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If this film was happening for real, lots and lots of dramas would have happened. But still, even though shooting is not happening, dramas are still happening. More and more reasons are being given as to why the film has been shelved. The blame is shifting from here to there.

It was bound to happen, but what’s funny is how this young actress’ PR is using this as an opportunity to show how she wasn’t interested in this film in the first place. Seriously?! Didn’t PapaJo make a freaking huge film so that she can be cast in this film? Also, didn’t the producers of this big South film she signed worked around her dates so that she can do both this film and the big South one? So, what other film she missed out on? Prabhas’ film or the other big Telugu film, whose teaser just released?

Also, the blind item might be fake. This director might be many things, but he ain’t the greedy type to jeopardize his big film over his own salary. It doesn’t make sense. And on top of that, superstar is not the producer of the film. It looks like now they are trying to throw the filmmaker under the bus!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, Raymond ain’t too fond of this filmmaker since he made his first with him where he was tortured in the name of art. Poor Raymond never experienced something like that before and vowed to never work with said-filmmaker again! Both he and his co-star!

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Bollywood Blind Item


A film top-lining a leading filmmaker, a superstar and the current it-girl of
Bollywood may have sounded like a fairy tale, but it turned out to be just a pipe dream. With the director known to extend budgets as well as schedules on a whim, it was believed that the larger-than-life project may not finish on time.

And then he is said to have demanded Rs 75 crore from the star, who is also the co-producer. Oh well, guess the industry is happier paying ridiculous amounts to stars but not the rest.


OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Superstar: Salman Khan

It-Girl: Alia Bhatt



A source close to the project revealed, β€œThe truth of the matter is that Bhansali’s cost of production of the film without Salman’s fee touched Rs 160 crore and his remuneration was decided by him as Rs 50 crore along with 40 percent profits. Since satellite and digital of Salman films are sold, none of the investors found any sense in investing almost Rs 210 crore and recovering it through only India theatrical and overseas.”

Industry reports suggest, β€œBhansali also decided to keep the music rights with himself. Though Bhansali is known to mount very expensive films, Salman’s contention was this film was a simple love story of a Muslim tycoon based out of the US in love with a Hindu small-town girl and was not a period drama or a costume extravaganza to have a production budget of Rs 160 crore but he still let Bhansali decide the final budget.”

The source also added, β€œAll along Salman offered to take over the production reins and offered to fund the film in entirety but this was also not acceptable to Bhansali. Bhansali may be one of the greatest directors but he is hardly one of the greatest of producers.

According to a source close to Bhansali, the ace filmmaker didn’t appreciate the constant interference in his artistic vision. The source said, β€œSanjay Leela Bhansali respects and loves his actors and suggestions are welcome but not if they aim to alter the narrative. Hence, he has taken the decision to shelve the film. However, they are still friends and Sanjay Leela Bhansali has immense love and respect for him.”

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13 Responses

  1. Neep says:

    Ageing Muslim biz man and young Hindu star wannabe in love? So many controversies that SLB can milk for publicity.

  2. Justice Lover says:

    SLB should still make this movie but reverse the roles, older woman with a younger guy. How he treats this concept would be interesting to watch. Enough of this religious angle and the older guy and young girl story. Seen it so many times before!

    • Sheena says:

      Yay well said! Ps: caught Dil Chahta hai recently and was sad that the Dimple-Akshay Khanna romantic angle was neatly solved by her death in the end. SMH

  3. KA says:

    please tell who this might be taking about
    Man On Top: Actress Asked To Stay Away From Her Ex
    The man in question has told his woman that she should keep a distance from her ex. Obviously, he doesn’t want a triangle to be formed at any point.
    It’s not easy if you are friends with your exes. Bolne mein achcha lagta hai, lekin most people are not happy from within when their partner mingles a bit too much with his/her ex. Exactly something like that is happening in a Bollywood couple’s life. The man in question has told his woman that she should keep a distance from her ex and preferably, refuse projects if and when they’re offered to them together. Pehchan kaun!

  4. Universal says:

    In a way all this is good for SLB. He will realize he is better off without a whimsical ageing star and nepo product. If he makes movies according to others vision, his career will be finished.

    • Universal says:

      Also, another muslim guy falling in love with Hindu girl story? What have all people of same religion stopped loving each other? BS 😬

      • Universal says:

        Kedarnath, Kalank all had same concept. Rarely the reverse. People don’t like inconvenient facts. Lol.

  5. leaps says:

    so kjo produced a dud like kalank so alia could be cast in slb movies the after effects of slb movie kjo was hoping to use for takt because lets face is alia is a good actor but pulling off period drama is not her forte. This slb movie falling apart might effect takt box office dreams of kjo

  6. Samantha says:

    Admin.. we need the whole story, the true story from u.. is it Daisy/Waluscha angle? Is it SLB’s fee? Is it Sallu’s interference? Is it both of their ego?? Shelving such a hyped film means something was very very wrong! Admin, enlighten pls!

    • Admin says:

      Well, Salman is the Bhai of Bollywood. If you want to work with him, YOU have to compromise and HE doesn’t compromise. Whatever he wants, you have to give in. That’s how it works and SLB as the captain of his ship, he wasn’t going to sacrifice either. Long story short, both SLB and SK are the same: huge egos who think they should get what they want. But in this case, SLB is right since this is his film, his project and SK coming in and putting his options on the table is not right. Yes, SLB is like that. He can shelve the film out of anger because it’s not working out. 🀷

      • Vicky says:

        It’s really hard to buy this ego story now.not that slb was not aware of SK ways or the other way round.this one was a huge n hyped project.i think it’s more of money than ego.maybe the satellite rights or something else.

  7. abcd says:

    Evil aloo has used nepotism as dagger to ruin outsiders. Horrible aloo just got scratch of 1 movie gone and that shameless aloo seems to be making a huge fuss of it. Does she realize how much goodwill cruel aloo already lost and now with this terrible deed Uglia lost whatever little name she got for herself? Kjo will give freeloader aloo another movie and then cruel Aloo’s crocodile tears will stop.

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