Bollywood Blind Item – August 2019 – 27

Usually, blind items coming from this particular website is hard to figure out. Forget hard, you can’t even be bothered to figure it out because these blind items are written in such a way that it can just be anyone in Bollywood.

So this blind item below is different because anyone who has been keeping up with the latest news can figure this one out.

See, this actress, for whatever reason, went ahead and met this director with whom her ex has signed a film with. Her ex wanted her to be in the film so she went to meet the director to either hear him out or tell him she wasn’t doing the film.

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Whatever it was, when pictures of her and her ex came out, all hell broke loose. Not because she was spotted with her ex, but because the director was there too and he happens to be one the directors who was outed during the #MeToo. Technically, he’s a creep based on the account of more than one girls who met up with him.

So after the actress got a severe backlash from not just random people, but her fans, Β she said she wasn’t going to do the film. But then, if she wasn’t going to do the film, why did she go there to meet up with him? Probably because her ex requested her to!

Now the husband apparently has decided to tell her to keep away from the ex. Don’t know if this is true since both hubby and this actress are very cordial with the ex whenever they meet him. How will she reject a film with him, especially if he is the one who recommends her name? His ego will be bruised – badly!

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If it’s true, it’s a good decision. Only bad things come from being associated with him.

Check out the blind item below from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item


Man On Top: Actress Asked To Stay Away From Her Ex

The man in question has told his woman that she should keep a distance from her ex. Obviously, he doesn’t want a triangle to be formed at any point

It’s not easy if you are friends with your exes. Bolne mein achcha lagta hai, lekin most people are not happy from within when their partner mingles a bit too much with his/her ex.

Exactly something like that is happening in a Bollywood couple’s life. The man in question has told his woman that she should keep a distance from her ex and preferably, refuse projects if and when they’re offered to them together. Pehchan kaun!


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Deepika Padukone

Ex: Ranbir Kapoor



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7 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    RK still trying to show that he is hot property…. and of course he cant accept the fact that DP refused the films which had RK in it, so he has to show that RS out of jealousy asked her to refuse it….sure, RK.. we were born yesterday :/

  2. abcd says:

    Dp lost some movies in the past due to nepotism. Please check daddy-baby Instagram posts of rs-dp for clarity on family planning.

  3. Universal says:

    RK gives that vibe of one narcissist, vamp of ekta kapoor shows. Even if RS-DP were cordial to him, he can poke their lives just for fun. Also, as many have said on KWK, he spreads gossips in bw. So better stay away from him DP.

  4. Shefu says:

    I am Deepika’s huge fan and I think she should stay away from RK. One day she will lose RS for this mad inclination towards RK and RK won’t even accept her. Na idhar ki na udhar ki.

    I hope sense prevails and she stays away from this person. He is Ex for a reason

  5. guest says:

    Most probably it was the social media noise made by dp fans that helped her say no to movie with this director easily. Rest seems like an attempt by men to take credit there was already a blind in pv about it was rs who asked dp to keep away from signing this movie. This one seems to be handy work of Raymond since he always wants to seen as oh so the one to be never forgotten by an ex.

  6. abcd says:

    rk is trying to make rs look bad. dp left the project because she wanted to start family. this rk’s plain jealousy and nothing else. frustration of landing with evil mouse has already taken its toll on rk.

    • ANIL SALUJA says:

      who said she wants to start family, literally her pr release that she signed one film and also reading other films, she rejects film because she gets backlash and she fear maybe she loose her fans


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