts, article his own thoughts. There is no now. I’m waiting for that time to come back

    • Admin says:

      See…that’s was when all comments had to be enabled. Since then, we have allowed comments to go through from already verified we don’t really get involved in that.

  5. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    haha so now even he has an issue with nepotism? If he was professional from the start he wouldnt be in this position

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