Bollywood Blind Item – August 2019 – 26

It’s funny this blind item came out today when two days ago, there was already a news item about it and some more, it came directly from the horse’s mouth! But, here’s a lesson to all the actors who get an invitation to KebabJo’s party once they give that superhit film: Don’t tell him sh!t!!

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This is how blind items come out and about this young couple or rather this young wife. Last week, there was a blind item about how they were ready for a third child and today, we have a blind item about how the wife wants to act but the husband does not want to!

First, has there ever been an actor who married a non-actor and then the non-actor became an actor? Confused? Yeah! Well, it doesn’t seem to be that case. So with her, there have been rumours since they got married, Then, she got pregnant and these news shut down. Last year, the same thing happened until she got pregnant again and they shut it all down. And now, you think after having two young kids at home with a husband whose last film is his biggest till date, she will go out and start acting?

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The only acting she will do now will be off camera, which she has already been doing. It’s lucky for him, he got someone who’s comfortable and likes the limelight. Sounds like Thor’s wife!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

A husband-wife couple from Bollywood is having an unusual spat. The missus – considered to be quite the domestic-cat going to the gym and accompanying the hub for parties – has suddenly gotten a little ambitious.

Post marriage, post babies, she wants to act. Encouraging her is a popular industry mentor. He has been telling her she should do web shows. All this career talk is not going down well with possessive husband who would rather have her stay home. This is going to be interesting to watch.


OSOP Guesses

Couple: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput


Asked if wife Mira (Rajput Kapoor) has ever expressed the desire to act and if movies excite her, Shahid says that she has β€œnever really expressed any such inclination”. β€œShe supports me for what I do, and I will continue to support her for whatever she wants to do,” he says. Shahid further adds that Mira has her own set of skills and talents. β€œShe is creative and has great sense of clothes and is very good with food, too. She is well spoken and well read. She is also quite good with make-up. I appreciate all those things about her. She has a sense of design when it comes to houses and furniture. Having said that, she is pretty comfortable in front of the camera, too,” he says.

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15 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Shahid has nobody to blame but himself for his situation. He tried to change all his former actress girl friends into fitting into his ‘ ideal woman’ mould . ( Read Vidya’s uncharacteristically sharp interview about him). Then he marries a much younger, biddable innocent – stupidly thinking she will happily remain a naive Mummy forever without any ambitions of her own ! They do the glam couple routine to promote themselves and she has started believing the BS people say just to keep her happy. In the meanwhile he doesn’t want to lose his home girl to Bollywood where she will learn all the industry gossip about him & develop a mind of her own.

  2. lekel says:

    also, does anyone find it weird how she always acted so high and mighty against bollywood like always saying how she is unfazed by bollwyood and didnt care much about shahid’s stardom and implying how the bolly glamour didn’t really fascinate her and stuff like that? specially on her kwk interview. but then she alwayyyyys wants in on the bolly parties and wants paps around her all the time and apparently reads shahid’s scripts and nnow these acting rumours. really contradicts her ownself

  3. lekel says:

    why is she in such a rush to expand the family? seems like she’s just trying to make sure she has enough reasons to keep shahid pulled just in case he loses interest in the marriage. i mean she’s young and so social (annoyingly so) and always tries to be in the limelight. what’s this hurry to make more ‘puppies’

  4. Justice Lover says:

    I have always found the mrs. annoying tbh. She never quite seemed to be the domestic types what with her constant hunger to be in the limelight, her immature statements (puppies) and her seemingly arrogant attitude. Like the mr. married for domestic bliss and kids, the mrs. married him for fame and to use him as a stepping stone to further her desires. She comes across as a desperate wannabe. It is also the mr.’s fault for marrying someone so young – she’s clearly looking for attention by constantly posing for photos through paid PR on each of her gym outings, her grocery shopping, her sudden fondness for very short dresses, through her kids etc. It’s really funny and ironic how he preferred to marry a non-actor and now the non-actor wants to act!!

  5. Ria says:

    I think she acting in web series is a good idea. If she is interested, can act well and gets chance then why not!

  6. Ron says:

    Hi Admin

    How to contract marriages work? Are nickyanka also in a contract marriage? Was wondering if you could throw some light.


    • lekel says:

      was wondering the same. her not being at the vma’s and coming up with that photoshoped post (would have been cute had it not been someone of her age pulling off sth so childish) seemed a little too forced. sth about them just doesn’t feel natural. like everytime he’s around her, he tries to act romantic but his face is always drained out (specially her birthday pics where she was blowing out sparkling candles lol). idk. really wish it’s as real as it seems. always loved the jonas brothers

    • Admin says:

      Alright, here goes. Contract marriages usually happen in the entertainment and politics industry. It’s for image purposes and is for a particular period only. The most famous contract marriage you might know is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Another recent contract relationship is Bradley Cooper. As it is in both cases, neither party made any noise about the breakup or blamed one another. With PC, everyone knows that. She tied the knot to build up her image and he did it to help with his. As you can see, it benefitted them both greatly. Both parties sign a contract before the relationship is made official and they hang on to each other until the contract period ends. As for PC, she will be in it as long as the relationship benefits them both. Prenups are different and are not contract marriages. 🀠 To be fair, famous people doing this does not mean that they are bad people. It’s just that in the world that they live in, it is hard for them to find someone special so match the standards or rather the norm, they get into these contract marriages to make them look normal and appealing to others. Look at Tom Cruise, he is a narcissistic man who thinks he is God because that’s what his people made him believe. He doesn’t have space for others in his life.

      • lekel says:

        but the jonas bros have always seemed so genuine with all their past and current relationships (minus priyanka). i mean theyve always sustained long term relationships but nick suddenly married barely a few months into this new one.
        also, pri was a top actress in bollywood when she left for hollwyood (it’s another thing how gauri and associates had snatched away most of her chances anyway). why would she settle for a has-been boy bander who was rumoured to be gay and was only famous amongst the younger gen? she could have tried for someone a little more famous with a higher profile atleast. known for her shahrukh and akshay type past, it’s surprising she settled for such a softie (love nick personally, but dont think he would have been priyanka’s type)

  7. Tanuja says:

    What about her puppiesβ€”um,kids?

  8. Sheena says:

    So embarassing! Just coz she married an actor means she can act too? What the heck

  9. Monalisa says:

    Admin, after that party at kjo’s house she was seen at Dharma office. I think that is how this gossip started. I think she really wants to do something infront of the camera maybe a talk show or web show and kjo is giving her advice.

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