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Weeks ago, a blind item came out about this upcoming film that was supposed to launch the sister of one of Bollywood‘s top star and was being produced by Bollywood‘s favorite ‘Bhai’.

They said the film was being shelved because Bhai wasn’t happy with the way it shaped up. Seriously? This goes against the belief that Bhai doesn’t really care about content and also, that he couldn’t care less about the film he produces as long as he is launching a new face.

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This also tells us that peopel are giving their money to directors to make films, but not being bothered to show up on the sets to make sure everything is going as planned or as intended. How do you give so much of your money to make a film and yet, you can’t be bothered to check the rushes? This reminds us of ‘Kalank’ as it was Sajid Nadiadwala film and usually, he is there on the sets but for this one, maybe he skipped out since it was a production of KJo.

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With this film, he was supposed to launch the sister of this star, also his ex, and give a second chance to an actor he spent his money on launching. So when the BI was released weeks ago, we wondered what would happen since there is no way this female star will sit by and watch her sister’s debut being shelved.

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True enough, yesterday news came out from Bhai himself that he is producing another film that is being promoted as the debut vehicle of the star’s sister. No mention of the other film was made so it can be assumed that either the film is truly shelved or will be released later on as the second film of the star’s sister.

This just-announced film will also be the second film of Bhai’s bro-in-law. Surprise, Surprise! We were wondering when he will get a new film since news came out that he is expecting baby number two now and also since earlier this year, it was rumoured that Bhai was producing a film where hewill be cast alongside a senior actor. Guess that film is not happening.

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Good news is, this one won’t be shelved since Bhai’s sister won’t let this happen! Check out the blind item from Box Office India!


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

Guess this film which has been shelved because of the superstar mentor of the lead actors?

Sometimes what a film seems like on paper is not how it finally turns out. This particular project, which was associated with two well-known banners,Β was touted to be a strong contender in its unusual genre. It garnered many eyeballs as both lead stars have a superstar mentor helping them with their careers.

And when that superstar mentor saw the final edit of the film, he refused to let it release. Now we hear that as per his decree, the film has been shelved – apparently because he knows that the actress with whom he has a personal connection has failed to deliver.
The producers of the film, who have a good association with the superstar, have agreed to shelve the film as of now. But we will have to wait and watch to find out what the fate of this one will be.

OSOP Guesses

Superstar Mentor: Salman ‘Bhai’ Khan

Lead Stars: Isabelle & Sooraj Pancholi



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14 Responses

  1. Tia says:

    Admin, why aren’t you talking about the most cravat incident that happened with KJo’s party being outed with pictures of drug use and lines by Vicky, Ayan etc from his wannabe Bollywood video. That is huge, a politician called them out as well, why isn’t Kjo in trouble? You can’t CLEARLY see Ayan pulling and hiding the bag of β€œstuff” behind him while Vicky cleans his nostrils and there are a string of white powder lines next to him. Talk about that, it’s insane! Such an obvious show off of drug abuse by Wanna BE Kjo.

    • abcd says:

      Kjo and his minions are very well connected with rich and powerful people. There’s a reason for kjo and his minions to attend political, cop related and ambani’s events. This shields them from such people. The matter will get slow quiet death after some time. That politican’s words would be forgotten after some time and he would be misunderstood… Power of high and might. If a poor people or lower middle class people were involved, they would have been behind the bars by now.

    • nefarious says:

      I dont know how he manages to get these stars to come over..he always gets them in trouble..
      the fact that ppl started hiding their coke…was it because they knew he would post it?

    • Admin says:

      Tia, there’s nothing new in this. Why are some people shocked? What do you think srk & gang were doing back then in mannat before PC happened. This is how they relax! Nothing new here.

      • nefarious says:

        @Admin: But Kjo wont leave any stone unturned to prove to the world he is always hot and happening and cool…
        there was no need to post the video.. but only because he had to prove how cool he is..

      • Tia says:

        Yeah Admin, you mentioned the Gauri Khan coc club. But they never took videos and public flaunt their drug abuse to millions on social media. Gauri & co. did it in complete secrecy, and they were aunties and uncles that no kids were influenced by or cared to know much.
        Here KJO has OPENLY taken a video of all the young famous stars HIGH as fuck, as a gesture to show how cool they are. You CAN CLEARLY SEE THE COCAINE LINES IN THE VIDEO RIGHT NEXT TO VICKY’s hand, while Ayan tried to pulll the tray, and hide the bag of coke behind it. Kjo still has that video on his insta after being called out for his show off of drug abuse, I mean he’s trying to portray this as something cool to India. Fucking weirdo, how is he getting away with this? Especially when there is a hard core video with evidence from the dick himself?!

        • Admin says:

          Oh, you meant KJo purposely did this to show them taking drugs? No don’t think it was purpose, he seemed excited. He wasn’t supplying them, RK was caught with drugs years ago. So it’s not KJos fault. If anything, it might be RK because that’s how he likes to relax.

          • Tia says:

            Admin, I don’t think the supply matters here I mean the plain showing off, of drug abuse with coc lines shown next to them to impressionable youth that follow them on socials, it’s an ILLEGAL thing so no way the policiticans and Government is okay with this show off of ILLEGAL things to the public as something cool. I mean they got a case thrown on them just for talking shit on the ROAST. This is ILLEGAL drugs how come now no one is throwing cases on them, and they aren’t in trouble when there is HARD CORE and CLEAR EVIDENCE in the video still on his insta, showing the coc lines and the celebs High. So I’m talking about the ILLEGAL PART of it, and how come they are not in trouble legally, when they have been in trouble before for much lesser things, remember Ae dil hai mushkil , he had to make a hostage video and apologise publicly, they almost banned his movie for talking shit again.

          • Admin says:

            Hmmm, you think they care? All they care about is that the audience gets manipulated enough to spend their money on them. They won’t get in trouble because they know important people who can help them. It’s how the people at Mannat got away with it despite the fact that the cops were investigating these star wives. It’s also how RK got away with it when he was caught red-handed. If you expect some morals from these people, don’t!

  2. abcd says:

    sallu is as of now more serious about getting more blockbusters under his name. initially, he used to not focus on scripts. sallu has to support his family even at this stage. His days are numbered in bollywood, to leave some considerable amount of legacy and his concern to get revenue from movies has already grown by leaps and bounds. kat knows that kjo/kapoors/bhatts are against her. hr is over concerned about his image, so he is not letting producers cast kat opposite him in any of his movies. the result is that she has no work. kat has understood the value of nepotism and so sallu is the only alternative for kat so that her sister can get movies. when star kids can benefit from nepotism, why not outsiders make use of nepotism?

  3. Rad says:

    So Admin are you saying everytime Aayush gives Salman a nephew/niece he will get a new film? That is so not good for India’s population!!!

    • Admin says:

      Nooo, that would be a bit too far-fetched but then this is Bollywood. Bhai would keep giving him acting jobs as long as he is married to his sister. He’s getting to play lead which is interesting because dude ain’t got no spark whatsoever. Let’s see how long until he downgrades to supporting character.

      • Rad says:

        Haha was kidding, but seriously this no talent guy is an eyesore, product of manufactured nepotism.

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