Bollywood Blind Item – August 2019 – 30

You might think the blind item below is referring to this actress, who has been staying overseas for a while now. Well, since she got married she has been here and there. But this is not about her, it’s about the other one. The one that is still considered a top actress, who also happens to be currently shooting a film overseas where she most likely has a special appearance hence making her available to listen to scripts.

As far as the other actress goes, it’s very unlikely directors are willing to fly off to see her just to make her hear their script. Yes, the last time this was suggested, it was by a big shot boss because he knows her personally.

So this blind item applies more to this actress, who has been in a new “current situation” since she got married. Isn’t it sad how when actresses get married, they have to graduate to more mature roles but the men are still playing loverboy college kid even after they have fathered two kids?

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Well, actresses are treated like flavors of the season. One goes, another comes. That’s how it is here.

Check out the blind item from Open Magazine. By the way, this week’s column from Rajeev Masand talks about the rift between SLB and SK. There’s also a special mention on how both men didn’t give a crap about Aloo, especially since she allocated a huge part of her dates to this film.

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Bollywood Blind Item


A top heroine has summoned at least two directors to her overseas shoot location, where she has considerable time to discuss their scripts she’s definitely interested in. Both are β€˜mature subjects’, better suited to her current situation. She’s taken a long break from the screen, but sources say she wants back-to-back projects here on to remind fans what they have been missing.

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Heroine: Deepika Padukone


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