Bollywood Blind Item – August 2019 – 6

The blind item for today is about this famous Bollywood designer and something that happened in his surrounding. Think of it, this is like the second time something has happened, but still it wasn’t to someone close to him.

Last year when a Bollywood legend passed away, this designer was pissed because he had to cancel his party. It was probably his birthday party, can’t really remember. After all, these people have too many parties!

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You know how important this starlet has become to both KebabJo and his BFF because they couldn’t care less that their friend’s husband suddenly died. This is Bollywood, so you shouldn’t be surprised!

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Life goes on or should we say, the party goes on!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, this starlet wouldn’t have been able to get these famous people to attend her birthday two years ago or more! Things do change when you hit the goldmine with a super-duper hit film!


Bollywood Blind Item

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MUCH of the high-heeled set has been in shock recently. A well-known fashion designer was at the funeral of his best friend’s husband (the friend who brought him much business via her rich-lady connections).

And the same day he headed off to a Bollywood starlet’s birthday party, posing happily for the shutterbugs. Even though the bitching and sniggering hasn’t stopped, we guess all is fair in love and showbiz.

OSOP Guesses

Best Friend: Manish Malhotra

#1 Fashion Designer: Kahkashan Patel

Starlet’s Birthday: Kiara Advani


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  1. KA says:

    oh dear !! why does this all happen ? when will this bollywoos become a saner and cleaner, harmonious place.

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